Authorities Pronounce No Terror Cell After Alleged Lone Bomber Captured Following Shootout

ahmad khan rahami shot

Middle Easterners have on average low IQ scores. The average IQ score in Afghanistan is lower than that for American blacks, coming in at 83 or 84, a point or two below African-Americans. It’s no wonder that both groups have more than their fair share of criminals who get caught fairly easily.

Wanted bomber Ahmed Khan Rahami, born in Afghanistan, didn’t have the best thought out escape plan. When a good citizen saw a man sleeping in the doorway of a bar and reported him to police, it began the process that led to his being shot and taken into custody by police.

The mystery of who Rahami is will be solved as he recovers from his wounds and faces trial. However, the most important thing to know is that he’s an immigrant from Afghanistan. Apparently, moving into the West presents problems for them.

NBC News

The desperate search for a 28-year-old man wanted in connection with a series of blasts that terrorized New York and New Jersey over the last three days ended Monday in a gun battle with police officers.

Ahmad Rahami was taken into custody after he was shot in the leg during the 10:30 a.m. confrontation in Linden, New Jersey, law enforcement sources said.

Rahami managed to shoot one police officer in the hand and another in the bullet proof vest before he was apprehended, they said.

The injuries sustained by Rahami, who was being treated at University Hospital in Newark, and the officers did not appear to be life-threatening, officials said.

Key developments

Authorities are working to determine a connection between multiple explosions in Seaside, New Jersey, and the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

Unexploded devices were also discovered blocks from the Chelsea blast and near an Elizabeth, New Jersey, train station.

FBI agents in Brooklyn stopped “a vehicle of interest” in the investigation of the Manhattan explosion. Five occupants were detained for questioning.

Suspect traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan within last 10 years.
Rahami’s father, Mohammad Rahami, told NBC News he had “no idea” of what his son was planning.

rahami fried chicken

The suspect was discovered sleeping in the doorway of a local bar.

“When I was at the scene, initially, he was conscious and awake,” Capt. James Sarnicki of the Linden Police Department said of the suspect.

Rahami was captured after police got a call about a man sleeping in the doorway of a local bar, Sarnicki said.

When police arrived, one of the officers “tried to rouse him,” Sarnicki said. “The gentleman on the ground picked up his head, and the officer saw that he had a beard and resembled the wanted person from the poster … from the bombings.”

After the officer ordered Rahami to show his hands, the suspect “pulled out a handgun and fired one shot at the officer, striking him in the abdomen,” Sarnicki said. “Fortunately, the officer had a bullet-proof vest on.”

The Linden cops returned fire, hitting Rahami several times, Sarnicki said.

A local business owner told NBC News he heard what he thought at first were fireworks.

“But then we took a peek and there were cops firing and the guy went down in front of the building,” said the owner, who declined to give his name.

Unfortunately, Rahami gets to spend the rest of his life in prison, if convicted. It’s another hidden cost of admitting Muslims into the West.

Link to NBC News Timeline from Bombing to Arrest

7 thoughts on “Authorities Pronounce No Terror Cell After Alleged Lone Bomber Captured Following Shootout

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  2. Authorities Pronounce No Terror Cell After Alleged Lone Bomber Captured Following Shootout ??
    Humph… What else is new ?? Here in Aus, same shit… Home invasion by “refugees”, “asylum seekers” from Africa , but on the news they will only say ,”Five men invaded home & robbed the occupants of their car & money ?? Never !! Never !! Even mentioned of invasion perpetrated by Swedish or Irish of African appearance ?? Nahh.. Just five men ?? We here have same Soros excrement in our media ???

      • Nope & you are NOT ALLOWED to defend yourself from those african goons ??
        The mantra told in the media & by the Police Commissionaire is, give it to them what they want ! Don’t resist, Don’t use any weapon to defend yourself, or you will be charged with aggravated assault ?? LOL this is Aus today !

  3. ” a good citizen saw a man sleeping in the doorway of a bar and reported him to police”.
    “the officer saw that he had a beard and resembled the wanted person from the poster … from the bombings.”

    I smell patsy here. I recall that pressure cooker and pipe bombs were seen with “wire sticking out”. What horseshit. People throw plastic bags of rubbish in to dumpsters every day and nobody bats an eyelid. Nobody places an uncovered pressure cooker gently in the bin, after carefully turning on the timer. Some hobo would retrieve it as a useful item. Any bomber worth his salt would have placed a plastic bag of “rubbish” in the bin casually, but not thrown in of course. Nobody would care he looked like an Afghan. Why did he not first shave his beard off, if he was guilty? Four bombs planted, probably more than one man, in my opinion.

    Since when do murderers lie down in the door of a bar and go to sleep? Did this ever happen in the prohibition years, after thousands of killings? Shoot some guy or bomb a bar, then take a nap in a doorway? “Six guys shot today on St Valentines day, look for anybody sleeping in doorways and arrest them, preferably after a shoot out”. The Afghan was asleep in a doorway but had a gun with him in very strict gun control New York? He could have been caught with this gun easily even if he was awake. If asleep, how did he have time to pull the gun and actually hit the fully awake and alert cops, who should have shot him dead as soon as they saw the gun pointed at them? Why was not not killed with chest shots as per police training? Will these cops be fired like that non shooter in another State who should have shot to kill the armed man? A lot of fishy things about this story.

    If this guy was guilty he would have gone home and gone to bed and done everything as usual, maybe watched the TV to find out if his bombs went off or not. He may be innocent. He may have been drunk, like any normal Muslim man might be.

    • I usually agree with you, but here I think you’re wrong for two reasons.

      One is the incredible stupidity of nonwhites that I have seen myself and read about even more.

      Just as important is how much the press gets wrong. Journalists get so much wrong these days. They basically rely on a statement given by a police chief at a news conference. They then report that statement. Journalists don’t have the mind needed to ask clarifying or challenging questions at these news conferences.

      I don’t think this guy is a patsy. However, as usual, I keep an open mind.

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