Video: LOL! Hillary Campaign Holds Volunteer Event–Nobody Shows Up

Here’s the sort of thing you won’t see on the mainstream media. They want you to believe that Hillary is going to win in November. So where is her ground game?

Watch! You gotta love it when the kid doing the taping called Hillary a criminal!

This short video will make you laugh. The guy is a good Trump troll.

She’s flushed.

hillary floater

8 thoughts on “Video: LOL! Hillary Campaign Holds Volunteer Event–Nobody Shows Up

  1. “She’s flushed”

    And when the electoral vote says otherwise?
    When Obama shuts down the elections?
    When the usual suspects at “DOJ” court declare her winner?
    Keep it real, if she really is not going to win, she would cease and disist as she did in 08.
    We’ve got a problem, White Race! And the answer is not in Trump and the answer is not Duke and the answer is not common law BS 101.
    The answer is in chapter 13 of Judges.
    Knock knock.

      • The story of Samson. The (((philistines))) put Samson’s eyes out and made him ‘grind corn’ a labor done by a beast of burden. During this insult, the (((philistines))) mocked at him spat on him and, according to ancient Philistine customs, tossed piss and excrement at him.
        In the end, Samson saw his sins: race mixing and disobeying God and asked God for forgiveness.
        The ((philistines)) brought Samson into a great theater called the ” house of Dagon” Dagon is the homosexual God of drunken revelry for the (((philistines))) The Bible says that they were going to “make sport” of Samson.
        This means they planned to publicly sodomize him to death.
        God restored Samson’s super strength of legend and Samson pulled the pillars down crushing and killing thousands of (((phillistines))). He died as well, but he killed more of the worshippers of (((Baal))) at that time than he had during his entire life, Which was an incredibaly impressive amount.
        He once had nothing but the jawbone of an “ass” ( draft horse)
        for a weapon, but killed a thousand (((philistines))) with it.
        Samson was a real person and even if not, the lesson that he represented the white race should be obvious…I’d not the white race, God’s chosen, blinded?
        Do they not, in their blindness teach that the (((phillistines-Jews))) are God’s chosen?
        Do not the (((Phillistines))) plan to ‘make sport’ of the White Race?
        Do not the white race labour for the worthless, lazy (((phillistines))?

      • We’re all doing our part here to expose the (((phillistines))). As Jesus said when he traveled to one town and didn’t get a warm welcome, (Paraphrasing) “Let us shake the dust from our feet and move on.”

        Too many wouldn’t listen to the truth in his day and that’s still true.

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