Entire Seattle High School Football Team and Coaches Refuse to Stand for National Anthem

garfield high protest

The more that blacks, now including high school football players too young to vote, show that their allegiance is not to America but to the false narrative of white oppression, the better for the Resistance Movement (aka alt-right).

These young gentlemen of color prove that race trumps everything in America for everyone except whites. Thus, the handwriting is on the wall. Either the white race speaks up for itself and asserts its identity or it watches as its beloved flag, Constitution, and glorious history are spit upon by young know-nothings.

Let’s encourage this black craziness all we can. It goes to show that “They are just like us” is bullsh*t of the first order.

The white players, useful idiots as the Marxists call them, can be dealt with later as can the white coaches.


WEST SEATTLE — Garfield High School football players and coaching staff took a knee during the national anthem at Friday’s game against West Seattle High School.

Head coach Joey Thomas says his players plan to do so for the rest of the season.

“This came from them,” said Thomas. “This came from the kids. Now don’t get me wrong, I support it 110 percent and that’s where my mind and heart was, but this is what they wanted. And I think that’s what makes this so special. This is student driven.”

The demonstration comes as several professional athletes have followed the lead of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who first sat, then later kneeled during the anthem before preseason games. Kaepernick says he did it as a silent protest against racial injustice.

“The whole purpose of this, Kaepernick said and we have said several times, that this isn’t about disrespecting our troops,” said Thomas. “We love our troops. It’s because of our troops we can exercise this right, freedom of speech.”

Thomas and his entire coaching staff knelt alongside the players during the anthem. Several players from West Seattle High School knelt as well.


“The conversation started two weeks ago, and we were talking about life and some of the things some of the young men have experienced as far as social injustices, and how to deal with certain situations being a man of color,” said Thomas. “It’s very refreshing to see these young men and women stand up for what they believe in, and I hope this inspires some other teams and other individuals to do the same thing.”

A spokesperson for Seattle Public Schools said it’s a first amendment issue, and the district fully supports the students’ right to freedom of speech.

White admiration for colored ball players will either break down or white men are going down in history as the greatest cucks of all time.

Wasting time and money watching thugs at the pro-level and future thugs at the high school level is a sad, pathetic waste of time and money.

Resist! Sabotage the System.

34 thoughts on “Entire Seattle High School Football Team and Coaches Refuse to Stand for National Anthem

  1. Imagine these chumps being boycotted for the remainder of their high school year(s), ignored, socially excluded and forced to hang out among themselves.

    Weren’t there “negro” baseball leagues back in the days. Perhaps we should have the same with football.

    • I go to Garfield. They were celebrated, commended, and encouraged the following Monday. Our teachers in every period took a moment to congratulate the football players. I think there’s definitely a cultural disconnect between whoever wrote this article (and this comment) and the more progressive community that Garfield is in. They are heroes here.

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  3. I’ve not wanted to stand ever since the unconstitutional bank bailouts. Why should we stand in a country that has not honored it’s supreme document. I’ve said it a million times, blacks have more balls than whites, and it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

    • I’ve said essentially the same thing as you just said. The USSA is not the USA. However, in this case, since blacks are harming themselves, I want to encourage it while taking a stand for patriotism. In other words, I’m pivoting toward defending the flag and Anthem solely because blacks are attacking them.

      • If you don’t stand for your country you’ll fall for it, right in your stupid faces as the niggers and jews run all over you. I’m disgusted by these 2 comments. NO country the stinking jews have taken over is the SAME as it used to be. What does that tell you?? Right, get rid of the jews, who started all this shit. You can bet they’re all clapping their slimy paws as stupid White men praise ugly niggers for having “balls.” They’ve got you right where they want you.

        And to call the USA the USSA is the height of absurdity. Putin has made Russia a great country again after the jews pretty much destroyed it. That’s why they all hate him now, he won’t kiss jew ass. And the jews and their White traitors are spoiling for a fight, probly WW 3. Read Mike King’s The War Against Putin if you still don’t get it. Also read:


        which pretty much laid out what’s happening now in 1998.

        We have to take a stand from where we are, not where we wish to be, So “pivot” all you want, you useless fair weather patriots. I would certainly NOT want you at my back when the time comes.

      • The Constitution, the flag are all symbols of a country that was made great by WHITE men. By these idiots kneeling and ignoring the national anthem they are in essence sucking black and jew dick. And this is where I’m in full agreement with cartiermccloud.

        These little shits are literally spitting on white men.

        Did you know that when George Washington’s men were walking through the snow at Valley Forge there were blood tracks. Their shoes were so worn out and their feet were so cut they were spilling blood!

        If no one gives a fuck about the flag and this country, I DO. My ancestors worked their asses off tilling the soil feeding fellow white men and women. My grandfather and his dad worked in the mines to bring us coal and metals for some of the very same electronics we use today. My grandpa died at the ripe old age of 50 from black lung. Leaving behind my grandma and 5 kids, the youngest in diapers. (white privilege y’all).

