Shooting of Unarmed Black Pastor by White Policewoman Sparking Protests as Police Release Video

betty shelby tulsa shooting


From what we know, Pastor Terence Crutcher was the proverbial “good black man.” Nonetheless, he was shot dead by a policewoman, apparently after his car stalled in the middle of the road.

One of several versions of the police video of the shooting of Terence Crutcher is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Take a look and see if you agree with me that this case has the potential to explode into a nationalization of police forces around the USA. This could be the big one that Hillary and Obama latch onto in order to promote a different kind of policing than the world has ever seen before.

There is also a distinct possibility of a heightening of racial tensions in America. I expect that black football players at all levels will be using this shooting to engage in more protests. Obama’s Department of Justice has already rushed to the scene. What other protests emerge are unclear, but this case has a huge amount of potential to bring fundamental change to law enforcement.

More after the story.

Tulsa World

The U.S. Department of Justice has opened an investigation into whether a civil rights violation occurred during the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man on Friday night.

During a Monday afternoon news conference about the death of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said officers found no gun on Crutcher or in his SUV, which was stopped in the middle of 36th Street North just west of Lewis Avenue.

Officer Betty Shelby fired a single shot at close range that video footage released Monday indicates hit Crutcher in the upper right chest. Another officer, Tyler Turnbough, deployed his Taser at almost the same time Shelby — who did not have a Taser — used her service weapon.

“I want to assure our community, and I want to assure all of you and people across the nation who are going to be looking at this, we will achieve justice, period,” Jordan said.

Chief of Police Jordan is white.

As reported by Officer Shelby’s husband, also a cop, was in the police helicopter circling overhead when the shooting went down.

Killing By Police Tulsa

He called the videos “very disturbing” and “very difficult to watch.”

The Department of Justice inquiry is separate from the investigation being conducted by local authorities, which will determine whether criminal charges are filed in connection with the shooting.

Jordan declined to take questions or provide further details during the news conference, citing pending investigations into what led to Crutcher’s death.

Police showed the videos to Crutcher’s family and attorneys, the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office and north Tulsa community leaders on Sunday.

After Monday’s news conference, Tulsa Police Sgt. Shane Tuell responded to a question regarding how this fatal shooting differs from others the department has had this year.

“There’s a lot of video that you can watch that there’s actually no question as to what you’re seeing,” he said. “This one leaves a lot of questions.”

Tuell said he hopes the agency’s decision to have north Tulsa leaders and family view the videos first is “the olive branch needed” so the investigative process can go more smoothly.

“We didn’t want to release all this stuff and then have them wonder what we’re doing about it. We want to be extremely upfront,” he said. “It sounds like rhetoric, but it’s honest truth.”

The footage reveals discrepancies in the department’s initial statements from the scene Friday night.

Police initially said Crutcher approached officers from the side of the road after Turnbough arrived. However, video footage from Turnbough’s patrol car shows Crutcher walking to his vehicle with his hands raised and that Shelby had her gun pointed at his back.

After Crutcher reached the driver’s side of his vehicle and turned toward the window, Shelby, Turnbough and a third officer each had either a gun or a Taser pointed at him.

The officers’ position on Turnbough’s dash camera video footage obscures much of the shooting, but Crutcher can be seen falling to the ground after one gunshot. Shelby then says, “Shots fired!” over the radio, telling dispatchers, “I’ve shot a subject who won’t show me his hands.”

An attorney for the Crutcher family has previously said his hands were up when he was shot.

Tuell told the World that Shelby’s dash cam footage wasn’t provided because she didn’t activate her vehicle’s lights and sirens, which meant the camera was turned off.

Audio from two 911 calls shows two people called the police to report that Crutcher’s vehicle was blocking traffic on 36th Street North, with one caller reporting that the driver apparently left the vehicle running with the doors wide open. That caller also told the dispatcher that a man ran from the vehicle because it was smoking and he believed it might explode.

Shelby was dispatched to the call because she was en route to a nearby domestic violence report, Jordan said.

Video from a Tulsa police helicopter that was overhead briefly before the shooting shows Crutcher walking with his hands up before the shot was fired. It’s unclear from the video whether he was reaching for anything when he was shot.

