The “Deplorables”–Who We Are and What We Want


Brandon Smith analyzes the end game for the alt-right, which he prefers to call the liberty movement. Summarizing in one sentence, he says we are the people who sabotage the System by refusing to cooperate with it: “We will stop the whole damn thing in its tracks …”

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

This, I would say, is a defining principle behind those of us who make up the so-called “alt-right;” the people Hillary Clinton recently referred to as “the deplorables.” When describing this subculture of “miscreants” I often use the title of the “liberty movement.” We are defined and unified by our desire for a society based on the integral love of freedom and a fervent opposition to collectivism and totalitarianism. For this, we are called “deplorable.” But let’s extrapolate on that a little…

In our era, certain organizations have adopted a hard-line love affair with collectivism, and most of these groups today are allied with the far Left (socialist) side of the political spectrum. This includes “neo-conservatives” who have never been conservative and, just like the socialists, have only ever pursued policies of bigger and more intrusive political and cultural bureaucracy. Therefore, the paradigm of left vs. right now becomes tangible, because it is the left that seeks control, and the true right that wants to be left alone.

To clarify even further, people who actually understand the false left/right paradigm only mention it when they are referring to the political class. At the top of the pyramid and at the top of either major American party, there is no “Left”, or “Right”, there is only globalism. However, for average people there is indeed an ideological spectrum. This would not be such a problem except that at this time, it is people on the far LEFT of that spectrum that are in support of multiculturalism and globalization. They are the group scrambling for control over everyone else and they are the group with funding and legal support from the elitist establishment. Social justice lunatics and Black Lives Matter advocates have fashioned themselves as weapons for the elites. Therefore, in this way, they have made the left/right paradigm real for those at the bottom of the pyramid.

It’s interesting to me that the left once considered the bastion citadel of rebellion against the machine, is now willingly diving head-first into the intestinal apparatus of the system to be mulched for fuel for the very same beast. It just goes to show you how easily these fraudulent paradigms can change and how easily groups can be co-opted when they are oblivious to their own weaknesses.

If you really want to know who we “deplorables” are it’s rather simple — we are the ones who refuse to participate in the operation of the machine. We are the cogs who refuse to cooperate. We will not grease the gears. We will not stoke the furnace. We will stop the whole damn thing in its tracks, because, for the sake of future generations, we must.

This is why we are hated by socialists, cultural Marxists and the general inbred animal farm of the progressive zeitgeist. We suggest that, in fact, not all steps forward are equal to “progress,” and not all progress is moral. We maintain that what progressives call “progress” is actually classic and archaic barbarism wearing the silky lingerie of humanitarianism.

To assert that some progress is immoral is a sure way to trigger the modern collectivist left. They just can’t fathom that anyone sane would disagree with the grand schemes of multiculturalism and economic harmonization. We must be crazy. We must be violent and aberrant monsters. We must be filled with hate and racism and misogyny. We must be “dealt with.”

But here’s the deal…

The institutions and people so desperate to define the deplorables never actually ask us to define ourselves for the public record. They don’t WANT to hear what we have to say about ourselves. They prefer to construct straw men. It’s much easier to set fire to us that way.

Oh sure, they’ll interview us once in a while, but an interview does not constitute an honest record of anything. Just take a look at Bloomberg’s “interview” with Milo Yiannopoulos entitled The Pretty, Monstrous Face Of The Alt-Right in which they focus more on his salary, shopping habits, and flamboyant homosexuality than his actual political or philosophical positions. And, yet again, they call on the Southern Poverty Law Center, the cultural Marxist propaganda arm of the establishment, to give their take on who Yiannopoulos is. Welcome to the club, Milo.

Even I have been approached in the past by mainstream outlets including the BBC and The Economist for such interviews. In the case of the BBC, I told them I would be happy to participate as long as I could bring my own video equipment to record the entire exchange. They agreed, then never called me back. I just ignored requests from The Economist; they are the rotting left ventricle of the heart of darkness.