        By kneeling at the national anthem I’m in essence pissing on my ancestor’s grave.

        Fuck these little football pricks. I’d spit in their face if I could.

      • USSA stands for United SOVIET States of America. Putin’s Russia is NOT Communist, i.e., not the Soviet Union. Putin is a great leader, a man of peace, God, and freedom from corrupting culture.

        The former USA is Communist, of a sort. 50 percent or thereabouts of our population approve of the platform of the Communist Party, which is the same as the Democrat Party. It’s a debatable question as to whether to honor the flag of a Jew-controlled Communist country just because I live in that country. Yes, it has a glorious history, but the flag has been corrupted while we fought and lost it to the enemy.

        I think we need a new country (possibly with the same land mass as the USSA), new Constitution, new flag, and an all white population in which Communists are excluded. You disagree about the flag, but I think you agree about the rest.

        We can still honor our ancestors who fought and died for freedom. In fact, that’s a must. We don’t really honor them today by having a jig in the White House. They’re crying out for us to cleanse the land of the foreign influence. It’s up to us.

      • I know what you meant by USSA. I get what you’re saying but we do NOT need a new country, we NEED to get rid of the jews in order to take it back. Our flag STILL stands for OUR country, it’s principals and it’s fallen soldiers who died to keep it flying. And that includes Dark Side of The Moon’s people, and ours, as well. I stand by ALL of my comment to you.

        It doesn’t matter if a coon, a cunt or a clown is PLACED in office. Our job is to honor what our flag stands for and to take back our sovereignty and destroy all invaders.

        Saluting the flag to get back at the niggers is so far beneath you that I can say no more. Only this: Fight on your feet or die on your knees.

      • LOL. That’s a funny way of putting it, but I think I agree. I’ve never put not standing into practice for not wanting to offend people whom I care about.

    • When your country breaks its own laws and steals your business, you are entitled to say “Fuck You” to it and cheer its demise. I lost my business when Goldman Sachs got bailed out, and I’ve said the country was over ever since. That was 2008. Look where we are at now.

      • Sure, but Hitler created a new flag. When things get FUBAR, it feels good to think in terms of a purely clean slate going forward.

        Going back to our country’s founding, take a look at Shay’s rebellion. Soldiers who fought in our Revolution were cheated by Wall St. types, and they were’t even jews. Those in the aristocracy have always pissed on the common man. That’s never changed throughout history, even ours.

      • cariermclocud you seem to be breaking the site rules. You may say you are not calling psmike stupid, but you should have used quotations if not. It looks like you are calling psmike stupid. Ye he was unwise, as I was, to ever trade on any market where Jews are allowed to participate, let alone dominate. He knows Goldman Sachs is run by Jews and you do not need to tell him. He knows the fix was in in 2008 and that the US Govt did the bidding of the Jews led by the “Christian Scientist” (((Henry Paulson))) who was himself a former boss of Goldman Sachs. The USSA Govt waived hundreds of millions of taxes owed by the swine Paulson just so as to get his great “skills” working for the Government and the people of the United States. His may thus be the largest salary ever paid to a US government worker, and for doing the worst job since Benedict Arnold or (((Harry Dexter White))).
        “The business of Wall Street is fraud”… (((Bernie Snders)))

        Why is it that female posters are much more likely to use invective against other posters, at least on this site? Females seem to get very angry if someone else does not agree with them, in every detail. Agree, or else I will unleash my female emotions! (I am male and hope that last sentence is not confusing).

      • @Robert. I was ignorant of the jewish quesion in 2008. It was sometime in 2009 when I started to question things. I had no clue that I was bringing a knife to a gunfight, so to speak. The bailouts were my awakening.

    • There is no “black” or “white”. Therefore, blacks cannot have bigger balls than whites.

      The people that started this country hailed from Northern Europe, an area that is socialist yet mind your own business.

      If these POS’s want to be disrespectful, let them go ahead. They will dig their own graves – let them.

      • On what grounds are you claiming that race doesn’t exist . . . ? The whole reason this protest exists is because there is black and white. And there is such a divide therein. I’m assuming you’re white, because only an ignorant white person would say that. Which also means you are privileged. So everything you say is from a place of privilege, therefore anything you say about race is relatively invalid because you have never experienced racial oppression. You have never been called a “nigger” or any equivalent. Your ancestors weren’t slaves. I would agree with you in the sense that race is a social construct, however, that is not to belittle the socially conferred ideas behind race that humans have created that lead way to this huge divide between blacks and white, fed by white privilege and ignorance. For the record, I’m white. Just and educated white.

