Hillary Has Advanced Parkinson’s Disease: Video Proof

In this video published on September 12, Dr. Ted Noel offers a calm, reasoned, logical explanation of Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 medical emergency.

His diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease.

His conclusion: Hillary is not medically fit enough to be president.

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Since I’ve had Dr. Noel’s August 29 video in draft for a week or two, this is an opportune time to include it in a post as well. This earlier video has amassed 3.6 million views. Dr. Noel goes through all of Hillary’s medical problems and reaches the same conclusion: She has Parkinson’s Disease.

Snopes attempts to discredit Dr. Noel’s diagnosis, but is not very effective in my judgement.

Finally, here’s a report that covers Hillary’s return to the public eye. The report references Dr. Noel’s diagnosis several times.

9 thoughts on “Hillary Has Advanced Parkinson’s Disease: Video Proof

  1. LOL, since when has ‘pneumonia’ caused convulsive seizures? I realise it probably won’t happen, but I wonder how they’d spin it if she went into absolute full-on. berserk convulsions at the debate – thrashing around on the floor, visibly shitting herself, the whole 9 yards. If I had to guess, I’d think they would immediately yank the broadcast and then seize the cameras and phones of every person in the building. Most of these ‘live’ broadcasts are actually on a 30 or 60 second delay.

    These media scum have a thumb on the scale, but that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s more like they’re standing on the scale. All of them jam-packed onto it together, like college kids crammed into a 1950s phone booth.

  2. Dr. Noel has a nice, gentle, bedside manner.

    All of the honest, concerned doctors agree she has a neurological disorder, whether it’s Parkinson’s or secondary seizures, all insist she needs a thorough evaluation for proper diagnosis, and results released to the public.

      • None of us can really say what she definitively has because some medical disorders have similar symptoms, so doctors do what is called a “differential diagnosis,” which is a list of disorders they suspect could be the problem. A thorough “work-up” usually eliminates those that do not fit. I’d let this diagnosis up to neurologists and agree they know what she has.

        Whatever it is, she has two doctors following her around…one a neurologist, Kenyan, who carries around Diazepam, the other an internist, Bardask.

        Along with the episode at the 911 event, Hillary could have had a mild pneumonia, not unusual in the elderly, since she has been around a lot of people. If so, all of her symptoms could be blamed on it to the dumb public that will believe anything. I do think there is a lot of cover-up going on.

  3. Nahh.. She has full blown AIDS contracted from slickly Willy…/ Look at latest Willy pictures ?? Remind me of Rock Hudson at his last days ….

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