IKEA Progandizes for Interracial Sex in Advertisement

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Published on Sep 4, 2016
IKEA är där livet händer. Det vi lär oss om människors vardag sätter spår i allt vi utvecklar: varje ny produkt ska alltid vara lite bättre än tidigare version. Läs mer på http://www.IKEA.se

Translation: IKEA is where life happens . There we learn about people’s everyday lives is evident in everything we develop any new product must always be a little better than the previous version .

Can you think of a better blurb for the youtube information box?


Here at Ikea we believe there is only one race–the human race. We all bleed red, so we’re all just alike. And our goal is a nonwhite Sweden, which is also our government’s goal. Join us in our brave new world by f****** a n*****.

So, here’a another company to boycott. Join the resistance. Sabotage the System. Tell IKEA to F-off by voting with your dollars.

8 thoughts on “IKEA Progandizes for Interracial Sex in Advertisement

  1. Yuk that is sickening. Ikea is Swedish. Boycott them for ever.
    Worst of all this video/ad shows and teaches that boiling pots of water in the kitchen are not dangerous, do not need to be attended, and it OK to passionately kiss an ugly Muslim or nigger who has just broken in to your house.
    They knock at least one item, off the bench and they are very close to the hotplates. Too bad they did not get burned.
    In real life the women would tell the man to wait until after dinner. But Muzzies/Africans do not take no for an answer.

    • Negroes always have a pot of boiling water; never can tell when they’ll get the craving for ghetto lobster or when the bucks white bitch beeze in need of being taught a lesson from here Nubian god

      I have no use for Ikea, I visited one of their stores ONCE when they built stores in MA….Ehhhh, to me, over priced, cheap chintzy particle board crap; good for yuppie hipsters and college zombies.

      Lets see I stopped buying Cheerios a few years back and sent them mail on why I decide to stop buying their products; never did receive a reply.

      I hardly venture to a 5 minute fly by scan of Talmudvision antenna channels, every frigging program and ad is totally fuxated. Interesting but I notice that technology,banking, investment, financial investment, retirement ads are dominated with negroes. They all talk like Harvard PHDS in finance.

  2. Germans follow close in the mudsharking competition with their – refugee flirt or Ficki-ficki workshops.


    German flirt coach hires security after refugee training results in public backlash

    Germany using tax money to teach migrants to ‘flirt’ with women

    Germany Funds Classes To Teach Migrants To Pick Up Girls

    German government offers state subsidized “flirt workshops”

    Germany holding “flirt” workshops to teach refugees how to hook up

    I don’t get it. Is it something “special” in German water, food, air…such madness must have some identifiable cause, it can’t be just out of thin air

  3. I gagged watching this. Jew driven agenda to show off niggers & sand coons as hot hot hot & ready to shoot their slag into willing coal chutes to dilute and exterminate the White race.

    On top of it, their crap is cheap and shoddy. Already sued for their dangerous, easily tipped over highboy dressers which killed a couple of kids.

  4. Ikea seems to giving a lesson straight from the Quran…..
    “Mohammed also says that women are “like a field that you go into whenever you please”, even if she is cooking.”

  5. After 600 – now you see why carma is CRUEL. You reap what you sow. Besides – YOU DONT EVEN LIVE IN SWEDEN. You don’t even know your OWN European history. A boycott isn’t going to mean crap to them. Europeans spend ALLOT of time laughing at you guys.

    Get real.

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