Britain: Negroid Cop Who Beat Up Mudshark Wife Gets NO Jail Time

Here’s another warning about the dangers of mudsharking. This story originates in Britain. However, stats from America show that white wives married to black males are over 12 times more likely to be murdered than if they were married to white men.

Wanna spin the roulette wheel, ladies? Always bet on white.

A former police firearms officer throttled his wife until she passed out – but he’s avoided being jailed because he had the “decency” to call 999.

Pere Daobry set upon Sarah Jay in the bedroom after the pair had been arguing with her declaring she no longer loved him.

The 44-year-old, who worked for the Metropolitan Police for 12 years, launched into a minute-long assault on Mrs Jay, a former Essex Police sergeant, using both hands to choke her until she was unconscious.

He then called police confessing to the 999 call handler: “I want to report an assault and I am the perpetrator.

“I have assaulted my wife.”

When asked by the operator if his wife needed an ambulance, the dad-of-four responded: “Yeah, I tried to strangle her.”

Daobry – who was married to Mrs Jay, 42, for two years before the Christmas time attack – later denied the assault but was found guilty after a trial.

He claimed to have used a police-approved choke hold to stop Mrs Jay from taking an overdose of prescribed tablets at their home in the pretty Essex village of Thorpe-le-Soken.

But magistrates rejected his evidence “entirely” and found him guilty of assault at the earlier hearing.

The offence was serious enough that he could have been jailed but he was yesterday handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence at Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

Eastnews Press AgencyFormer police officer Pere Daobry spared prison after he strangled his partner until she passed out – but had ‘decency’ to call 999Former police officer Pere Daobry
Alix Mason, chair of the bench, said the sentence was being suspended for a year because Daobry had no previous convictions and had “the decency” to dial 999 to report the crime.

She said: “This was a very unpleasant assault on Mrs Jay and she was clearly terrified.

“There is no credit for an early guilty plea. Having said that, we do take note you have no previous convictions and you had the decency to ring 999.”

The defendant was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and handed a year-long restraining order.

He must also pay a total of £1,665, including £930 in compensation to Mrs Jay and £620 in court costs.

Simon Ralph, mitigating, said the couple’s relationship “started in auspicious circumstances and had got worse from there”.

He blamed an employment tribunal between Mrs Jay and Essex Police for putting strain on the relationship.

At the trial earlier this year, the same court heard how the pair’s relationship had soured about six months before the incident with Daobry leaving to live in Australia after he lost his job as a covert firearms officer with the Met Police.

But he arrived back in England in early December and returned to stay in their home.

Mrs Jay told the court: “When he came back, I didn’t recognise him as being the same person. I told him I didn’t love him and I did not recognise him as the person I married.

“He was getting angry and he got out of bed and went to the end of the room and was getting quite agitated and I remember saying: ‘Go to the gym’, to distract him.

“He was shouting at me and he came towards me around the bed and I was moving away – I tried to get away.

“He grabbed me and I don’t know if I was pushed or I fell, but the next thing I remember I was on my back between the bed and the wall. My feet were in the air and I was being held by my throat.

“I was struggling to breathe.”

When asked by the prosecutor when the attack came to an end, Mrs Jay said: “I don’t know.

“The next thing I remember I was waking up. I was lying on my back with my feet in the air.”

When she awoke, Daobry was sitting on the bed and told Mrs Jay: “I am phoning the police.”

Mrs Jay added: “I couldn’t do anything then. He was holding my neck again.”

During the attack on December 27 last year, Mrs Jay, who now works as a personal trainer, also suffered scratches on her neck, pain to her neck, scratches on her back, swelling on her forehead and spotting in her eyes.

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18 thoughts on “Britain: Negroid Cop Who Beat Up Mudshark Wife Gets NO Jail Time

    • Of course he would have went to prison. The pecking order of despised folks are white men first, then middle aged white women (40 and up).

