Jewish MSNBC “Journalist” Rachel Madcow Urgently Demands that Fearsome Pepe the Cartoon Frog Be Stopped


Scary Rachel Maddow (aka Mad Cow) is frightened to death by a cartoon frog. She/he/it featured Pepe on her TV show last night.

Jew Madcow is opposed to a white homeland. Someone should ask he/she/it whether she opposes a Jewish homeland.


The youtube comments on this video are from an army of Hitler clones created during World War II to ensure that our glorious Furher would live on for eternity. Heil Hitler! The Reich will rise again.

Seen on Occidental Dissent

More on Pepe at

Pepe’s Wikipedia page

Link to comments on Pepe article at the Economist magazine. You can click to read the article with a button on this page.

(((David Seaman))), fired by Huffington Post for writing honestly about Hillary’s health crisis, mocks Hillary’s fear of Pepe in this 7 minute video. As he says, if Hillary is too stupid to understand a silly cartoon frog, she’s unfit to be president.

13 thoughts on “Jewish MSNBC “Journalist” Rachel Madcow Urgently Demands that Fearsome Pepe the Cartoon Frog Be Stopped

  1. I watched more than two minutes, much too long. I noticed that they carefully avoided explaining what the parentheses mean. Lets focus on the frog instead, is the craft Jew diversion. Even the questioner was soft when the alt right guy was asked two questions, he asked for one only, and the questioner dumped the parentheses in favour of the frog. Yea, that will change the world for sure.
    Parentheses means the Jews.
    The Jews did it.
    The Jews are doing it.
    The Jews are burying it with their media.
    Wow that Rachel is a disgusting Jewess. Madcow looks and sounds like an angry Tranny.
    How can any non Jew stand to even look at her, let alone listen to her opinions and watch her arms flailing around like an out of control cuckoo clock?
    Use your remote control to keep the Jew out of your face and out of your living room. Better yet, put your TV in the dumpster, you will never regret doing this. Never ever watch the News on TV, or any Jew show.
    I will keep my mind open about the frog. Better any frog on TV than any Jew.
    Pepe is a Jew name. Kermit was a NY (Jew?) frog and he was also green.

      • Paladin how could you watch a bully, a loudmouth crass Jewess, without being paid for it? You maybe also watched (((Judge Judy))) doing her rants also?
        Avoid The Jew.
        On TV that is almost impossible so ditch the glass toilet ASAP.
        The Internet is also swarming with loudmouth Jews.
        Such as on Jew Tube.

      • Before I gave up TV I did watch Rachel and Judge Judy. My mother liked the way Judge Judy told people off. I find it somewhat repulsive. There was a black TV judge who was rather amusing, but I forget his name. Not Judge Joe Brown, but the other jive ass nigga judge.

        I like to watch someone like Maddow to see if I can hone my skills at refuting what they have to say.

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