Outrage as Donald Trump, Jr. Tweets Most Racist Tweet in the History of the World

Read the story at metro.co.uk.

Here are a few of the indignant leftist responses, including ones by black race baiter Toure and loudmouth liberal Keith Olberman:

24 thoughts on “Outrage as Donald Trump, Jr. Tweets Most Racist Tweet in the History of the World

    • Excellent pick, very juicy. However, I partially disagree with gentleman; we don’t need to help them, as we should STOP FEEDING effing Black Africa. Negros breed as locusts and we are feeding them so that they can breed even faster. Leave them alone and Mother Nature will take care of that problem

    • Yes very good video. I only wish he had used balls of white, yellow, black and brown. That would have shown what is really happening, demographics wise. Whites are disappearing and this immigration/rapefugee scam is intended to destroy the West for ever, the job is already half way done, breeding rates will finalise it even if all non white immigration is stopped tomorrow. Great world to look forward to.

      • I don’t entirely agree cartiermccloud. Yes every day is another outrage. That’s the idiot liberals for you.

        I first saw that analogy over a year ago. This is just another version. What Trump Jnr has done is to, effectively, let many millions of people who would never, otherwise, see it. With a lot of help from the idiot liberal brigade.

        I have just viewed it on Sky News.

        A little know internet meme has just gone mainstream. Most people will pick up the message without any difficulty whilst at the same time being pissed off with the lefty louts screaming.

        The idiot pc brigade, sometimes, work for us.

  1. The analogy is lost on me. Skittles is an old fashioned game played in English pubs. Knocking things down which are made of wood. Like ten pin bowling if you like.
    Maybe we whites are the skittles? The bowling balls are usually black. Often one bowling ball can knock down ten white pins in one go. Then the black bastard, sorry, ball, is bowled again in to another group of hapless frozen whites unable to move off their designated kill zone.
    That brown Allah guy in Nice was playing that game and got quite a high score.

    • Eligibility for welfare should include sterilization. That would prevent the 8 child welfare moms. Maybe they can be allowed one or two children, but after that if they want the check they have to agree to sterilization.

      • Paladin, consider how outrageously unfair it would be to Lefties, as it would deplete their affirmative voting action privilege and would force them to import even more Turders, and you know how much they hate this.

      • I should have been clearer: I was referring to 3rd world countries. And I agree with your welfare restriction, but I would like to see people have to get a license in order to have kids. No job, no education, criminal record NO kids.

      • Most negros have a TV set and have it switched on, unless theyz beez playin rap crap. TalmudVision ides not stop them shagging unfortunately. Maybe there is a subliminal message to all dark skinned people to have sex constantly and never use any birth control method?

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