Breaking: Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby Charged with First Degree Manslaughter in Crutcher Death





Betty Shelby’s devotion to duty has not spared her the lash from the whip of political correctness.

The tumult that black agitators and family members raised over the shooting death of Terence Crutcher, a man with a long track record of major crimes, has resulted in criminal charges against Officer Shelby.

The city of Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma are willing to throw Shelby to the howling monkeys rather than see the kind of protests (riots) that have wracked Charlotte, North Carolina the last two nights.

The white man and woman are truly strangers in a strange land today.

Read the absolute pandering bullshit pushed out by the prosecutor and weep for the death of honesty in America.

Excerpt from Washington Post

The white Tulsa, Okla., police officer captured on video fatally shooting an unarmed black man on a city street will face first-degree manslaughter charges, Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler announced at a news conference.

The prosecutor filed the charges against officer Betty Shelby on Thursday, a full six days after multiple cameras showed her shooting 40-year-old Terence Crutcher as he stood beside his stalled sport-utility vehicle. Moments earlier, cameras had captured Crutcher walking away from Shelby with his hands in the air.

“The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Crutcher are on the hearts and minds of many people in this community,” he said, according to NBC affiliate KJRH. “It’s important to note that despite the heightened tensions felt by all, which seemingly beg for an emotional response and reaction, our community has consistently demonstrated the willingness to respect the judicial process.”

“I do not know why things happen in this world the way they do,” Kunzweiler added. “We need to pray for wisdom and guidance.”

If convicted, Shelby could face a minimum of four years in prison.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin released a statement saying she hopes the charges provide “some peace to the Crutcher family and the people of Tulsa.” The statement also urges the public to remain patient and remember that officer Shelby is innocent until proven guilty.

“No matter how you feel about the prosecutors’ decision in this case, I hope Oklahomans will respect the views of your friends and neighbors because we still have to live peacefully together as we try to make sense of the circumstances that led to Mr. Crutcher’s death,” the statement added.

Video shows Crutcher walking toward his vehicle with his hands above his head while several officers follow closely behind him with weapons raised. He lingers at his vehicle’s driver’s side window, his body facing the SUV, before slumping to the ground a second later.

There is no need to make sense of Crutcher’s death. He was a crook, and a violent one at that. He refused orders to remain still and walked back to the driver side door of his vehicle, which contained PCP, which he may have been on. He reached for something after being told not to.

There’s nothing to make sense of. Two cops were quick enough to recognize a threat. Shelby and the officer who simultaneously tased Crutcher.

The charges against Betty Shelby are bullshit.


20 thoughts on “Breaking: Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby Charged with First Degree Manslaughter in Crutcher Death

  1. Show trail to keep the diversity from culturally enriching Tulsa

    No White man or woman should be in the military or law enforcement these days. I hate saying that because I loved what I did but there it is

  2. Was this orc a low life? Sure, it certainly looks that way. Would he have been shot if he had followed orders? Probably not. Yet here is my issue with the whole thing. Cops should not get the pleasure of special rules different from everyone else. If I had shot a person, even an orc, because I thought my life was in danger because he might have a gun or other weapon I would go to prison for murder. Even for a cop maybe’s and might haves are not sufficient reasons to shoot someone. Or they shouldn’t be but seem to be these days.

    • I wonder how much Hollywood and TV nonsense influences the real life actions of a cop or a soldier? In the movies and TV they shoot suspects dead and almost invariably get away with it.
      Every US Cop or action movie is more or less is about Judge Dredd, find baddies and kill them. Star Wars the same kill the bad guys with no hesitation. While the Star Wars bad guys invariably arrest the goodies “hands up” the fools say. Not long after this, they are dead, killed by those we are told are the “goodies”.
      I am not aware if Judge Dredd ever gets sent to sensitivity counseling, gender studies and Coon love studies.
      Maybe Judge Dredd is now doing 20 years for shooting to death a drug dealing pedo rapist serial killer?

  3. I don’t know how well informed are police officers these days, are they aware how “fairly” were treated their colleagues in a similar cases. Presumably there should be something like police syndicate, do they provide assistance and urgent info on general situation.

    My advice to police would be – If Niggers are not endangering Whites, leave them alone. If they kill each other, turn away. When Niggers kill each other, step over or stall investigation. With great possibility that Hillary could be electorally installed, Normal White Americans will be exposed to Blackening diversification beyond comprehension. She is surrounded with her loving Niggers and you can bet she will gladly share them with you.

    Humongous MultiRacialy enriched dark matter is stirring while fans are not even switched on. Imagine when all these substance will start hitting fans, and Hillary-fans start rotating. Temporary solution – someone should figure out how to reverse rotation.

    • Good advice for all whites Lewgc.
      ” If Niggers are not endangering Whites, leave them alone. If they kill each other, turn away. When Niggers kill each other, step over or stall investigation.”

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  5. Good news for whites is that 40 million blacks are not too many for 2 million armed whites in South Africa. In a full blown race war, the Boers would win and win easily. It would be Rwanda in reverse.
    So US citizens can take heart from that.
    The Boers have nowhere to go. They have been in South Africa longer than all the main tribes of blacks that now live there. The Boers are the indigenous people of South Africa.

  6. Total PC BS; this poor woman now realises that her ‘female card’ gets trumped severely by the black card. As has been related here and elsewhere, its a righteous shoot, but truth does not matter; she will go down for it, tho not as badly as if she were a he.
    Ammo up folks.

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