These people have no intention of letting us speak for ourselves. They want to use us for ratings and then edit us into oblivion.

The media certainly won’t refer to us as “the liberty movement” or as freedom fighters or any other label that might find favor with the general public. Instead, they call us “populists,” which is a term with a decidedly fascist flavor to it. The truth is, the rhetoric of elitists in Europe and in the U.S. is that those against globalism and multiculturalism are legitimate fascists. If average people only understood the totalitarian leanings of your run-of-the-mill globalist they might find this accusation hilariously ironic.

Alan Greenspan calls us “crazies” who will undermine the U.S. system. Which is also ironic when you understand that it was Greenspan’s Federal Reserve that created the artificially low-interest rate environment that initiated the derivatives bubble and credit crisis that has sealed America’s fiscal fate eight years later. Greenspan even admitted back in 2013 that the Fed knew there was a debt bubble and “missed the timing” in dealing with it. Yet, he blames us for America’s problems.

In the past these hucksters ignored us. We were a burgeoning movement rallying around marginalized figures like Ron Paul back then. It was better for them to pretend we didn’t exist.

Now, we seem to be everywhere — busting up the EU with the Brexit referendum, overwhelming Merkel’s political power base in Germany, and pushing Donald Trump into what I have argued since the primaries will be a sure entry into the White House. Now, all the full attention of the establishment is on us. Imagine that.

So, instead of listening to hypocrites and liars like those listed above, why not go to the source and ask a deplorable what we want. I’ll be happy to explain our goals in my next article in this series, and set out to identify the movement that seems to have dumbfounded the progressive left and globalist acolytes alike.

For now, I want to acknowledge that the rise of the deplorables does not necessarily ensure victory in the face of the elites. As I have mentioned many times since before the success of the Brexit, it is possible that the elites are trying to give traditional conservative movements enough rope with which to hang ourselves. That is to say, we are working to wrestle back control of a ship that is already sinking. They might just step aside as we mutiny because, in the end, they don’t think it will matter. Let’s not kid ourselves that this fight will be anything other than long and painful.

8 thoughts on “The “Deplorables”–Who We Are and What We Want

  1. I read all the above and agree with it. As usual an alt-Right spokesman does not name the Jew. Is there a single alt-Right leader who does name the Jew? Why are David Duke, Brother Nathaniel and others excluded from the ranks when the mentally ill chocolate driller with the poofy hair, Milo seems near the top of the list?
    Why are other Conservatives like Pat Buchanan forgotten, he is not buried yet? He was right in 1992 and said in that year almost everything that Trump is now saying. US voters only have themselves to blame. They could have voted for Buchanan but they decided Bush was better. Good idea, schlemiels. Look where that bad decision has led to. Clinton, Obama and demographic annihilation of whites.
    They could have had Ron Paul but ran with the phony Romney (Mormon cultist), and actually voted a foreign born Coon anus reamer in to the White House. National Suicide.
    Buchanan also does not name the Jew but he hints at them, he knows who they are. He does not seem to be on the blogroll here. I recommend reading his blog at buchanan dot org. The Jews named him a “Paleo Conservative” to damage his chances of becoming President. Buchanan admits he was wrong a few decades ago about some things but he has been on the money now for about 25 years. He is against US military adventurism and overspend, he is against globalization, US jobs for China, the Supremacist Court, and mass immigration and has been since last Century.

    “Definition of schlemiel : an unlucky bungler : chump”

  2. Always with the so many damn words

    I am a deplorable because I do not want to see the nation of my forefathers, the blood of my forefathers and the culture of my forefathers go extinct and the 14 words.

    Rockwell’s words are for pussys who think some intelltucal arugement will turn the tide. That approach has failed since the 1st wave migrations to the usa phases continued the war on WASP’s and the National orgins/ purpose

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