Colin Powell’s Hacked Emails Reveal 200 Israeli Nukes Exposing Worst Kept Secret in History

Yesterday’s posts included one about the $38 billion in American military aid to Israel, forthcoming over the next decade.

Obviously, with 200 nuclear weapons, Israel has no need of such amounts of aid. It sure helps the weapon makers though.

The System is rigged. And you keep paying and paying and …

Meanwhile, the American State Department will not comment on Israel’s nuclear capability.

You might ask yourself how 1 to 2 percent of the American population is able to control a significant part of the American government. Hint: Follow the money.

Israel has 200 nuclear weapons “all targeted on Tehran,” so Iran would not dare use a bomb even if it could make one, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said in a 2015 email, which has surfaced this week as part of a hacking scandal.

Unknown hackers have compromised Powell’s Gmail account, and the whistleblower website DCLeaks posted a trove of his emails on Wednesday. Powell’s spokeswoman Peggy Cifrino confirmed that the emails were authentic.

The email to Jeffrey Leeds, Powell’s business associate and major Democratic donor, contained an admission that Israel had nuclear weapons – something the key US ally has carefully avoided confirming or denying for years, in a policy called “nuclear ambiguity.”

“Anyway, Iranians can’t use one if they finally make one,” Powell wrote to Leeds on March 3, 2015, regarding the ongoing talks about Tehran’s nuclear program. “The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands. As [Iranian President Mahmoudin Ahmedinejad said], ‘What would we do with one, polish it?’ I have spoken publicly about both [North Korea] and Iran. We’ll blow up the only thing they care about—regime survival. Where, how would they even test one?”

The letter came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had just visited Washington and given a fiery speech before Congress denouncing the proposed deal under which Iran would consent to invasive inspections in exchange for lifting of the nuclear-related sanctions. The deal was finalized in July 2015.

The State Department declined to answer RT’s Caleb Maupin when he asked for comment on Powell’s admission. Department spokesman John Kirby first refused to comment on the leaked emails, then declined to answer a follow-up on whether Israel should face the same treatment as Iran and North Korea – both of which have been sanctioned for alleged or actual violations of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

8 thoughts on “Colin Powell’s Hacked Emails Reveal 200 Israeli Nukes Exposing Worst Kept Secret in History

  1. Colon is a dumb Nigger. H e was the chump that was used by Jew neocons and their goy allies to declare at the UN that Iraq had WMDs. He was the front man liar and later claimed he had been taken advantage of. This new statement proves he is still a dumb idiot. How come the USA appoints idiots to be Secretary of State?

    “Israel has 200 nuclear weapons “all targeted on Tehran,” so Iran would not dare use a bomb even if it could make one, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said in a 2015 email”

    There is not one nuclear power that would aim 200 weapons on one city, even 20 is unlikely except for Moscow, New York, Washington, and the capital of China. Why not blow up all of Iran, all the big cities? This might take ten bombs leaving 190 more.

    My own independent view is that Israel has the Biblical idea of Samson in mind. “If we go own, both friends and enemies all go down with us”. Israel is and always has been a paranoid nation.

    I predict that the kikes will kill as many white people as they can if they get bombed with nukes by anybody, even say North Korea. Especially, they will destroy all of Northern Europe and Germany in particular. They will not target Eastern Europe at all, Portugal Spain and so on because Jewish blood is very common in those countries. Nor will NY get bombed.

    So if anybody at all nuked Israel, the world as we know it will be destroyed by Israeli nukes launched from German made submarines, which Germany donates to Israel as “compensation” for the holohoax.

    So all Kim has to do is to declare that if North Korea is attacked he will nuke Tel Aviv. Here is an idea, for free as usual. Any seaside city like Tel Aviv could be targeted by burying a nuclear bomb under the ocean floor alongside the city, or on top if to be used within days. No need to fire a missile. When and if the bomb goes off, nobody knows who did it or why. NY could be bombed out of existence using this simple method. If NY was bombed to oblivion what would USA do? Nuke Moscow most likely. What if terrorists do such an attack on Tel Aviv like this? It is likely to happen one day, somewhere or other. Maybe just by accident.

    • First, the lying Israelis may not even have 200 weapons. They could have 20 or 2000. I’m sure they lied to Poww since Jews do not like or respect Nogs.

      Second, I’m less optimistic than you. I think the Zionists would destroy the whole planet if given the chance. They seem to be fomenting World War 3 between the U.S. and Russia now. Hillary will give them what they want since she’s dying anyway. Her attitude is, “If I’m dead, the world has to reason to continue existing.” Extreme narcissism will do that to a woman.

      • 200 was the number many years ago. 2000 is unlikely, Jews hate to waste money. Maybe 400, 500 or so.
        The number of Israeli subs would be interesting to know, e.g. how many at sea at all times, are they located all around the world? Janes publishes military stuff like that.

  2. Back when the first Gulf war was about to break out and Colin Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he was given a direct, in-his-face order by his Commander-in-Chief, Bush 41, that the the attack would go forward according to how Gen. Schwartzkopf wanted it done (massive flanking movement – sort of a scaled-down, left-handed Schlieffen Plan) rather than they way Powell wanted (general assault all along the enemy’s prepared, in-depth defenses).
    Powell has never been anything more than a moderately competent quota-filler. Al least he knew how to follow orders.

    • Interesting. I never thought much about him other than as a Republican answer to Democrat pandering to blacks. At one point he was touted as a VP or even GOP presidential candidate. Now, he’s revealed himself to be just another black loyalist.

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