Colin Powell: Weird Cult of Bohemian Grove Power Players Rejects Trump Presidency


A peak into the mindset of treasonous Negro Colin (pronounced Colon) Powell (pronounced Poww) shows that the two-faced power hungry ex-general who was once touted as likely to be the first black president of America is well connected to the world’s puppetmasters.

Those puppetmasters don’t like Trump. Interestingly, they aren’t enthusiastic about Hillary either, according to Poww.

But there’s a lot more to consider about Bohemian Grove, now that it’s in the news again. First, the political stuff:

NEW YORK – Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with this one.

An email hacked from Colin Powell’s Gmail account has him writing that he had just returned from the famed Bohemian Grove — a place the Washington Post once described as “where the rich and powerful go to misbehave” — and that most attendees there will not vote for Donald Trump and find him to be a “disaster.” Powell further reported that “quite a few will not vote for Hillary and will vote for a third party candidate.”

Here is Powell’s full July 24, 2016 email, which was hacked by DCLeaks and accessed by Breitbart News via a password provided to this reporter by the hacking group:

Peter, I am back from the Bohemian Grove. Surprise, surprise, I sat next
to Stephen Harper a couple of times and had a nice discussion. Grove
attendees know that Trump is a disaster. Most will vote against, but quite
a few will not vote for Hillary and will vote for a third party candidate.
Strange doings down here. Otherwise all is well with the Powells. We’ll
sneak away for a few days in August. Of course I’d love to see you. Let me
know your dates. I told Stephen that you seemed quite content in your new
place in life.

All the best, Colin

The email was addressed to Canadian politician and lawyer Peter Gordon MacKay, a former Canadian Member of Parliament, who also served as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of National Defense, and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Stephen Harper, referenced in the email, served as Canada’s prime minister from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015.

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground in Monte Rio, Calif that has served as a meeting place for top politicians and businessmen. The site’s major annual secretive meeting takes place for two weeks in July, with Powell writing that he was present at last July’s event.

In a previous email to MacKay, Powell wrote about the policy of not bringing communication devices to Bohemian Grove.

“I am racing out of town to the California Redwoods for the weekend,” Powell wrote, referring to the Grove. “No phones, email or even Kindles.”

bohemian grove sacrifice

In a 2011 profile, the Washington Post reported thusly on the annual July event:

Every July, some of the richest and most powerful men in the world gather at a 2,700 acre campground in Monte Rio, Calif., for two weeks of heavy drinking, super-secret talks, druid worship (the group insists they are simply “revering the Redwoods”), and other rituals.

Their purpose: to escape the “frontier culture,” or uncivilized interests, of common men.

The people that gather at Bohemian Grove — who have included prominent business leaders, former U.S. presidents, musicians, and oil barons — are told that “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” meaning business deals are to be left outside. One exception was in 1942, when a planning for the Manhattan Project took place at the grove, leading to the creation of the atom bomb.

Lawnewz offers the story of the “drag shows” at Bohemian Grove. It really does seem to be that the world’s power players are perverts.

Here are two Mark Dice videos which are very timely indeed. The first covers Richard Nixon’s negative feelings about the faggotry of Bohemian Grove. It was published in July of this year. The second video offers a look at the implications of Powell’s revelations.

6 thoughts on “Colin Powell: Weird Cult of Bohemian Grove Power Players Rejects Trump Presidency

  1. And yet another reason to vote for Trump

    I’d play that up
    Trump; look folks, I am wealthy and powerful and we all know it, but other men like me won’t vote Trump! Why? Because i’ll put you guys 1st. Those wealthy and powerful people will vote hilary! Why, because she will keep screwing you over to suck up to people with more power and cash then herself

    I’d also make a big deal abouto crossdreessers not voting for me, but Trump is a yankee and loves that kind of stuff

    • I saw a vid a few hours ago of one of Trump’s latest appearances where he talked about how he was spending a lot of money and time and it would all be wasted if he wasn’t elected. He urged people to make sure that he was elected.

  2. Colin Powell is only ‘well connected’ to them in the same sense that a maid who scrubs toilets at a 5-star hotel is ‘well-connected’ to the VIP guests there. They keep him around and throw him an occasional scrap, but that’s about it.

    • Back when the first Gulf war was about to break out and Colin Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he was given a direct, in-his-face order by his Commander-in-Chief, Bush 41, that the the attack would go forward according to how Gen. Schwartzkopf wanted it done (massive flanking movement – sort of a scaled-down, left-handed Schlieffen Plan) rather than they way Powell wanted (general assault all along the enemy’s prepared, in-depth defenses).
      Powell has never been anything more than a moderately competent quota-filler. Al least he knew how to follow orders.

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