Walmart Scooter Seat Allegedly Loaded with BEDBUGS


I strongly suspect that the invasion of America by illegals is also bringing an invasion of bedbugs and other nasty critters.

This story unfolds in Phoenix, Arizona, a city fuxated by illegals.

AOL News

Sometimes, it can be harder than you’d imagine to not let the bed bugs bite.

Jose Avalos de Leon and his wife, Lupita Cruz, were shopping at a Phoenix-area Walmart last weekend when de Leon, who has an injured toe, noticed something very wrong with one of the store’s electronic chairs.

Cruz took to Facebook on September 12 to warn others about the ordeal.

“As we are driving through the store he feels that his back is itchy,” she wrote. “As hes going through the store a little more he notices its getting worse. We stop by the restrooms and he gets up to check the chair, the chair was full of bed bugs and his whole back was bit.”

Cruz called Walmart “filthy” in her post, which has since been shared over 15,000 times, and also lamented the way the store handled the situation.

“A manager was called and he had told me that he didnt see any on it when it was clearly on there!” she wrote. “I took pictures and i have proof that they where there.”

Charles Crowson, senior manager of corporate communications for Walmart, issued the following statement to KNXV about the incident:

The carts have been pulled from public use, and we’re awaiting a team to arrive at the store for testing.

Bedbugs want your blood!

6 thoughts on “Walmart Scooter Seat Allegedly Loaded with BEDBUGS

  1. Decided not to watch the video…nightmares, ya know!

    Bedbugs were found in a Saks Fifth Avenue store years back, when it appears these arachnid predators were causing an epidemic all over the country! Saks went into cardiac arrest, immediately, throwing all customers out of this store. Imagine wealthy folks taking bedbugs home on a $5,000 coat!!!!

    Since that epidemic, I’m fanatical over these buggers by throwing all new clothing into the dryer that’s dryer safe as soon as I enter the house. Most of the time, bedbugs crawl onto new clothes that someone tried on, then put back on the rack.

      • Paladine…fleas are a tad smaller than bedbugs. Signs of bedbugs in beds are dark spots on bedsheets. They hide during the day. Probably, could spot them with a flashlight before they hide.

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