Sheboons Fighting Over Man: Watch Niglet Get Kicked

Sorry, I can’t translate. This video showcases the most extreme case of speaking in ebonics that I’ve heard.

Published on Sep 11, 2016

Two PREGNANT Woman ARGUE Over A Man . . . And Things Get CRAZY . . . When One Woman ATTACKS The Other Woman’s LITTLE BABY!! (Warning – The Footage Is DIFFICULT To Watch)

Which mantra do you prefer?

The liberal mantra: “They are just like us.”

The race realist’s mantra: “Avoid the groid.”

Don’t worry about the little niglet. They are born tough and have a high tolerance for pain.

And now the most important point. Liberals like to say that our ancestors were racist because they implemented a policy of segregation.


Segregation was intended to keep black dysfunction under control and keep white families safe. It worked pretty well for almost a hundred years until (((liberals))) killed it.

Now, everywhere one goes, one encounters blacks just like these two, ready for action in a heartbeat.


19 thoughts on “Sheboons Fighting Over Man: Watch Niglet Get Kicked

  1. Mud huts is where they should be residing, not in section 8 housing paid for by white tax payers. Luckily the niglet is built much tougher than the white infant as it must take more hits on a regular basis than any other races offspring. Once again the negro stereotype is confirmed and then some. They are completely useless and are literally a dead weight around the neck of every white person on the planet. They have to go back to apeland or be forcefully separated from us if we are to have any peace.

      • Nothing is impossible with shock collars and cattle prods

        But let’s not forget get we have kept TNB in check, and on a shoestring budget before yankees started messing around

      • The species is parvus Zinjanthropus malus ignoramus.

        There’s a lot of talk about “send them back to Africa” which, at first glance, really isn’t a bad idea … but if 30 million nogs were set loose back in the motherland it wouldn’t be more than a few years before all of the lions, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, etc went extinct.
        Taking that into account limits the options.

      • I must respectfully disagree. I’ve spoken with English speakers from the Caribbean as well as Africa, and the accents are quite far apart. I’ve spoken with people from Ghana, D.R. of Congo, and Kenya, all of whom were black women, and they sounded just like the maniac in the video, who was getting her ass whooped by the other broad.

  2. What’s difficult to watch about this? It’s just a troop of sheboons behaving normally. In fifteen years the niglet that was kicked will be kicking some other niglet, or robbing stores, or raping white women if it’s a male, or doing what this worthless, oxygen-wasting life form always does, and will always do because it has not been equipped by Nature to do otherwise. What is upsetting is knowing that there are white people out there who will continue to insist that these creatures are our equals and that we must double up on our hopeless efforts to ‘integrate’ them.

  3. Jesus God, the one nog who kept clapping is retarded. I think she kept saying, you don’t know shit…etc. They have no business in functioning white society. I’ve been saving some of these videos to show my stupid family and in-laws what we used to have to deal with living in the larger urban areas.

  4. They can’t even get along with each other never mind any other race. And for any woman (for want of a better word) to kick a child like that is disgusting.

    But according to liberal luvvies they are just like us. What a terrible insult to us.

    They need a man about the place.

  5. Lock the babbling ghetto sows in a steel shipping container and give them dueling pistols with hollow point bullets at 20 paces…..or hell, just flood the shipping container with nerve gas or cyanide

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