Oil Driller Mayor de Blasio Mocked Over Claim that Chelsea Bombing Not Terrorism

Bill De Blasio and his family

Gotham City’s Mayor should be renamed The Joker.

Bill de Blasio, a politically correct radical who just won’t ever criticize any minority because Democrats like him depend on a coalition of minorities in order to say in power, has become an object of criticism.

Reverse telegony would argue that some of his wife’s DNA has become lodged in his brain. It’s turned him into a reverse Oreo cookie, white on the outside and black on the inside. He’s sympathetic at the least to Muslims and other types of America haters from turd world countries.

Daily Mail

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been criticized by some for saying there is no link between Saturday night’s explosions and terrorism – despite admitting it was an intentional act.

The mayor spoke at a news conference at around 11:30 p.m. local time, just three hours after a blast on West 23rd Street left 29 people injured, one of them critically.

‘Tonight New York City experienced a very serious incident,’ de Blasio said.

When pressed by reporters if the blast was the result of terrorism, the mayor said it was premature to say.

De Blasio’s reluctance to categorize the event as ‘terrorism’ has earned him scorn and derision from critics on social media.
The incident follows the pipe bombing of a military fun-run in New Jersey hours earlier.

Searching #chelsea on Twitter, you can easily see what people with common sense are thinking.

De Blasio is a progressive, aka Communist. New York City elected him. They got what they deserved. The terrorists know that here’s a Mayor who welcomes them via “inclusion.”

As one Daily Mail commenter put it, “If men are from Mars, then I think de Blasio is from a planet that hasn’t been discovered yet.”

11 thoughts on “Oil Driller Mayor de Blasio Mocked Over Claim that Chelsea Bombing Not Terrorism

      • Because when you write “ugly nigger,” people stop reading. I don’t care about the racism; the ethnicity of deBlasio’s wife is totally irrelevant.

        An adult would know that.

      • And one more thing, since the Mayor married out of his race, he is promoting race mixing and the destruction of the White Race. Now go back to your basement, your mommy’s calling.

      • I used to get called out by conservatives on Amren for my blunt characterizations in comments on that site. There is little value in using polite language as I see it, unless I’m on a mainstream site trying to influence fence sitters who might be offended. My writing on this site is nowhere near as hardcore as Anglin’s writing on the Daily Stormer, but I do sometimes offend Jeb Bush type conservatives and everyone to the left of that. Whatever, this is a free speech zone. You can have your say and when we disagree with you we can have ours. “Nigger” is in the dictionary. People should use it more often, when appropriate.

  1. Hey, NYC. Your mayor is a joke and he’s a danger to you all. It looks like the Chelsea bombing was an act of terror after all.

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