“Looks like a bad dude, too,” one of the two officers in the helicopter says of Crutcher before he was shot. “Could be on something.”

A records search using Crutcher’s license plate turned up no information regarding any criminal history, according to dispatch audio.

It’s not clear from either video what Crutcher’s last action was before Shelby shot him. Immediately after Crutcher was shot, one officer in the helicopter says, “I think he may have just been Tasered,” before Shelby says over the radio that a shot was fired.

No one can be seen rendering aid to Crutcher until more than 2½ minutes after he was shot, which Tuell said after the news conference is also under investigation. Turnbough’s dash cam video shows an officer apparently searching Crutcher’s pockets and waistband for weapons or other contraband before starting first aid.

Attorney Scott Wood, who is representing Shelby, told the Tulsa World that the situation unfolded for nearly 2 minutes before the video footage began. Prior to the deadly encounter, Wood said no one was around when Shelby pulled up. The SUV was straddling the center line with its engine running and doors open, “so she isn’t really sure what’s going on,” Wood said.

He said Crutcher repeatedly ignored Shelby’s commands and didn’t respond to her questions. Crutcher, he said, reached toward or into his pockets several times despite Shelby’s telling him not to do so.
Wood said Shelby, who has completed drug recognition expert training, believed that Crutcher was acting like a person who might be under the influence of PCP.

Shelby was concerned that Crutcher kept reaching toward his pockets, Wood said, because someone carrying a weapon will often touch it to make sure it’s still there. She drew her handgun after Crutcher walked toward the passenger side of the police car and started to put his hand in his left pocket, Wood said. She then radioed dispatch to report that she was with a person who wasn’t complying with her demands, he said.

“He never makes any response to her,” Wood said.

Wood said Shelby cleared — or checked — the SUV from the driver’s side and was about to clear the passenger side when Crutcher approached from the east. The backup officer arrived and drew his Taser, Wood said. The Taser deployment and gunshot were simultaneous because both officers perceived the same threat, he said.

“He has his hands up and is facing the car and looks at Shelby, and his left hand goes through the car window, and that’s when she fired her shot,” Wood said.

Crutcher “had his head tilted down but eyes on and fixated on her,” Wood said, adding that she said Crutcher mumbled incoherently when she asked him if the SUV belonged to him.

Shelby, who joined the Tulsa Police Department in December 2011, is on paid administrative leave. She gave her statement on the incident to homicide detectives Monday morning.

Turnbough’s use of force will be the subject of a Tulsa Police Department Internal Affairs evaluation regarding whether he followed policy. Tuell said the Internal Affairs investigation into Shelby’s actions will begin after the District Attorney’s Office decides whether to file charges against her.

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said during the news conference that Crutcher’s death is a “tragic event,” but he emphasized the importance of letting investigations proceed as necessary.

“We are a country of laws, and the rule of law needs to be adhered to,” he said. “Many people may want to have an outcome within a hair’s breadth, but it’s my responsibility to make sure that the facts fit the law, and I will do that.”

City Councilor Jack Henderson said during the conference that he has a “hard time” understanding the incident. But he said he thanked authorities for letting Tulsans know they take the investigation seriously.

“My hope is that we remain a strong city, a together city, and we don’t want to see things that happen in other cities here in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” he said. “And with the openness of the Police Department, it makes me feel good that nothing’s going to be swept under the rug.”

The problem for police is that split second decisions have to be made. Two officers out of the five or six present perceived a threat. One fired a taser, the other her gun. There’s a lot of individual judgement involved in police work.

Betty Shelby will be fired. There will be lawsuits. The Tulsa police will be forced to change their training methods to engage in de-escalation. More cops will be shot dead.

These things are easy to predict.

One more thing is easy to say. Crutcher would be alive today if he had simply kept his hands up and stood still rather than going back to his vehicle.

14 thoughts on “Shooting of Unarmed Black Pastor by White Policewoman Sparking Protests as Police Release Video

  1. There was a comment made during the airing of this news that the flyover police and those approaching had already decided he was “bad.” His car stalled and he left the doors open so other motorists would see the disabled car and not hit him. Initially he refused to put his hands up and when he did, disobeyed commands to halt. He continued to his car, perhaps to get his registration, however, the cops, rightly, assumed he was going for a gun. The fact that these niggers are out of control led the cops to assume the worst, usually they are right.

