Woman Argues Passionately That Mixed Race People are Superior (Video)

race mixing offspring cartoon

The video embedded below argues that mixed race people have a genetic advantage. It propagandizes against having sexual relations with people of your own race and for having relations with those of another race, preferably black. Mixed race people are more attractive than white people, according to these arguments, and healthier too.

The argument comes from a book written by a Jew. The book is called Breeding Between the Lines.

Breeding Between the Lines

Race in America is a controversial topic. And interracial love has long been considered the ultimate taboo. For a country that prides itself on being a melting pot, we’ve done very little melting. For legal, societal, and cultural reasons, intermarriage rates in the US have always been extremely low. Until now.

Alon Ziv has long predicted that America is on the cusp of a mixed-race explosion. Now, in this expanded new edition of Breeding Between the Lines, he shows that the explosion is well underway. As our interracial population skyrockets, America is finally becoming a true melting pot. The book explores what this means for the millions of interracial Americans who benefit from increased genetic diversity and for our nation as a whole.

Mixed parents give their children the precious gift of diverse DNA. Their blended heritage protects interracial people from common genetic disorders like sickle-cell anemia and cystic fibrosis. But that’s just a small part of the power of genetic diversity. Recent research at UCLA and Penn State University found that because of this genetic variation, interracial people are significantly healthier and more attractive than people with homogeneous backgrounds.

Ummm. So why are mixed race countries such shitholes? Brazil, Cuba, Domenican Republic, various Middle East countries, Mexico. With all that “genetic diversity” creating superior people, these countries should be great.

I think we can chalk up this book and video as Jew Spew, propaganda intended to induce weak minded whites to go black.

Race is a social construct, except when it isn’t and the (((author))) wants you to race mix. Then race is real.

Here’s the poopaganda video that argues that mixed race is superior:

The Jew author, who appears to be a faggot, talks about his book in this video:

5 thoughts on “Woman Argues Passionately That Mixed Race People are Superior (Video)

  1. I thought there was a small body of evidence pointing to mix raced get having a fair amount of trouble in life, with higher then average mental and emotional problems, mother’s reporting lower levels of bonding with their spawn etc

  2. Are you really this stupid….. Everybody on the planet has mixed genes, however some people have more diversity, which is better for the human species, its natural evolution. Racist dumb people haven’t got a clue.

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