Minnesota Mall Stabber Identified as 22 Year Old Somali Muslim Migrant

dahir adan

Not much in the way of a surprise here. Knifeman Adan won’t be able to enjoy life as a parasite in the U.S. now. His failure to kill any infidels will keep him from his 72 virgins in Heaven. Maybe God will have mercy on him and grant him Hillary.


Dahir Adan – a recent Minnesota college student and Somali immigrant – was identified by Minnesota media as the man who randomly stabbed nine people in a St. Cloud mall while referring to Allah.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune said Adan’s father had identified him as the suspect and added that authorities executed search warrants at an apartment where Adan lived with his father. However, authorities have yet to formally identify the mall suspect. The St. Cloud Times said that Somali community members also ID’d the mall suspect as Adan.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Adan was a member of Minnesota’s Somali refugee community, the nation’s largest. The FBI is calling the Minnesota stabbings a possible “act of terrorism,” according to The Associated Press.

The victims were stabbed – none with life-threatening injuries – around 8 p.m., as the nation was focused on the explosion in Manhattan that injured 29, one seriously. Authorities say they do not have evidence that the attacks are related.

Jason Falconer, an off-duty police officer who is a concealed carry advocate and firearms trainer, shot and killed the suspect in the mall.

ABC News reported that Minnesota’s Somali community has condemned the attack. Minnesota started seeing waves of Somali refugees like Adan in the early 1990s. CBS local says local charity groups and strong benefits helped attract Somali immigrants to Minnesota.

The Somali museum of Minnesota says the state is home to the United States’ largest Somali diaspora. In July three Somali immigrants were convicted in Minnesota of plotting to join ISIS, says MPRNews. Yahoo News says nine Minnesota Somalis overall have been accused of plotting to join the Islamic State since 2014; Donald Trump previously provoked criticism on the campaign trail when he quoted a Washington Times article that had called Minnesota a rich recruiting pool for ISIS due to its levels of Somali immigration, with some 30,000 Somali refugees.

Initial reports had said there might be an active shooter inside the mall, but it later turned out that the suspect was the only person shot; an off-duty police officer shot the suspect, according to the police chief.

That officer, Jason Falconer, was heralded as a hero. He is a former police chief and current off-duty cop who owns a gun range and company called Tactical Advantages. His company biography says Falconer’s “goal is to teach individuals the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to be successful with firearms in order to secure their personal safety or that of their family, at home or in public.”

The stabber was armed only with a knife, the chief said.

jascon falconer right

8 thoughts on “Minnesota Mall Stabber Identified as 22 Year Old Somali Muslim Migrant

      • It’s too bad we can’t even say Jesus, as that’s hate speech today. If someone proclaims :Jesus is Lord” and hugs you, which usually happens, to the lefturds that is deplorable despicable acts of hatred.

  1. His failure to kill any infidels will keep him from his 72 virgins in Heaven. Maybe God will have mercy on him and grant him Hillary.?? & the sweet pill will be Caytlin Jenner & Conchita Wurst ??>
    Only three virgins & not 72

  2. Unfortunately the very people these shitskins are stabbing are not the ones who should be stabbed. Just for once, I’d like to see the head of these organizations who are bringing in these shitskins to get a taste of what the poor white taxpayer is the brunt of.

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