Lying Media FABRICATED Entire Story of Innocent Black Pastor Murdered by Racist White Cops



That loving father and pastor that police shot to death in Tulsa turns out to have had a long rap sheet and a warrant out for his arrest.

F*ck Hillary Clinton for weighing in on Crutcher’s “intolerable” and “unbearable” murder by police. Crutcher may or may not have deserved to die, but most people will have no problem tolerating and bearing his death.

Keeping it simple, Crutcher did not obey police commands, probably because he was dumb as a box of rocks and because he knew he was going to jail on the warrant out for his arrest.

Tulsa World

Police found PCP in the vehicle used by Terence Crutcher the night he was fatally shot by an officer, a Tulsa Police Department official confirmed to the Tulsa World on Tuesday afternoon.

The attorney for the Tulsa police officer who fatally shot Crutcher had said Monday that the officer, Betty Shelby, thought he was acting like he might be under the influence of that drug.

Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker, who confirmed that a vial of PCP was found, declined to say where in the vehicle investigators recovered it, nor did he say whether officers determined that Crutcher, 40, had used it Friday evening.

The Medical Examiner’s Office is expected to provide toxicology information as part of a larger autopsy report.

Police have said Shelby shot Crutcher once in the upper right part of his chest at 36th Street North near Lewis Avenue about 7:45 p.m. Friday. Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said during a Monday afternoon news conference that Crutcher was unarmed.

As previously reported, Crutcher has a criminal record that includes more than a dozen encounters with law enforcement. In at least four cases, officers employed use of force, including a Taser in 2012, according to records.

A 2012 probable cause affidavit in a misdemeanor case against Crutcher states that his father arrived at the scene in north Tulsa where Terence Crutcher was being arrested on public intoxication and obstruction complaints and told officers his son had “an ongoing problem” with PCP.

An officer used a Taser on Crutcher twice during that arrest while he was face down on the ground, based on the officer’s claim that Crutcher did not comply with at least three orders to show his hands.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections told the World on Tuesday that Crutcher had been incarcerated on a drug-related conviction for nearly four years and was released on parole in 2011. His supervision ended in May of this year. Court records indicate that a judge issued a bench warrant for Crutcher’s arrest Sept. 1 for failure to pay fines related to his cases.

Crutcher’s attorneys say his history is not relevant, and the Tulsa Police Department has acknowledged that officers weren’t aware of his background during the encounter.

In the Negro world, Crutcher is what they call a good man:

bb4sp reports:

According to the Oklahoma Court records, Terance Crutcher has the following record.

1996 Shooting with Intent to Kill – Dismissed
2001 Petit Larceny – Conviction
2004 Driving while suspended – Conviction
2005 Driving while suspended, resisting officer – Conviction
2006 Driving while suspended -conviction
Driving open container – Dismissed
2006 Trafficking in illegal drugs – Conviction
He was also charged in that incident with assault on police officer and resisting, but that was
2011 Public Intoxication (while in prison for drug trafficking) – Conviction
2012 Public Intoxication – Conviction
Obstructing an officer – conviction
2013 DUI – conviction
Resisting officer -conviction
Open Container – conviction
Failure to wear seatbelt -conviction
Speeding – conviction

When he was killed, he also appeared to have had open warrants that were issued on August 30, 2016 including for DUI, resisting, drug trafficking and public intoxication.

And so another failed effort by the anti-white media gets shot down in flames by the truth.


12 thoughts on “Lying Media FABRICATED Entire Story of Innocent Black Pastor Murdered by Racist White Cops

  1. Ever read up on the Tulsa Race Riots?

    Most official version leave out the part about the White girl getting raped as the catalyst

    Point being the media has been lying a lot longer and about a lot worse then this

  2. What does it take for a black man to get fired? A white man will be fired for typing three or four words on Fecesbook. This black man has multiple serous convictions.
    What is the name of his church and how large is his congregation? Or is this pastor thing bullshit? He may have a small cult of his drug customers which he calls a church as a front. Tax free status for drug dealing.

  3. Hillary, without explanation, cancelled a North Carolina fundraiser.

    But Mrs. Clinton doesn’t need to attend fundraisers: She’s got the media covering her back, and Soros carrying her purse. She’s desperately attempting to attain remission from her ailments before the debate. Brings to mind the ending to “El Cid” where Charlton Heston, who is actually quite dead, is propped to his horse to rally his followers.

    (Dr.) Sandy Kramer (Dr.) Sandy Kramer

  4. What on Earth?! So many ignorant comments on this site. Mr. Crutcher actually doesn’t have a long rap sheet. How is he a terrible man? It’s so insulting that in this article, one can conclude that Mr. Crutcher was dumb as a box of rocks. I assure you that he is not. Rocks are not carbon based life forms. They don’t have a brain. Mr. Crutcher did. Please inform me of credible sources that can lead me to Mr. Crutcher’s lengthy criminal record. At the end of this article, it mentions something about anti-white media. What? What is so anti-white about the media coverage on Mr. Crutcher’s death? Also, I saw a comment that mentioned the Tulsa Race Riot. That white girl wasn’t raped. Where the hell did you get that incorrect information? It was 1921, and Jim Crow still ruled. White people went crazy and destroyed Tulsa’s Greenwood District. It was famously known as “Black Wall Street”. Tulsa’s white citizens burned it down. I’m not proud of that. That’s horrible.

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