ISIS Forces Blonde White Boy to Execute Prisoner in Horrific New Propaganda Video

Screen-Shot-isis video blonde boy

Jew scriptwriters must write some of ISIS stuff. It has their signature touch, like a B horror movie.

A blonde boy is forced to execute an ISIS prisoner with a handgun in a horrific propaganda video released by the terrorist group last night.

A 15-minute clip was published by Islamic State-linked media on Friday entitled “But If You Return, We Will Return 3.”

It purportedly shows militants carrying out a mass execution of so-called “spies” in the ‘Wilayat Ninawa’ area of Iraq.

In the latest atrocity to be produced by IS, a blonde boy who appears no older than 10-years-old is shown wearing army fatigues and holding a handgun.

A militant, who also appears to be white, helps the boy to shoot one of the prisoners in the back of the head.

The boy’s identity is not known, but he would appear to be of European origin.

ISIS have frequently boasted of grooming children to be the next ‘soldiers of the Caliphate’.

Whites who support ISIS in any way are traitors deserving the death penalty.

3 thoughts on “ISIS Forces Blonde White Boy to Execute Prisoner in Horrific New Propaganda Video

  1. A lot of Syrians (and some Turks) are whiter than Greeks and Southern Italians. I would screen all immigrants including rapefugees for skin colour and throw in an oral and written language test in any European language, chosen by the testing officer, who would of course be a white male (only).
    Australia used to do that, he he.
    An applicant for Australia would be given a test in any of 13 or so languages (without notice as to which language), one of which was Welsh. So black bastards and tinted slant eyed yellows usually got the Welsh or Irish language test, especially if they were not from the UK.
    White folks usually got their own language. A wonderful system and it was not broken, so why did the Nosey Jews fix it in the 1960s?
    Dark skins, stay where you are, you are not welcome.

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