Sick! 15 Year Old Boy Becomes Transgender Kim Kardashian Double

PA Real Life -  Kairah Kelly - Transgender child of Angela and Chris Kelly

When an adult (such as Bruce Jenner) expresses his mental illness by becoming a “trans woman,” it is hardly shocking anymore. A once rare form of crazy has been promoted by the media to create hero status for the so-called trans people.

But when a 15 year old boy is allowed by adult parents to “transition” with their blessings, it drives home the point that the inmates have taken control of the asylum.

The youth in this story is not content with just becoming a trans women, he’s become Kim Kardashian in his mind. Can anyone imagine a WORSE role model?

More comments after the story.

A transgender teenager who was born a boy told how she returned to school after the summer break as a girl – modelling herself on Kim Kardashian .

With her glossy black hair and expertly contoured face, Kairah Kelly, 15, looks like the famous big bottomed reality star’s doppelgänger.

But until recently, she was known as Tyler – the name she’d been born with – to her classmates, and had spent most of her life struggling with her identity.

Now she’s returned to school as her true self with great success – and some teachers didn’t even recognise her new look.

She said: “I felt really strange and different. I’d look in the mirror and the person I saw was a stranger.

“I’d imagine myself in skirts and dresses when I was as young as eight years old.

“Now when I look in the mirror I see myself.

“I was so nervous when I turned up for my first day on September 5 but I didn’t need to be.

“Everyone was so supportive and happy for me.”

From the age of six, then living as a boy named Tyler, gender was an issue.

Uncomfortable as a boy, he’d roam around the family home wearing make-up, nail varnish and heels.

But his devout Christian step-dad Chris, 49, and mum Angela, 30, put a stop to his secret habit when they found out, fearing neighbours would gossip.

“They didn’t understand what I was,” Kairah, of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire said.

“We lived in a rough area and they thought I would be bullied.”

Their reaction left the youngster feeling isolated, finding it hard to fit in with other boys at school, as he hated football and wearing male clothes.

His closest friends were girls – but he was envious of their make-up, long hair and clothes.

At 11 Tyler came out as bisexual – then coming out as gay to family and friends two years later.

Supportive Angela allowed Tyler to wear make-up outside of school – but it wasn’t enough.

“I didn’t feel confident after coming out as gay,” said Kairah. “I felt like there was something missing.”

At 14, while watching a YouTube make-up tutorial, Tyler found a video about a transgender woman.

The YouTuber spoke about feeling trapped in the wrong body – and he felt instant identification.

Terrified of what his parents would think, he confided in his best friend in January 2015.

In a Geography lesson, the pair drafted a text message to Tyler’s mum.

Kairah said: “I didn’t know how she’d react in person.

“I wrote that message four times, and when I got home I felt different.

“She was really supportive, telling my dad that night.

“He was accepting. The next morning he told me he loved me for who I was.”

In September 2015, Tyler published a post on Facebook announcing that he was transgender and changing his name to Kairah.

PA Real Life -  Kairah Kelly - Transgender child of Angela and Chris Kelly

It read: “I wanted to start fresh and let everyone on my facebook know I’m transgender female and it’s taken me a long time to come to terms with it and my family too who have been supportive about it.”

Now, living as a girl outside from, she has been referred for gender identity treatment and hopes to start taking hormone blockers soon.

And she wasted no time in emulating her female role model, Kim Kardashian.

She has swapped jumpers and tracksuits for skinny jeans, skimpy dresses and colourful tops.

After adding extensions to her long black hair and wearing a full face of make-up, she is a dead ringer for the reality star, whose initials ‘KK’ match her own.

While she has been wowing friends with her glamorous outfits outside school, Kairah still dressed as a boy for classes until now.

She said: “I dress as Kim Kardashian all the time, I put a full face of make-up on and it makes me feel glamorous.”

Speaking of her plans for the future, Kairah said: “I have a long list of surgeries I want: gender reassignment, breast implants, a rhinoplasty, fillers for my lips, a mini-brow lift, brow-shave and hair line reduction.

“I love the glamorous look and I’ve always been a fan of the Kardashians.

“They were happy and comfortable with themselves and that’s what I’ve always wanted.”

There are many points of criticism that could be leveled at a sick culture that glorifies trannies, but to keep it concise, let’s focus on two points.

The first is the denigration of normal, natural masculinity in Western society, a denigration promoted by Jewish cultural Marxism via all media–books, movies, TV, music, etc. Feminists false claim that men rule the roost via the vague “patriarchy,” yet men have become feminized, with masculinity rarely valued (except when a hero is needed to rush into a burning building and save a child, etc.).

The second point is legalistic. No one under the age of legal drinking or voting age in his country ought to be allowed to become a tranny. Adults who own their own bodies can do with them as they please, but allow a minor to mutilate his genitals shows a deep sickness at work in society.

Until Tyler’s male chromosomal structure can be altered by science into a female structure, he’ll alway be a fake woman. No amount of kowtowing to PC will alter that fact.

God save us from our brain membrane gone insane.

16 thoughts on “Sick! 15 Year Old Boy Becomes Transgender Kim Kardashian Double

  1. I wonder if Tyler kept it’s manpole; a lot do for double the fun. UGH even worse to idolize Kim Kartrashian….well tyler will have big black buck rump rangers lined up knocking at it’s back door.

