Media Stays on Script: Hillary Will “power through” Her Health Problems

The Clintonistas took to the airwaves earlier this week to assure us that a strong, vital, vibrant Hillary Clinton would “power through” any problems or obstacles she might face.

Youtube reactions:

“None of these people have any connection to one another; they all just arrived at this phrase POWER THROUGH. Magically out of thin air, there’s no coordination with the campaign….This phrase talking point was not decided upon, it just magically appeared and all of these people magically used the exact same phraseology to describe what Hillary Clinton was going through and none of them had discussed with one another. Not online, not through producers, not through surrogates or spokes people or program directors, or what have you, this all just happened organically! It was just strange magic, right? Just Strange Magic that these people are using literally the exact same words to describe Hillary’s so called toughness. She’s powering through!” ~ Andrew Wilkow, Sirus XM The Patriot today 09/13/16.

Good luck powering through death haha.. American media is no different from the propaganda that comes out of north Korea.

I don’t think REAL Americans want to “power through” a four-year Clinton “power through”. There I said it twice just like Goebbels taught me in mind kontrol. Zeig Heil Media brainwashers!

I heard a liberal woman at work say this and I just wanted to put my head through a wall. It’s like they’re all a bunch of mindless Hillarybots, droid units incapable of saying anything that doesn’t come from the mother ship.

The media obediently follow the script that Hillary’s handlers hand them. Better to do that then get on Hillary’s hit list. What’s the body count up to now?

rough 8 years hillary

3 thoughts on “Media Stays on Script: Hillary Will “power through” Her Health Problems

  1. The obvious similarities between Hillary Clinton’s physical deterioration in the past few months and Freddy Mercury’s physical deterioration in the last few months of his AIDS-infected life is food for thought.

    • I personally don’t think she has long to live. I have a video in one of my drafts where a doctor claims she has at most one year to live, given her medical condition. I’ll post that video soon and give everyone a chance to watch it. It’s really authoritative.

  2. Yeah, it looks like Parkinson’s Disease is powering through Hillary. It’s squatting over her, dropping its pants, and powering ALL OVER her ugly fucking venom-spewing face.

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