    As you said, if these stupid niggers would just shut up and hold still, a lot less shootings would take place. Now this will escalate and probly spin out of control. These apes, being groomed, coached and trained by the stinking jews to destroy White society, along with the sand niggers, are building an army in this race war that, if we don’t act now, will certainly defeat us.

    • Even the best of them, like Crutcher who had his hands up at one point, don’t seem to realize that you have to stand still. He was wandering all over the place when his hands were up.

      Since he was not a thug I feel sorry for him and his family, but the outcome for public safety isn’t going to be good if my speculation is correct.

  2. Why did the Coon drive his car to the wrong side of the road? Normally if a car is stalling or breaking down 99.9% of non Coons will try to get to and off the legal side of the road, in this case, veer to the right. But not this guy. He was either drunk or as observed by the vigilant cop “under the influence of PCP.”
    He brought it on himself. Blacks shoulf never drive under the influence and especially at night. Maybe a black “prankster” and “friend” slipped this pastor some drug or other as a gag?
    This guy has now been pastor-ized and homogenized. Good riddance, he is not a Holy Man but a drug abuser and a danger to society. Rather, he was.
    I did not watch the video because …..”He called the videos “very disturbing” and “very difficult to watch.” OK, thanks, no worries I will do something else more important.

    • I hate it when police chiefs make pandering statements like that. They really should just shut up until the investigation is completely over.

      Crutcher’s behavior seems odd to white people but blacks often do some things we don’t understand for their own reasons. His SUV actually seems to be in the middle of the road, partly blocking both lanes. The civil rights folks are going to say that’s not a reason to shoot him. He went to his car window for some reason. I’ve only been stopped twice in my life, but both times, the cops barked orders, which I followed to the letter.

      • It wasn’t difficult to watch for me. It loaded straight away and played quite smoothly.

        Cops in the US seem to bark a lot of orders and arrest a lot of people for virtually nothing. Policing in the US seems to be a very tense affair. Who’s going to want to be a cop anymore with all this shit?

        Looks like another suicide by cop blamed on whitey.

      • Ah, suicide by cop. Thanks for bringing that up. I had forgotten about it. I wonder if this guy was depressed or had something happen to cause him to want to be killed.

  3. Some odd behavior on the part of the Black guy no doubt about it. As Robert mentioned why is his car in the left lane? He wasn’t acting right I will admit. That being said though I have always believed cops should be held to a much higher standard than they are and shooting any person, yes even orcs in this day and age, should never be allowed until a weapon has been positively identified in the perp’s hand or the cop has been physically attacked him or herself. Does that add more danger to the job? Of course it does but that’s the price one needs to pay for having such a position. They are willingly entering that profession and get lost of mileage off how dangerous it is anyway. For some reason when I was kid I remember either being attacked or shot at first or identifying a weapon in use was important and mandatory for cops at one time. These days not so much.

    • There’s a lot of truth in what you say. Unfortunately, we have no video of when his car stopped and what he did when he first got out. Cars can breakdown suddenly in the middle of the street and there’s no way to move it unless 2 guys push from behind while the driver steers.

    • When there’s a shooting like this one, some angry black fellow is likely to be motivated to fire upon other police in other towns. De-escalation means thinking about that too. Police in some communities are highly paid for the danger they experience. If the danger increases, higher pay can be used to attract whatever level of policing is necessary.

      That said, I once had a girlfriend who went into police work. She wrecked too many cars and I think she was let go. She was too aggressive on many fronts in her life.

  4. Humph… I will be a bit paranoid & think that it could be a wanted psy-op by the psycho Hitlery/Obongo mob to make civil unrest & install Martial Law across the country ??.. But on the other hand I could be wrong ??? One thing I have learned, Never underestimate their psycho-stupidity ??

  5. So where is the ‘justice dept’ looking into the violation of the ‘civil rights’ of all the white people that niggers murder?!?!?

    Know little about this other than I just read that PCP was indeed found. Ammo up folks…they are feeling froggy.

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