BLACK Dallas Cop Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against #BLM, Hillary, Soros, and Obama for Inciting a RACE WAR


Fox News

A Dallas Police sergeant filed a lawsuit on Friday against Black Lives Matter and its supporters, alleging the group is inciting a race war.

Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, a 17-year veteran of the force, is seeking between $500 million and $1.5 billion in the complaint filed in federal court, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The defendants in the class-action suit include Black Lives Matter; President Obama; Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton; the Rev. Al Sharpton; Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and billionaire activist George Soros.

“Defendants incite people to violence and cause violence by telling those people that they are under attack. Defendants are encouraging disaffected blacks, Black Muslims, Muslims and others allied with them including certain whites to ignore, disrespect, and assault law enforcement officials, and commit violence and lethal force,” the lawsuit states, according to the paper.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants “have repeatedly incited their supporters and others to engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities.”

The lawsuit was filed hours before two Texas police officers were injured in a shooting while responding to a suicide call.

Pennie, who is black, is being represented by Larry Klayman, founder of the organization Freedom Watch.

“The defendants, if not legally reined in, are allegedly responsible, along with others, for igniting a race war that will ultimately totally destroy the freedoms that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us,” Klayman said in a press release.

Klayman is really using the legal system to access documents that would remain hidden from public view. He’s had some successes and many failures. Still, it’s interesting that the words “race war,” meaning a war by blacks against whites and cops is now in the headlines.


Klayman’s opponents denounce his relentless style of litigation, where he seems “undeterred by either criticism or setbacks,” and claim he uses the court system as a “weapon” against his political enemies. Klayman’s approach to litigation is not simply to win cases, but to unearth documents normally hidden from the public, as well as to garner media attention. His methodology is credited with affecting Washington D.C. culture in how investigations are conducted today.[27] In the 90s, Klayman deposed several White House officials, probing James Carville about his television habits, Paul Begala about his priest, and George Stephanopoulos about his traffic tickets. Carville publicly described Klayman as a “little twerp” and Klayman responded by grilling him about the statement during deposition.[9][28]

Anyone who has harassed the Clintons as much as Mr. Klayman is OK in my book. If the lawsuit is not immediately dismissed, this should be fun to watch.

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