Homeless Elderly White Man Attacked by Pack of Negroid Youths Just for Being White (Video)


The embedded video at the bottom of this post shows the shocking moment when an elderly white man is drop kicked in the shoulder, going down hard on concrete, while a group of blacks are oooking and eeeking in the background.

The video mistakenly identifies the location of the attack as North Carolina. As the Mirror reports, it is believed to have taken place in London, England.


Sickening footage has emerged of an elderly man being kicked to the ground in what appears to be an unprovoked attack.

The incident is believed to have taken place in the Stratford Centre area of London and was published on Twitter on Wednesday evening.


Police have launched an investigation and will be carrying out enquiries around the suspected location in an attempt to identify the victim and suspects.

A victim, a man with a white beard and hair, is caught unaware by the vicious attack as he stands at a rubbish bin.

He is looking at the person álming on their mobile phone when a youth in a black hoodie and grey jogging bottoms approaches from behind and lands a powerful kick to his side.

The victim, who appears frail, is sent crashing to the âoor, and hits his head on the ground.

Laughing can be heard in the eight-second footage as well as a young woman’s cries.

Police are now trying to ánd out when the incident occurred and whether it has been previously reported.

A spokesman for Met Police said: “The Met is aware of the video circulating on social media on an elderly man being assault in London.

“It is believed that this incident has occurred in the area around the Stratford Centre and so ofácers in Newham Borough are assessing the contents of the video.

“Research is being carried out to see if this is an offence that has previously been reported, or if a new investigation will be started.

“Ofácers will also be carrying out enquiries at the suspected location.

“At this early stage there has been neither a victim identiáed, nor a date for the

People who expect the average black to have empathy with others are not being realistic in their assessment of black behavior. In their homelands, they butcher each other. In the West, they butcher whoever is handy–Asian, Jew, white, Latino. It doesn’t matter.

Even in the West, they butcher each other, as crime statistics for Chicago in the USA prove.

The Negroid race is a dysfunctional race. Segregation in the Southern United States did not arise out of “racism,” but out of the need to promote public safety. Harsh policing tactics were also part of that package, including the lynching of violent criminals.

Judicial corporal punishment, in the form of the lash or the rod, should be administered to the group of tormenters of the old man.

He did nothing to deserve what he got. The blacks deserve it.

11 thoughts on “Homeless Elderly White Man Attacked by Pack of Negroid Youths Just for Being White (Video)

  1. They’re a failed race Sab. Even the so called educated ones live vicariously through the criminals. They love beating, stabbing, raping or setting whitey on fire.

    • I can’t even call them a filed race, but maybe a savage sub-species. I had a black friend that I had for 20 years. We met via a mutual friend. The 3 of us hung together fairly closely and he claimed his only REAL friends were all white. So most of our socializing was amongst white groups.

      One night he invited me to a large private party that was almost 100% latrino and black in darkest Roxbury (those who have lived near Boston should know that Roxbury is the negroid ground zero, along with Dorchester and a number of other “formerly white” Boston burbs

      Anyway once we got to this jungle party I saw a side of him that I had never seen “ooking and eeking” “unga bunga kill whitey” I let after a few threats on my life. After that I kept my distance. I had one other lack friend with similar outcome…..of all races, from my own experience the veneer of civilization on the negro is the thinnest of all.

      There are very few raging racists among whites, but the savage behavior or the average negro has probably created more race realists and racists.

      • Sounds like you got out just in time. Back in my 20s at a law firm, I had a black girlfriend for a few years there. We spent time at each others homes, etc. One day she had a medical problem and I lent her $50. Despite months of repeated attempts to get it back, she never did. I dumped her. Maybe she considered “whitey” didn’t need it.

      • It’s easier to devolve than to keep the appearance of civilized behavior.

        This is kinda why our societies are devolving now. It’s easier to take on the behavior of animals and idiots (niggs and muzzies) than it is to actually be a civilized individual. After all we all have an animalistic side to us. It’s just that some of us chose to control it and other can’t/won’t.

  2. Stratford, east London, a notorious black hell-hole. I have a friend that lived there back in the 90’s, don’t know if they are still there but I suspect they got out while they could. They only lived there because the property was cheap, it was approx 50% black back then, I’ll bet it close to 90% today. These nasty sub humans simply hate us and can’t be trusted, the sooner more people realise this then maybe our leaders will be forced to do something about it.

  3. The nigger behavior, no matter where in the world you go, is generally known. It’s to be expected. It is not that the blacks act as they do that’s the real problem. It’s that White people refuse to recognize who it is who empowers the militant coloreds to be able to do what they do, and far too often to be able to get away with it – and Whites have been conditioned to excuse those (((who do))) empower the blacks. We know already, and the typical nigger’s do, too, that the MSM will downplay black deviations from civilized behaviors and that the system is set up to, at most, slap those blacks on the wrist.

    Read the comments thread and posting below, and you will discover (those who don’t already know) who it is who sets up the black PRIVILEGED conditions and who it is who encourages them as they engage in their most vile behaviors. It is jewry who should receive mention each and every time that events such as these are allowed to happen, and they are who should have the fingers pointed at them for their own devious subversions enabling the blacks, all which is aimed against our White people. That jewry would sacrifice such a very few of their own white-skinned jews to enable this to happen merely reflects just how much those jews do detest White people and our formerly civilized society.

    [Saboteur, feel free to remove this comment and link, as I’m not attempting to take away from your informative post, but I’m sure you know that, and I feel certain that you will agree that the issue is one which is important enough to our people to warrant disclosures which help to explain the reasons that these aberrations are, increasingly, allowed to happen within our White communities].


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