Video: Israel To Get Biggest US Aid Package In History – A Good Idea?

Muh Jews weren’t happy with a mere $38 billion in military aid, and so according to this report they kevetched (right word for complained?) a bit. Talk about playing into a greedy stereotype!

The video calls into question whether Israel really is a friend and ally of the United States. Warning to “God’s chosen people” believers: You won’t like the truth in this video.

The expert is Philip Giraldi. Read more about him at Wikipedia.

In Giraldi writes on September 13:

There is considerable chatter about who will win in some of the hotly contested congressional races around the country, but one thing is certain: whoever triumphs will soon be receiving a nice all expenses paid luxury trip to Israel to learn all about Benjamin Netanyahu’s views regarding what more Washington can do to support him and his government. The “educational seminars” are organized by the Israel Lobby, more specifically by a tax exempt entity referred to as the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), which is a part of the hardline American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Participation in the journey by all freshman congressman is not mandatory but is advisable if one wants to stay on the right side of the Lobby. In August 2015 the class of 2014 only had three abstentions out of 53 new congressmen when it traveled to Israel along partisan lines with a Democratic group followed shortly thereafter by a GOP contingent.

americans-die-for-Israel-ben-garrison jew

9 thoughts on “Video: Israel To Get Biggest US Aid Package In History – A Good Idea?

  1. Ron Paul is a honest man. It is a wonder they kikes did not have him killed, but they did stop him from becoming President. It is outrageous to make a promise for the next ten years a few months before the Presidential election. O’Bummer should not be able to approve or sign anything beyond when he leaves the Oval Orifice.
    The money the Israelis save on defense they can spend on more nuclear weapons with which to destroy Europe.

    • I never kept up with him very much. He was a lost cause anyway. I was interested in his idea of auditing the Fed, but that’s about all I know about him. Oh, I do recall that a couple of years ago he was selling his home. It was very cheap and modest for a Congressman. I think the price was around $250K.

  2. Poll 100 people at the next tail gate and ask them if they knew we give Israel Billions every year. How many out of 100 do you think know? I’d say 1% if that. Keep paying taxes Goyim.

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