    • Yes, he still has it for now, but he intends to have it cut off. Really, he’s a queer who wants to be able to attract men more easily.

      He also looks Arab or something, which might explain part of his sickness.

  2. All part of the stinking jew agenda to destroy White culture. Confusing and disabling the biological differences between male and female is the final nail in our coffin.

    If that little creep was my child, I would have beaten the shet out of him. Hahaha!

  3. Where are all these sick bastards coming from? And who is screwed up so much they believe he ought to be admired? When I was a younger man all guys like him were in for was a whole new world of hurting. Pervs stayed in the very back of the closet and didn’t make a peep. Society didn’t want their kind around frankly because they are twisted and normal people can not relate to them. Hell, I don’t want to understand them. There’s a no vacancy sign in my head for his ilk. Diversity be damned, if this is what it entails!

    • I wonder he same thing, where is this freakazoid invasion coming from. I read an article claiming there are 1,000,000+ trans in the US alone.
      The satanic kabalistic jews probably play a major role in yet another destructive nail in the white race’s coffin; and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

      Since the jews dominate, own and run al most all media, entertainment and education outlets…hell knows what sorts of technological control tools they have at their disposal; and this is isn’t some conspiracy pipe dream but reality.

      All of this comes right from the Communist manifesto, The Protocols of Zion
      and Talmud

  4. For me, it all started after a Chinese takeaway…
    At 53, while searching for a YouTube food tutorial on how to prepare bamboo shoots, I found a video about a panda. The panda spoke about feeling trapped in the wrong body when she was younger – and I felt instant identification.
    From then on I started to dress and behave like a panda. I thought my friends might turn away from me but they’ve been great. Even my boss has accepted me for the panda that I truly am. I hope to fully transition next year, thanks to the NHS.
    My only immediate problem is finding enough bloody bamboo shoots. However, my consultant is recommending funding for me to learn Mandarin Chinese so that I can move to my spiritual homeland, both for the bamboo shoots, and to be with my YouTube saviour.
    We are already planning for a family together!

  5. All these conversions costs lots of money. Where is the money coming from? Are their families independently wealthy? Is there a transgender fund available? Hell if so, Paladin, we all should lie and say we wanna be a tranny and get free money!

  6. In a move aimed at one-upping RayJ (“Kim has a disgustingly stinky vagina”) nigger, the (((ZionFags))) porn movie studio has signed Tyler Sickfuck to star with Kuntye Kardashian-West and Bruce-Caitlyn (“I have a sweet mangina”) Jenner and Kim (“I love it in the ass”) Kardashian herself in an anal sex foursome to be released on (((Youtube))) next month.

  7. WASS UP?


    6 January 2012
    Zoologger: Transgender fish perform reverse sex flip

    Zoologger is our weekly column highlighting extraordinary animals – and occasionally other organisms – from around the world

    By Chelsea Whyte

    Swims both ways

    Species: Cirrhitichthys falco
    Habitat: Kuchino-Erabu Island in southern Japan, swapping sexes effortlessly

    When it comes to selecting mates, hawkfish keep their options open. The flamboyantly coloured reef dwellers start life as females but can transform into males after maturing. Many marine animals do this, but these fickle fish have a rare trick up their fins: they can change back when the situation suits.

    Tatsuru Kadota and colleagues from Hiroshima University in Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan, have observed reverse sex changes in wild hawkfish for the first time in the subtropical reefs around Kuchino-Erabu Island in southern Japan.

    Hawkfish live in harems, with one dominant male mating with several females. Kadota’s team studied 29 hawkfish and found that when it comes to sex change, the size of the harem matters.

    If a male hawkfish took on many females, one of the two largest females would change sex and take over half of the harem, mating as a male. Conversely, if that new male hawkfish lost a few females to other harems and was challenged by a larger male, it reverted to mating as a female, instead of wasting precious energy fighting a losing battle. “The ability to undergo bidirectional sex change maximises an individual’s reproductive value,” Kadota says.
    Gender benders

    “Because of our frame of reference, we think of gender being fated one way or another,” says fish ecologist Scott Heppell of Oregon State University in Corvallis. “These animals are a lot more flexible than some species.”

    Hermaphroditic species are genetically predisposed to favour the male or female sexual function (and sometimes to operate both at the same time), but C. falco has evolved to select gender based on behavioural cues. “We think about genes affecting behaviour,” Heppell says. “But in this case, it’s the other way around.”

    When a male is killed off, for example, a female can switch genders to take its place. The removal of the dominant male triggers hormones that stimulate physical changes: the female will begin to produce testosterone instead of oestrogen, which acts on germ cells, the precursors to reproductive cells.

    “The largest sub-dominant individual of the opposite sex will show behavioural changes within minutes and structural changes in the tissues within days,” Heppell says. “In some species, they’ll be physically ready to spawn as the other sex within a week or two.”

    Though ecologists knew that some fish can change their sex in both directions, no one had seen a wild fish spawning after reverting to its original gender until now.

    After three years of observation, Kadota’s team confirmed that the hawkfish can indeed reproduce as a female after being male. Because C. falco spawns between 4 and 8 metres below water level the researchers were able to gather eggs from mating females, which release hundreds to thousands of eggs each evening under the setting sun.

    Journal reference: Ethology, DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0310.2011.02005.x

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