      • You’re about as uneducated as they come. Here’s a little history for you:


        While the American Civil War had many aspects to it, it was WHITES who decided to abolish slavery. Most apes had it better on a plantation then they ever did in Africa. Why do you think they won’t go back there?? Hahaha! There were fed, housed, clothed and had medical treatment. Many Whites actually tried to teach some of them to read and write. And here’s information on black on White violence.


        When you’ve digested all this, come back and say something intelligent. BTW, I’m a White Southern Lady from VA.

  4. If it would depend on me all these “proud” defilers would be stripped of US citizenship, White traitors first. As of Negro-players, I don’t take this as something unusual, IMO they do not belong to US anyway, and they are proving this for years. It was humongous mistake bringing them for picking cotton, It was extra-humongous mistake not repatriating them back and the worst possible mistake was let them breeding and rewording them for this with free lunch.

    Of course not all, but probably majority falls in this category. Overbreed young wild and useless ghetto Blacks known as Urban Niggers definitely do. Facial design with protruding Simian Jaws decorated with bootlips isn’t precursor of developed intellect, hence football, and even that probably thru affirmative action.

    Why Whites are still crowding stadiums to watch utterly Niggerized sport event, although it has been great once, is beyond of my comprehension. Probably excess of consummated beer softened not only their bellies, but awareness of Racial identity too. I call it mental AIDS (Acquired IDENTITY deficiency Syndrome)

    What to say about White players, cataclysmically outnumbered by Niggers, I have no clue.

    It took thousands of years that our ancestors thru wars and hard work created what is known as Euro-civilization, be it Europe or America. Millennials and Z-Generation are unbelievable reckless with this and it’s not surprising. They inherited fully functional system, built nothing and like spoiled brats will waste own inheritance. Unfortunately, by burning own inherited house, they or their successors will pay ultimate price.

    It’s too late for whom or what to blame – Stupidity, Recklessness, Shortsightedness or Ignorance of ancestors, for nowadays – DISASTROUS diversity. “LUCKILY” descendants of Millennials and Z-Generation will have no problems with diversity, as very likely they will become new breed of BROWNESITY.

    • Well said lewgc. You are right. I think none of it was an accident. Some was unintentional though, such as giving women rights in the UK about 200 years ago, led by upper class bored women who had no idea their movement would lead to the eventual destruction of their class and position. Same women still at it 100 years later, sufferinggettes. They did huge harm also and once again bored wealthy wives and daughters led this damaging movement, votes for women. Womens rights, women go to work, no longer want husbands and children, no male job security any more, race dies out. Replaced by locust breeding Coons.
      Meanwhile Marxist Jews are intentionally driving the cultural collapse of the West through school curriculum, books, newspapers, radio, TV, movies, porn, video games, antisocial (sic) media, anything which is harmful to whites and will turn a quick buck.
      So Jews did not plan and control it all but they have got what they wished for. More, maybe, the demographic destruction of Israel too by same forces will also take place. Israeli Jews also watch porn and waste time playing video games, iPhones, antisocial media, do not get married and have less than 2.1 children per female.
      In short, white man altruism to white women and then blacks, browns and yellows has led to the end of civilization now being within 100 years or so. My guess and estimate. For me many Western countries are already ethnic hellholes which I will never visit again.

      It all started with kindheartedness by white male leaders which was actually softheadedness. “no good deed goes unpunished”.

    • I have never encountered such a racist statement in my life . . . I’m so glad ignorant rednecks like you are huddled away in the south where you’re allowed to say this kind of shit.

      • In a certain way kiddo I am a bit puzzled with your appearance here, as you are the first Z-Gen “warrior” that crossed my path. It’s interesting how a White boy (according to your assertion), is so outraged with reality. I mean REAL REALITY not your SURREALITY, as your generation is result of cunning indoctrination thru socio-malformed Cultural Marxism.

        Although stuffing intensity is same, there is huge difference between ISIS-stuffed kids for instance and Western Culti-Marxism-stuffed kids. Teen Sand-coons are trained to fight adversaries, while outraged White teen-softies are trained self-denying, subjugation and bowing, which is perfect anal position for Faggs from the rear and oral for Niggers from the front. You sorry Z-Gen asses are double takers, but unfortunately not of welfare. It’s humongously outrageous how sincere you are with this, even brag with it…EEEEEEEEEEEEWWW.

  5. There’s one event where nobody would ever be asked to stand for a national anthem: the Paralympics.

    But I’d like to see somebody risk his job to do so… the trolling would be epic.

  6. As has been commented before, there is something very gay about modern western man’s worshiping of sports players, this might be a good time for many of the football audience to get their priorities right an turn off the football

      • Hmm I think the ancient Greeks oiled their bodies and competed in the nude. Women were forbidden to watch. I think in Sparta the women also did such sporting things in the nude, but men were not allowed to watch.
        For Athenians the womans place was in the kitchen. Sparta was smarter and recognized the benefits of strong healthy mothers, not just fathers, So Sparta kicked Athenian arse time and time again.

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