Married 48 Year Old Oklahoma Cheerleader Coach Allegedly Offered Teen Boy Naked Romps, Oral Sex with Cough Drop

shelly jo DUNCAN

Even in her mugshot, Shelly Jo Duncan looks horny. Imagine how horny she would be otherwise.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation has put together a criminal case against her involving her sexual activities with a 14 year old boy. She seems to have been horny most of the time since meeting her young lover.

The horny teacher’s husband, the superintendent of the local school system, was not available for comment. Shelly’s bailed out of jail, but you have to wonder how much hell she’s catching at home. Hubby may have to get used to life without her, though. Her crimes could fetch her up to 20 years in prison. I’m sure her husband will wait for her though. As will her 14 year old boyfriend. She’s that kind of hot.

Morning News USA

A teacher from Oklahoma, Shelley Duncan, was arrested on Friday for indecent and inappropriate contact with a child.

The forty-eight-year-old was arrested by special agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation, around 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

According to KFOR News, multiple people were interviewed by the OSBI; enough evidence was gathered to arrest Duncan. OSBI agents took the teacher to the Johnston County Jail after a complaint was made against her for lewd or indecent proposals or acts with a child under 16. The complaint was filed by the child’s mother.

“We believe there was an inappropriate sexual relationship between this women and a young male student,” said Jessica Brown, spokeswoman from OSBI.

“The Tishomingo Police Dept. requested OSBI and had gathered this information of an alleged affair was going on.”

Duncan was a high school cheerleading coach and wife of the Tishomingo superintendent. According to court documents, law enforcement investigators confiscated a cell phone. Investigators discovered indecent text messages between the teacher and the boy.

Court documents said that the teacher referred to the boy as “boo” and “love.” The boy informed police that the teacher took him to where she worked, where both of them undressed and touched each other, said KXII TV.

The teacher and the boy talked about where they would have sex through Snapchat. According to the boy, the teacher told him she would perform oral sex with him with a cough drop in her mouth.

Duncan was a certified Pre-K-12 counselor. She worked as an English teacher at an alternative education high school in the district. She earlier worked at the Office of Juvenile Affairs as a Juvenile Justice Specialist from 1998-2006. After that, she went to work at the Department of Corrections as a probation and parole officer until 2012.

“I just don’t think it’s right for any teacher to be that inappropriate to any child,” said Alice Tyner, a grandmother whose grandchildren attend the same school.

“If anything happened to them I’d have to wonder why this had to take place in a school system where they’re supposed to be protected. And if they’re not being protected at the school system when you drop them off, who’s going to watch them then?”

Duncan posted a $20,000 bond on Friday afternoon and is now free on bail.

I believe that’s Shelly’s husband in the photo below with her.

Mocking the queen has now become a national sport.

One more thing. Was her boyfriend black? Boo is short for jigaboo. Cheerleader coaches deal with situations in which strapping young bucks are around a lot. Until the evidence shows otherwise, Shelly is not only a pedo, but also most likely a mudshark.


29 thoughts on “Married 48 Year Old Oklahoma Cheerleader Coach Allegedly Offered Teen Boy Naked Romps, Oral Sex with Cough Drop

  1. There is nothing wrong with wanting sex at her age and being out there with it so long as it is with men who are legal and preferably with her hubby.

      • That being said Paladin, I do think many of these women are being set up and I do think that as in the case of girls lying on older men, I think the same happens in reverse.

  2. This disturbs me on several levels. VB comment is certainly correct. There are far too many stories over the past 20 years of White female teachers molesting underage kids. Whatever the inner life of these women is, they will never have the stamina to stand up and be counted when the time comes.

  3. “an inappropriate sexual relationship between this women and a young male student”.
    As her husband is the local school superintendent, all relationships by her with any current school child is in the entire district inappropriate, even if aged say 18 or 19. The same applies to all teachers and all active students in their own school, especially senior teachers. The potential for corruption is huge. Eg this kid could have blackmailed the Super to get top marks and references and a one way ticket to the Ivy League and the big bucks in law.

