Facebook Forces Trump Supporters to Stop Using “Deplorable” in Their Names



(CNN) – Some Trump supporters started adding “Deplorable” to their names on Facebook. Now, Facebook is cracking down.

Facebook requires people to use their real names.

As such, it’s forcing users who include “Deplorable” in their profile names to change them because it violates the site’s terms of service.

Some Trump supporters have embraced the moniker after Hillary Clinton said half of Trump supporters can be put in what she called a “Basket of Deplorables.”

Clinton has since apologized for the statement.

Several points can be made here.

First, Hillary never really apologized. She weaseled around after being called on her “basket of deplorables” remarks.

Second, since I do not have Facebook (I don’t want to make Zuckerberg richer), how can the site know what your real name is?

Whites should boycott Facebook and flock to an alternative that allows screen names. Too many white people have been fired from their jobs and threatened because of politically incorrect remarks on Facebook.

If there is no alternative, we should create one.

Until then, an alternative would be to use the word “Pepe” in a Facebook screen name. Let Zuckerberg try to prove that your name isn’t Pepe, which is a fine old Spanish name.

smiling pepe the frog

8 thoughts on “Facebook Forces Trump Supporters to Stop Using “Deplorable” in Their Names

  1. You can add nerd Gates, shitskin Brin and maybe Mullegweg to that kike Zuck;
    1) Microsoft suspended (probably for ever) my “hughmongousthedeplorable@hotmail.com” account after just 24 hours

    2) Facebook only allowed me to register Hugh Mongous (https://www.facebook.com/hugh.mongous.904) but allows me to log-in with my now suspended hotmail account, see 1).

    3) YouTube (Google) isn’t allowing me to register Hugh Mongous the deplorable.

    4) My last comment here on PJ’s WordPress blog was modified; my name was altered from Hugh Mongous the Deplorable to simply Hugh Mongous (I guess they don’t care about Zarna Joshi)

      • The are afraid of our ANGER !! This is why the do hate us Christian (& I don’t mean Zionist Christian, or judeo Christian) more than they hate Muslims !

    • Have you heard of Frenchman Hugey BewMoley? Popular with telephone pranksters.
      Spelled out to person taking message as Hug’e B’Umhole

      Someone should register the name “Shitskin Brin”. I like it. Then use the moniker to make “racist” posts. “Kike Zuck” is good too, it sounds a lot like “Cock Suck”.

      Facebook is evil. It must be banned.

  2. “Facebook requires people to use their real names.”
    If you believe this then I have a nice bridge for sale to you spanning San Francisco Bay.
    Up to half of all Facebook and other Antisocial Media identities are fake and the owners do not care.
    The value of an online company is based on the number of members.
    I remember one crazy valuation back in 2001 before the crash.
    One companies total stock market (Unicorn) value was estimated at US$2,000 per user. Even if a registered user never spent one cent using the company.

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