White German Women Encouraged to Wear Hijab–Islamification of Germany Encouraged by TV Ad

germanic women

The (((United Nations))) is sponsoring a TV ad (embedded below) that is running on German TV. It’s so outrageous that one can only hope that the anger it generates will lead to Angela Merkel facing the Day of the Rope and Germany being cleansed of the monsters from the Middle East.

Excerpt from Infowars

Germany appears to have given up on integrating the millions of Muslim migrants pouring into the country and is instead encouraging German citizens to submit to Islam.

A television ad currently airing in Germany invites blonde-haired, blue-eyed women to embrace “tolerance” by wearing the Muslim hijab head dress.

The commercial begins with the text “Turkish women wear the hijab,” as a veiled woman is seen with her back to the camera.

However, when she turns around it immediately becomes clear that the woman is a white, blonde-haired German, before she states, “Me too! It’s beautiful!”

“Enjoy difference – start tolerance,” states the woman.

The campaign is funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as well as German taxpayers, who are forced to obtain a state television license or face prison time.

Instead of reversing its suicidal immigration policy, it appears as though Germany is now encouraging its female population to avoid the mass sex assaults committed by Muslim migrants in numerous major cities by submitting to Islam and covering themselves up.

The German television ad is extremely revealing. “Tolerance” means submission. “Diversity” means the willful extinction of German culture.

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ugly muslim cab driver

10 thoughts on “White German Women Encouraged to Wear Hijab–Islamification of Germany Encouraged by TV Ad

  1. Why is anyone surprised?? This is what it was all about to begin with; Whites must integrate and become like, NOT the sand coons and their cunt wrappers.This is how islam takes over, and not a shot will be fired.

  2. Esp in 1945, Germans (Christ’s pure Judah Job 10:11 Kindred) were genocided out of existence. Germany, ever since, has been demon-land, not Deutsch (Judah) land, of course. And islam is a part of demon-religion, similar to voo-doo and other forms of tal-mudism, aka devilish-ness (“evil is good) religion. Where are the True Germans (Judah Family) who were genocided? Rev 14:12-13, forevermore, of course.

    Your Thoughts, All?

  3. “Turkish women wear the hijab,”
    This is horseshoe. Turkish women do not wear the hijab and many Turkish women wear no head covering at all. It is the same in Syria, or was.
    I once joined the queue for Damascus by mistake at Vienna airport, before this war started. All the women had fair hair (not all natural of course) and most had no head covering.

    United Nations lies.
    Sure there may be many primitive people living in Turkey like Arab blow ins, but in the big cities Turks drink beer and live quite a lot like Western people. For 100 years almost.
    Erdogan is trying to turn the clock back by 1000 years. The UN also wants to turn Germany into a Muzzie hellhole of the 9th Century.

    In the 1850s the British joined a jihad with the Turks against Christian Russia, attacking Crimea.

      • About hair covering. The UN does not want to admit that many Christian women cover their head in showing respect to the Church. In the Orthodox East this is compulsory. Women must cover their hair before entering a church. Bare legs must be covered by both men and women. So shorts are never permitted. Many churches will provide some material to wrap around the legs.
        So why is all the fuss always about Muslims?
        Why not also respect Christians that cover their hair and admit the truth? The UN could run an ad teaching Germans how Slavic women cover their hair. Naturally some more fanatical Christian women seem to have this hair covering at all times.

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