Black Lives Splatter: Jeep Drives Through Crowd of BLM Protesters

Published on Sep 21, 2016

Sometime Wednesday afternoon this video was loaded to Facebook. BLM was protesting supposed graffiti of “kkk” on the EMU campus in Ypsilanti, MI. They made the mistake of hanging out in the middle of the street the way that blacks do.

Youtube commenter Alpha Numeric had this to say:

Ah black people. So hard to treat them like humans when they behave as animals. What are we going to do with all of these black people? If they are to stay here, we need some type of reservation system to protect them from the population or more likely, we should return them back to the wilds of Africa where they are meant to live. Black people are just not equipped to live in civilization.

That comment sets the general tone of comments on youtube.

7 thoughts on “Black Lives Splatter: Jeep Drives Through Crowd of BLM Protesters

  1. It’s reaching the point where whites and other sane humans will be driving “Road Warrior” tricked out vehicles, heavily armor plated with gun turrets, barbed wire, spikes and cow catchers mounted in the front.

    • Dogs do the same thing. My dogs would try to outrun a car and then dart in front of it to confront it. Luckily, the few times they were loose and did this stupid stunt they pulled off to the side in time.

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