Migrant Youths Terrorize Netherlands Community

turkish migrants netherlands

The situation in the Netherlands is exactly what race realists would predict.

The country has welcomed Muslims from the Middle East. They have responded by holding the indigenous white population in contempt.

The thugs have taken over the streets, apparently because the police do not wish to appear to be “Islamophobic.”


The group of youngsters, who have been wreaking havoc in the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands, have become notorious for their stunts.

Last week it emerged migrants had been involved with repeated incidents involving the intimidation of citizens, police officers, and even one incident captured on camera that involved them beating up a cyclist.

On Monday, Juliette Rot, who is a member of the city council of Zaandam, was allegedly threatened by the migrant group in front of her house.

She said: “They jumped out of a car and started to tape and intimidate me. Ilgun blamed me, saying I was stigmatising them.

“He stood right in front of me in a very threatening way. From the car they shouted something like ‘we know where to find you’.”

Following the reign of terror, the vandalising group made up of mostly Turkish migrants, appeared on a primetime talk show.

The appearance sparked national outrage as the public demanded to know why a group could continue to terrorise a town without any of the authorities tackling the issue.

Appearing on the talk show, Ismail Ilgun presented himself as the spokesman of the group of youngsters, as his fellow migrants sat behind him as they refused to take off their sunglasses.

In his latest video, Ilgun said: “Who the f**k are all you racists? I am an Erdogan warrior, a Turk who will remain in the Netherlands and who will earn a lot of money by making videos without working for it.”

During the interview the thugs also blamed national media for stigmatising them and told the TV programme they only hung around the streets because the city council did not give them a youth centre.

Cinderella Meijer, who works at a youth centre, explained that the group was already booted out after damaging and stealing from it.

She said: “This has already been playing out for ten years. They get everything from the city council, everything is done.

“But each time they destroy the property and steal. They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside.”

It is the New World Order agenda that drives Europeans to embrace law and order. Geert Wilders had better take quick action to restore order if and when he becomes the country’s leader. Following the restoration of law and order, the world will watch hopefully as Muslims are deported en masse.

geert wilders

9 thoughts on “Migrant Youths Terrorize Netherlands Community

  1. “They jumped out of a car and started to tape and intimidate me. Ilgun blamed me, saying I was stigmatising them.”

    Well, intimidating her certainly doesn’t help their case against stigmatization!

    It’s like a muzzie imam preaching that they want to conquer europe and kill us all and then when you want them out of your country they call you a racist or islamophobe.

    Wtf is wrong with people.

      • Yeah but it’s just retarded how they go about it. U know similar to kill anyone who insults the religion of peace. I just don’t understand why people are so… Numb i guess? Or better said, such cowards, being afraid to point out their stupidity.

      • Nah, I’ll still criticize and hate them then as well. They are retarded and so is their Dark Ages religion. They have no place in the nations of people with high mean IQs and huge right tails on the IQ distribution.

  2. And in Britain….
    “Migrants Only Interested in Benefits, Boast They’ll Never Work”

    “A woman employed teaching English to migrants with so-called refugee status has revealed students have no interest in learning the language or getting a job, and are mostly interested in the benefits they can extract from taxpayers.

    The teacher, who identified herself as ‘Janet’, rang Nick Ferrari’s morning show on London’s LBC to discuss her experience of giving taxpayer-funded English classes to Syrians and other migrants granted asylum.”

    The liberal do-gooders are catching on now.

    Just working my way through the comments….

    ” Donafugata Otto von Bismarck✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ • 20 hours ago

    Apologies to anyone who is sick of seeing this but it’s important that everybody knows.

    I taught English at a community college and a Somali woman turned to me with a grin and said,

    “I cannot be suicide bomber, I have five children but I can take your money”

    It was all I could do to stop myself grabbing her by the tasteless rag around her head, twisting it tightly and dragging her out of the classroom and kicking her down the stairs.”

  3. “a Turk who will remain in the Netherlands and who will earn a lot of money by making videos without working for it.”
    Sounds like an alt-right personality.
    Trouble is that people, the public at large, will watch anything, as long as they do not have to read anything.
    Every click means money in the bank for some clown or other. That is why I am reluctant to click any video made by an enemy, an LGBTer, a Coon, a Jew, or an Erdogan Turk to name just a few.

  4. Another liberal speaking out same article as above about Gimmigrants …

    “I taught ESOL a few years ago and most of my students were Eastern Europeans who were well motivated and very keen to learn; many were already in employment here. OTOH, there are plenty of non-European migrant students who have clearly come here for the benefits and from what I gathered at the time will never be able (or allowed by their husbands) to work.”

    This just keeps getting better. They will have to cart all of these English teachers off for re-education classes.

    None of the GIMMIEgrants want work, they are just soldiers of Islam.

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