Amazing New Trump Ad Appeals to (White Male) WORKERS, Not Parasites

Haha! Not much diversity in this ad. It’s aimed at Pennsylvania, where jobs have disappeared via (((globalism.))) The video is titled:

Rebuilding America Now: America Soaring

Posted August 1, I’m seeing the ad for the first time.

8 thoughts on “Amazing New Trump Ad Appeals to (White Male) WORKERS, Not Parasites

    • I watched and saved a Hillary video tonight where she was talking to Latinos. It was all racial bullshit. Nothing else. She disgusts me that no matter who was running against her, I’d support. Even Ben Carson.

      • At one point I mentioned a concern Trump had no ground game and wasn’t signing up new voters

        Recently I read the GOP has set a record for signing up new recruits

        So I was in the wrong

  1. Disregarding how amazing might be an ad, it’s still more “amazing” that too many ordinary folks cannot or don’t want to see the REALITY. Four Apocalyptic Groups, as a source of all planetary problems is clearly identifiable PROBLEM.

    1. AshkeNAZI Banksters, Zionists and Marxists
    2. Global Corporations and corrupted US & EU Plutocracies
    3. Corrupted Leftoid “progressive” NGOs and socio-derailed activists
    4. Liberally Retarded White masses

    Those four represent sort of NWO Axis Powers that should be utterly destroyed if traditional Euro-civilization is supposed to remain, and that would be an imperative. Enigma remains if something powerful like the second D-day could be possible, eventually.

    The sad fact is that for such tectonic changes to happen, GREAT LEADER has to appear, because no revolution happened ever without strong and decisive individuals. Instead of (((NWO))) we need NWR (New World Revolution) to wipe out Left snakes and their poisonous (((heads))).

    Negroids and Musloids are just collateral ballast that would disappear even on their own if above four problems could be annihilated.

    Contemplating theoretically and regarding the evil they represent, the first three scoundrels from the Apocalyptic list deserve to be hanged, slowly, preferably with garrote. Special case represents ordinary Liberally Retarded Whites. Extermination would be too much; much better would be awakening punishment, giving them chance to understand own aberration.

    Something like the Liberia, a concept of repatriation for ex Black slaves back to Africa. Although pure fiction, but imagine constituting designated part of States as a new country named Liberalia for instance, and relocate there all Libretards together with their loving diversity. It would also serve as a funny social experiment, where the “strength” of diversity could be “confirmed” scientifically, leaving no space for eventual unknown unknowns.

    Facing idiot with own idiotism is in my opinion an efficient socio-ergonomic and awakening therapy. Spotting even a trace of enlightenment in such eyes could be rewarding, and justice served.

    • Lew, you nailed it. There’s hope that we’ve found our leader in Trump, if (((they))) don’t assassinate him. We need to clean out the miserable media and the Hollywood crowd, putting them out of work ASAP. I have more to say, but have to go give the dogs there pizza now. To be continued.

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