      I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for mudsharks. Occasionally I see them in Walmart with their nogs in tow. The men are always lagging behind, looking at stuff and never ever affectionate with their white women. No holding hands, nothing. It’s like buy the shit we need and let’s get home.

    • Whites are held to higher standards than blacks. The black in this case is black as coal and supremely ugly, although large in size, which gives him a masculine appearance. He got a pass from the court, for sure.

  1. “He then called police confessing to the 999 call handler: “I want to report an assault and I am the perpetrator.”
    This shows how dumb Coons are, but cunning. He should have asked for the ambulance first, not the Police. Those few seconds may have bee the difference between life and death. He did this to protect himself. He proved that he cared more about getting in to trouble than saving her life. I guess the UK judge was too blind to see this fact.

    This was attempted murder and he should have been convicted for this crime. No jail time? If she had been dead he would have done several years Porridge. Why the anomaly? Because he is a Holy Coon.

    PS he would surely have known first aid taught to him as a Police Officer. Why did he not attempt to resuscitate her?

    • Being taught first aid and actually knowing how to do it are two different things.

      If he had killed her, would he have killed himself? Probably not, given that in Britain he would be out of prison in a few years.

  2. Mudshark threatens to leave, classic negro insecurity kicks in and all of a sudden he has murder in mind. Luckily this one had been around white people for some time and whatever passes for a conscience stepped in. Had he not had the benefit of white influence in his life he would be doing life, for murder. Yet another thing for which the blacks have the whites to thank.

  3. Unnatural apelove ended perfectly normal, except consequences are insufficiently educational, because cop-Nog didn’t smashed her face, so other potential and inexperienced mudsharks could spot early warning signs. To me, THE PROBLEM is that Negroid can be cop in Europe, and THAT is what is bothering.

  4. I’m seeing this more and more in the Soviet Socialist suburb of Boston I live in; the number of mudshark, niglet(s) big black buck famblies I see almost equal the number of human families. I look at these 21st century versions of a family and see a ticking time bomb.

    Today my town had it’s annual townie street fair, party and even though I could barely walk today caught a bus to the center to observe. It’s mostly now PC socialist services, and groups. dodging yuppie hipster with their trophy screaming brats In double wide baby strollers (Mass and new England have become 6-7 figure income millennial hipster ghettos, mixed with jungle savages. Like most other Jew England towns It used to be a mostly blue collar white working class.

    A couple of interesting observations; I hardly saw many English speaking white people. I’d say 5-10% were speaking English. Also new this year were NAACP, BLM and Hillary 2016 booths. Strange but the blackliesfecalmatter and naacp booths were totally manned by white SJWs; not a darky anywhere. There were also the many crafts, music and food booths that I could not get anywhere near

    Then there were the literal swarms of Chinese that will knock you over and trample you if you get in their way . That’s grist for another mill as entire apartment complexes here have become TOTALLY 100% taken over by chinka dinkas and their 5 living and dead generations, them and the swarms of Abdulla and Apu’s

    • art you must feel like Rip Van Winkle. He fell asleep in New England for 20 years and woke up to find that everything had changed and he no longer fitted in.
      “Thee cheers for King George” he would say to startled and angered New Age USA citizens.
      I feel in Sydney very much like you do. The city and country I was born in has been both stolen and, worse than that, given away by traitors.
      These traitors were 99% white men who still ran Australia only fifty years ago.
      All the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors has been thrown on to the scrap heap.

  5. He looks a lot like O.J.Simpson.
    Both of them guilty as hell.
    But the jury found Holy Coon O.J. not guilty because one of his victims was a white blond. I seem to recall his other victim was a Holy Jew male.

  6. Mudshark. What a strange comment. So – for 600 years for white males to do it? That IS what you’re saying. You trip on your own tongue with your rhetoric. Even at the United States Southern universitys, you would get a failing grade.

    Ever wonder why some Southern slave owners would give their slave the family land instead of their own kids?

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