    I think the same law/rule should apply to University students of any age. They should never be allowed to have sex with any teacher (who teaches them or supervises them) unless either the student leaves, or the teacher resigns and gets a post elsewhere. This Profs fucking ambitious young ladies is so old fashioned and wrong wrong wrong. It is free prostitution for cheating/high marks. I am just jealous of course. If I can’t have this kind of fun and corruption, why should Profs be allowed it? This game is also going on in Eastern Europe and it leads to many beautiful but incompetent qualified female doctors, just for one example.

    • At my university, most of the professor and student sex was of the lesbian variety. The feminists had killed masculinity and the white male students had turned to porn instead of poon for satisfaction. The female students were taught that almost everything was sexual harassment, so the males stopped asking for dates. The lesbian profs used to say, “How do you know you’re not a lesbian until you’ve tried it?”

      Most university sex is unhealthy, of the drunken hook up variety anyway. Healthy relationships were rare by the time I was kicked out of the profession.

      • Yes also male Profs buggering willing male students. Those students who wish to get A Head (pun).

        Re lezzo logic “How do you know you’re not a lesbian until you’ve tried it?” Poofters say that they only approach gay young men using their finely honed gaydar. In fact they approach all good looking young men and boys too (why wait). Even those males who reject these unwanted advances/harassment are thus defined by Homos as homos. This is an extreme example of projection. The media supports this lie. Most men pretend these advances never happened to them and also will lie about it.

  4. What can we expect when the plug was pulled decades ago on even the basics of morality? In an anything goes society, anything goes. People have lied so much and dropped the floor on standards even rioting and looting is viewed as noble. It only makes sense that the weakest and the criminally inclined will ride the wave of this lack of absolutes.

  5. Before Feminism a woman who did something like this would not only face prison but would be shunned by all her female peers. As I have pointed out before Feminism killed the Matriarchy and now there is no moral compass out there for Women to follow. A few of course don’t need social rules as they are fine on their own but the majority are not and this teacher is the end result of a generation of women who grew up with little to no Matriarchal guidance. Whats very sad is at this point in the her life she should in fact be joining the ranks of the Matriarchs herself but that group is no more so we begin yet another generation of young women with no moral compass or older peers to guide them and the link between the one’s today and the old system is even longer and more forgotten.

    It is precisely that which is causing incidents like this to become more and more common as the last final vestiges of what once kept women in line socially are swept away into the dust pan of history.

    • I had not thought of your theory of matriarchy until you brought it up on the blog here, but I’m convinced you are correct. I used to see (when I went to bars decades ago) mothers and daughters out looking for men together. It was actually very sad to see.

    • Jay Clay you are right. I can quote one married female who dislikes her own strong mother and weak father… “i have sex with whom I want and when I want”. When she feels angry she harms her small child as punishments when no wrong has been committed. There is no one to stop her from doing these things. Usually husband is in another country. He is a non working heavy drinking bum.

  6. Women are either at your feet or at your throat
    White women are no longer properly broken and taken to heel so they are at our throats.
    This is merely one example of how women are a force of destruction unless collared and leashed by more dominant men/ society/ culture

    • Right on SFC Ton!
      Matt Forney is an alt-right guy hated by some because he bangs Flips and advises other white guys to do so, and makes money from such things.
      He dislikes Homos and other freaks who pretend to lead the alt right movement.
      He has a strong views on women….get back to the kitchen etc… strong at times it may be satire, he supports men controlling their wives through physical bum slapping punishments etc, keeping their self esteem low and so on.

      From above linked article……
      ” For example, Vilar, a woman, offers us many choice misogynist quotes from her book: “Men have been trained and conditioned by women, not unlike the way Pavlov conditioned his dogs, into becoming their slaves. As compensation for their labours, men are given periodic use of a woman’s vagina.” As well: “her stupidity makes women divine,” “women have no feelings,” “the average woman may be a whore, but she’s a dishonest whore,” “[a] woman’s vagina holds the whip hand, and a man has no choice but to bow his head in submission if he wants to enjoy even a minimal sex life.” This all paints women negatively, but that does not mean that the portrayal is false. “

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