Internet Wildly Cheering For Sheboon Who Slapped the Sh*t Out of White Male Student

sheboon slap

Three white males pull a mild prank on two white girls and one black water buffalo. The water buffalo chimps out, decks her prankster, knocking him out, and the Internet cheers the water buffalo, showing openly its hatred of white males.

The short video embedded below has had 47 million views on Vine and other sites according to the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail

A funny video has emerged of the moment a teenage boy gets slapped around the face after yanking out a girl’s hair piece.

The short clip, uploaded to social media earlier this week, has now been viewed more than 47million times.

The funny footage, filmed by Vine user Samuel Grubbs at Wingate University in North Carolina, shows a group of students pulling down on the girls’ ponytails while shouting, ‘Yaga!’

A third teen, Freddy Mccollum, then pulls at a girl’s ponytail but instead pulls out the entire hair piece.

The angry girl then turns around and slaps the cheeky student across the face, apparently knocking him out.

Samuel Grubbs has produced a number of popular comedy Vines in the past.

On social media viewers were quick to find the funny side of the footage.

If things were reversed with a white male slapping the crap out of a young lady of color, the Internet wouldn’t find the funny side. The Internet would be howling for a lynch mob to hang him. And Barack and Hillary would be pontificating about the horrors of racism in America and how it was Donald Trump’s fault.

Twitter user @notjefe wrote: ‘She slapped that man back to the first century’.

Another user said: ‘She slapped him into the next life’.

One viewer wrote: ‘Look at the last dudes face – he immediately knew he messed up’.

You’ll notice that the two white girls did not react violently.

As Colin Flaherty would put it, “Don’t make the black kids angry.”


5 thoughts on “Internet Wildly Cheering For Sheboon Who Slapped the Sh*t Out of White Male Student

  1. I am with the sheboon. The fool deserved a good slapping, most of all for assaulting a person about twice his size, what an idiot. What, it is Ok for a male to assault a female by tugging on her hair, and pulling out a hairpiece which is humiliating? I would hope an adult man who got his toupee tugged off by a female or male prankster had the right to slap the assulater (sic) assaulter in the face. Removing someones hair is just like pulling off part of their clothing, only more personal. Pranksters are like noisy neighbors, it should be legal to shoot them, but in the heat of the moment only.

    “The funny footage, filmed by Vine user Samuel Grubbs”. Grub is a good name for the filmmaker Orson Welles wannabe. Who says that pulling girls hair is funny, for those over the age of 16 or so? This is going back about 150 years when males would dip the females hair in to ink wells, read some Mark Twain. These young men are not boys and should know better.
    A lot of shit happens because of filming and social media, probably including many deaths. I once saw a very handsome and innocent young boy aged about 7 with a huge shiner. This only happened because someone wanted to film him being bashed. Funny, eh, hilarious, the Internet is the best thing since…ink wells.

    What people find funny is very revealing about the state of a culture. Just fifty years ago it was funny to throw food at chimps and gorillas in zoos and them throw it back. It was funny to see a bear riding a bicycle and so on. It was hilarious to laugh at dwarfs and cripples. Most people no longer think such things are funny.

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