13 Year Old Dindu Robbery Suspect Shot Dead by Police After Pointing BB Pistol

The shooting death of a 13 year old Negro who was wanted for armed robbery and pulled a gun on police is sparking national outrage today.

Sky News

Police in Ohio have shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who drew a weapon that turned out to be a BB gun.

It happened on Wednesday as they were investigating reports of an armed robbery in the state capital, Columbus.

A police statement said when officers arrived on the scene they were told by the robbery victim that a group of people had approached him and demanded money.

The victim said that one of them had a gun.

real vs fake gun

Officers saw three males matching the descriptions of the suspects and tried to speak to them, but two ran off into an alley.

“(They) followed the males to the alley … and attempted to take them into custody when one suspect pulled a gun from his waistband,” the statement said.

“One officer shot and struck the suspect multiple times.”

The suspect, later named as Tyree King, was taken to a children’s hospital, where he died.

The male with him was interviewed and released pending further investigation.

Here’s a small sample of the defenders of Tyree King:

Does this moron really believe that white children are out at night robbing people with BB guns?

Here’s another:

Deescalate? When a gun is pointed at you? What is this idiot thinking?

And another:

Nobody said colored folks think logically, April.

It would be nice if some trolling journalist hit Hillary Clinton up with a question about this case. You just know that she’d be defending the very dead Tyree with some equally idiotic remark.

Local morning news report on Tyree King shooting:

Raw AP footage of crime scene:

7 thoughts on “13 Year Old Dindu Robbery Suspect Shot Dead by Police After Pointing BB Pistol

  1. Siighhhhh! now another city will burn as the porch monkeys saddle up for another “lets destroy the world” chimp out….and the left will nod approval to the actions of their monkey gods

    Planet of the apes is here where the monkeys have full control and the humans run in fear

  2. Reply to a Tweet
    Tweet Text

    Brotha B @BlakeDontCrack
    13-year-old white children walk around with BB guns all the time. The difference is they are not targeted and executed for it. #TyreeKing
    8:17 AM – 15 Sep 2016

    @BlakeDontCrack No they don’t, you dumb coon, and they aren’t out robbing people, either.

  3. Reply to a Tweet
    Tweet Text

    April 👉🏾 @ReignOfApril
    Cops really have folks believing that a 13 yr old kid alone and cornered by a cop pulled a gun that he knew was fake. Sure. #TyreeKing
    12:17 PM – 15 Sep 2016

    @ReignOfApril You really are jew brainwashed, you dumb broad, he was with 2 other apes robbing people.

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