chelsea dumpster bomb

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 18, 2016
Some people will want to do what is easiest and say, oh it’s just another Coincidence. Just like folding your money to see two towers smoking and the pentagon hit… i guess it’s all just coincidence huh? Out of all the locations on the planet, let alone the biggest city in the world, Tom Clancy Magically Chose the exact spot. He even starts the whole story line of the game with the explosion that happened at this location.

After seeing this type of stuff time and time again, i have to say that this one is a dead ringer! He was not off by a single block. He nailed the exact location of the dumpster explosion in Chelsea. The odds of this are astronomical!

Some not fully awake could say someone seen this in the game and tried to imitate it, making Excuses! But the cold reality is that the same ones behind all these attacks did this. They plan and plot well in advance. And yes, they do leave hints in movies, shows, songs and even video games! But i guess its just a coincidence ,. Right?? I don’t Think So!

Among the comments on youtube, this one caught my eye. I cannot confirm the statements in this comment, but I’m sure that someone with investigative skills can.

Keksi, Mars city, United States, 58 minutes agoThese
events were predicted in movie Die Hard 3.
Bomb exploded on corner of 23rd and 6th on Saturday in NYC.
In movie there is scene when bomb explodes on train and that occurs at
Station 23 and 6th st,train is marked with letter M.
In real life there is a station 23 at 6th street and train M only
commutes on Saturday and Sunday at that very same station.
Even date is closely predicted,Bruce Willis in one scene mentions
“Indian summer” which is between Sept 15 and Oct 10 and makes a joke
about laundry day which is usually on Saturday or Sunday.
Even more amazing coincidence is that movie mentions both Trump and
Trump is mentioned by 9-1-1 operator and he is campaigning on 911 fears.
Hillary is mentioned with number 21 and word president.
Movie came out in 1995 which was 21 years ago.
At beginning of movie there is a scene where Bonwit store gets blown
up,in real life their original HQ was demolished in 1980 by none other
but Donald Trump who built his Trump tower in its place.
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  1. Interesting.
    (((Hollywood))) can, and maybe does, blackmail businesses to pay big money else “We will show your /home/shop/headquarters/private jet blown up by terrorists or (((Bruce Willis))) in a blockbuster “action” movie. Then it will happen in real life and we can not be sued. We do not do the bombing, mad idiots copy anything which appears in movies. We can not explain this phenomenon.”

    All whites should boycott all Hollywood output of recent decades. Hollywood must be crushed and broken up. The studios should all be auctioned to non Jews. The Hollywood as we know it is run by a mafia of (((gangsters))).

    Maybe NY should sue the Die Hard franchise for compensation for this copycat crime. The movie advocates, incites and calls for violence. Hollywood is sick and modern society has caught the disease.

    • Much of what you say is true but an overall comment would not suffice.
      (((Brucewillis))) is in the tutelage of Sylvester Stallone at the present but not responding well to treatment. He lives the F word like all (((his ilk))) do. however Sylvester feels he can turn (((Willis))) around. We shall see.
      The “mad idiots” have a name: Collectively they are called WASHINGTON D.C., U.K.
      you will see more of (((9/11)) since this is the age of Aquarius, the 11th (((sign)) of the (((zodiac))) its most powerful rise came at 9:11 a.m. in NEW YORK CITY (((Gotham))) 11 letters and NEW YORK, was the 11the state to join the unuion and was named after YORK ENGLAND. 11 letters. At TECHNICALLY zip code 10001.
      9/11 has long served in the occult teachings.
      In 1946 , year of the dog in Chinese, wink. The 11th sign of the (((Chinese))) zodiac The movie DICK TRACY 9 letters 1946=1010=11, the numbers 911 was a street address, 11 O’clock is prominent and a murder at 9th and MAIN Is mentioned and 9 and 11 are both mentioned in conversation.
      3 times in one movie throws up a flag for me. 🙂 (((holywood))) DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY, FA LA LA LA LA LA LA.
      The fa la la is an ancient mantra to (((saint Nick)) 9 syllabus.
      NICK is the “Nick” name of satan.
      pumperNICKel , in (((Yiddish))) means Fart of the devil.
      Since 2001 (year of the snake, NICK’S pet) you have seen the most improbable and literally, Hellacious events and few understand them but two parties: NICK’S and folks like me.:)
      Why so much insanity here in 2016?
      Because the damage (((St.NICK))) plans must be done this year (((year of the monkey, Obama))) which ends in Jan. 2017…When the (((year of the rooster))) begins.
      But more importantly, 2016=9 and. November,11th month and election month MUST at all cost, be awarded to Hillary, who is so full of NICK that she is literally staggering.
      The (((PTB))) intend to roll her out on life support if necessary, to complete this (((holy))) incantation in January 20, 2017, the last day of monkey.

  2. Some say that it was ‘Predicted’, but to be honest it’s much more likely that bomb was put there because it was seen in movie/game(whatever) to add some ‘mystery’ to it. This keeps people talking about the attack for longer and most terrorists love it.

  3. US Military R&D bureaus and DARPA often get inspired by SF movies, then why not terrorists with action movies or maniacs with horror movies. Hollywood actively promotes this shit and no wonder that Hollywood’s shit happens in real life too.

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