Device Found in NJ Explodes as Robot Tries to Disarm It

robot detonates bomb

Using low tech weapons (a knife, a pressure cooker bomb) terrorists are setting off alarm bells in the minds of Americans.

Rather than infrequent large scale attacks, what we’re now seeing are a series of small attacks. Upsetting many on social media is the denial by the authorities that bomb explosions are terrorism.


ELIZABETH, N.J. – One of five devices found in a suspicious package blew up near an Elizabeth train station early Monday after a police robot tried to disarm it, according to the city’s mayor.

New Jersey Transit service on the Northeast Corridor line has also been suspended while the investigation continues, setting up for a troublesome morning commute.

Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage said the package was detonated by law enforcement authorities and the FBI is on the scene.

Bollwage said up to five device were found in a backpack in a waste basket in Elizabeth. No cellphones or electronic timing devices were found on or near the devices, according to mayor.

Two men called police and reported seeing wires and a pipe coming out of the package after finding it in a train trestle at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, Bollwage said.

New Jersey Transit says service has been suspended between Newark Liberty Airport and Elizabeth. New York’s emergency management department says that New Jersey-bound Amtrak trains are being held at New York Penn Station.

April Cattell was traveling home to Poughkeepsie from Pennsylvania when she and about 200 other passengers were stranded on a train for more than four hours — and counting.

Cattell told PIX11 she had been checking up with the news and making train buddies to pass the time.

The suspicious package comes one day after an explosion went off in a busy Chelsea neighborhood Saturday night and hurt 29 people. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

Authorities have called the bombing an act of terrorism but with no international ties.

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8 thoughts on “Device Found in NJ Explodes as Robot Tries to Disarm It

  1. The bombings of both Chelsea and Elizabeth within the last 24 hours will produce one conspiracy theory: that cities with female names are currently being targeted. Some coming across this comment might even wonder at first if I’m talking about actual women. Coincidence? Obama’s ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – notice that they’re not called the “intelligent service”) and his crisis actors are using these small crimes and minor acts of terrorism to distract us from the big ones. At the very least, it’s intentional.

  2. The same man purportedly connected to all (3) bombs. Had to laugh when I read he was discovered sleeping outside of a bar! These morons never seem to have a well thought plan do they? Except 72 virgins in the afterlife.

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