Filthy Jew Pervert Takes Naked Pics to Protest Dead Sea Deterioation

tunick dead sea nudes

European Americans have been Jewed enough that many of them probably think it’s cool to photograph a bunch of naked people to protest something that has nothing to do with nakedness.

The Jew is always looking for an opportunity to get the shiksa naked. This time, it’s in the name of art and the environment.

Jewish Forward

International photographic artist Spencer Tunick photographed 15 nude Israeli men and women at the Dead Sea to raise awareness of its deterioration.

Tunick announced the project on Monday, two days after taking the photograph.

He returned with the models to the same place on the shores of the Dead Sea, called Mineral Beach, where he created a photo installation with 1,000 nude Israelis in 2011. The spot has since been destroyed by sinkholes. The danger of sinkholes is illustrated in the installation, with the men and women shown with their lower bodies underground.

“Since 1991, I have traveled the world making immersive art with people of all races, religions, and nationalities; but Israel is a unique place that I hold close to my heart and is the only country in the Middle East where I can be allowed to have proper freedom of expression,” Tunick said in a statement. “I care deeply about the future of the Dead Sea and hope that my presence and involvement here can propel the Israeli government and local activists to take real measurable action to save the Dead Sea.

“I’ve been on the ground and as you can all see, this is a disaster. I call the Israeli government – wake up! I am not sure if we will have this same opportunity again.”

tunick dead sea nudes 2011

Even the Jews (the ones in Israel) think Tunick is a pervert:

The Creators Project

He gained some notoriety in 2011 for capturing another photo series at the Dead Sea. Shot in an area called Mineral Beach (which no longer exists because of the sea’s waning volume), his Dead Sea series features 1,200 naked bodies floating in its buoyant waters. When he released the surreal images, they sparked awe in his fans, but outrage from local conservatives. “What did they call me?” he asks a companion during our interview. “Abominable?”

Israeli lawmakers, in fact, proposed a piece of legislation called The Spencer Tunick Law that would remove protections for nudity in art. The bill didn’t pass, but Tunick has remained a troublemaker in the eyes of many Israelis ever since.

The insane Israeli turned up at the Republican convention in Cleveland last July, where he photographed 100 naked women to protest Donald Trump.

tunick 100-naked-women-at-republican-national-convention

The mirrors are supposed to symbolize progressive thinking. You don’t get it? Neither do I, but we’re not disgusting perverts.

4 thoughts on “Filthy Jew Pervert Takes Naked Pics to Protest Dead Sea Deterioation

  1. What? God made a perverted thing? People are calling God a pervert for making people and all things. That is what people are doing. . God cannot make any evil thing. Proverbs 8:8 – All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them. KJV Cambridge edition.1611 or 1900.

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