White Girl Allegedly Raped by Negroid Feetsball Player Says University Didn’t Do Sh*t in Response

delaney robinson

Why dads must teach their daughters the mantra: Avoid the groid.

And why universities must put white women ahead of jigaboo assletes.

There are 100 white women raped by the sacred Negro every day in America. This story would not be in the news if not for Ms. Robinson’s determination to have her alleged attacker pay for his crime.


A student at the University of North Carolina has come forward to publicly accuse a Tar Heels football player of rape after she says her case was mishandled by the university, police and prosecutors.

Delaney Robinson, a 19-year-old sophomore, says she was raped by junior football player Allen Artis in February 2016, WNCN-TV reports.

“I did everything a rape victim is supposed to do. I reported it. I allowed the rape kit to be taken. I gave a statement. I cooperated with law enforcement and the Title IX office,” Robinson said in a statement. “But six months later, the university has done nothing. I’m taking this public stand not for me but for the other students on campus who are not protected, despite what the university tells us.”

Heavy does not typically name sexual assault victims, but Robinson has identified herself in an effort to bring attention to the case.

She filed a report accusing Artis of rape after the incident occurred six months ago. Now, she has taken the step to file a warrant for his arrest on misdemeanor charges herself, which is allowed under state law.

“Robinson requested self-sworn warrants for misdemeanor assault on a female and misdemeanor sexual battery as a result of the Orange County District Attorney’s refusal to prosecute the case despite sufficient physical evidence,” her attorney, Denise W. Branch said in a statement. “For more than six months we have asked the University and the Orange County District Attorney’s office to hold Delaney’s rapist accountable for his actions. At every turn we have been met with discouragement and delay.””

Delaney Robinson says she as raped by Allen Artis at the Ram Village apartments at the University of North Carolina’s Chapel Hill campus, WNCN-TV reports. The alleged sexual assault occurred on Valentine’s Day, February 14, earlier this year, Robinson says.

She said she was drinking underage on the night she says she was attacked, but “did not deserve to be raped.” She was 18 at the time.

Her attorney, Denise Branch, said in a statement the Orange County District Attorney’s Office “has pronounced that ‘unconsciousness is rape, black out drunk is not rape.’ Therefore, because my client did not drink to the point of unconsciousness before she was raped, the Orange County District Attorney has declined to prosecute the case.”

Branch said Robinson’s story is “not unique. She enjoyed a night out with friends. She consumed alcohol and then found herself alone with someone she did not know and was raped.”

The attorney called the case “shocking” because of the “failure of the University and the criminal justice system to protect a victim who reported a crime. Unlike so many others, Delaney reported her rape. She went to the hospital and gave a full report of what had happened. She allowed the hospital to collect all required evidence for a rape kit. The physical exam revealed vaginal injuries consistent with blunt force trauma and bruising consistent with a physical assault.”


The Guardian also covers this story very similarly to Heavy. Neither source offers any word on the Negro’s side of the story. Artis’s location is unknown at the present time. He may or may not have been arrested.

The university, trying to cover its sorry ass, claims that its Title IX program has been revamped. The Guardian reports it this way:

The vice-chancellor of communications and public affairs at UNC, Joel Curran, said that the university could not discuss the case due to federal privacy laws.

“These matters are complex and often involve multiple agencies including law enforcement. While the University always tries to complete an investigation as quickly as possible, our priority is to ensure that the factual investigations are complete and conducted in a fair and thorough manner,” Curran said in a statement.

The university has had issues with sexual assault allegations in the past and completely revamped its Title IX office after students filed a complaint with the Board of Education against the university for its handling of these cases.

However, Branch said the university had failed to abide by its own guidelines.

“The university failed either by being uninformed or by completely disregarding the new Title IX guidelines that they so publicly pronounced being put in place,” she said.

You can bet there’ll be white male football fans at the stadium on Saturday worshiping these big, violent pieces of shit. Shame on those race traitors.

28 thoughts on “White Girl Allegedly Raped by Negroid Feetsball Player Says University Didn’t Do Sh*t in Response

  1. I would recommend to her relatives or friends, let some time to pass and then one day get an opportunity and just brake some bones out of this Hussein’s son. I would probably go after him if that would have been my daughter.

  2. Sab, I may have told this story before, but here it goes again.

    Almost 40 years ago when I was a freshman in college, a young white girl in my Lit class was raped by a buck. She was a virgin when it happened. She was a very shy, sweet gal. She was leaving a night class when he grabbed her.

    A few weeks later I didn’t see her in class. I asked my friend why. She said you didn’t know? She was raped by the black football player. She was so upset she left school. I came home and told my mom and grandma. All three of us were furious. My mom said you’ve got to say something.

    I went to the dean, he didn’t want to do shit. And this was in 1977! This was a good football player they didn’t want to lose. So I called the NOW group. Back then they actually cared about white women. A bunch of us gals from class, the NOW female lawyers, the football coaches, the dean all had a pow wow in the student union. The girl was called in. She admitted he did rape her and she did visit the emergency room. I don’t think the morning after pill was invented then, but thank God she didn’t get pregnant.

    The football player was indicted and sentenced to prison. The football coaches were furious with me and my fellow student who helped bring this all together.

    The one football coach after that used to follow me and threaten me. I finally told him one day I said sir, you’d better leave me alone. I carry a gun in my purse (I was bluffing) and I’ll be more than happy to turn you from a rooster to a hen in one shot. He left me alone after that.

      • No! It was a local white male. He was more concerned about the F’ng “team” than this young lady being raped by this feral nog.

        He and I got into it, big time. My Mom told me if he bothers you again, the Klan can take care of him. After my remark, he never bothered me again.

        He did resign the following year.

  3. #1, i didnt and will not send my daughters off to college
    When she attended a local school, she carried a.38. The law be damned

    Where is her father, brothers, uncles, rope, touches, dogs etc

  4. You asked why universities must put white women ahead of jigaboo assletes. The answer, in this case, is money. Lots and lots of money.Even though UNC is a basketball school, football brings in a lot of $$$$$$. People just don’t get that D-1 football is big business and the universities don’t care what happens unless it hurts the bottom line.

    • I found that to be true when I was a professor. The odd thing is that one player isn’t going to make or break the bottom line. I think what’s going on is that there are so many of these cases that are covered up that there would be no assletes left if all of them were exposed.

      • Why do people watch that shit? Even [trigger warning] racist [Call 1-800-TRIGGERED for support 24/7, We’re here to help] people ?

  5. This is a classic example of feminist getting what they want and not liking it. We have been seeing this coming around for a few years now. The feminist have went bat-shit crazy with their rules on what counts as rape, especially on college campuses. Like with so many things feminist do these rules were aimed to loot and prosecute white men and allow white women as much buyers remorse and not taking responsibility for their own actions as possible.

    Who knows what happened here? I am sure the orc raped her but we do know there was alcohol involved and frankly if this woman is stupid enough to get drunk around orcs she is as much to blame for her rape as the rapist. I am betting her father warned her about doing such things and she wrote it off as men trying to control her and decided to live the glamorous life with black thugs at parties.

    Now these out of control, guilty until proven innocent rape rules are backfiring on the feminist and hurting their political allies more than the White male target. Just recently they had the Black history re-write movie “Birth of a Nation” ruined because of these rape rules. They must now protect their allies and their cash cow. They have damned near eliminated White men from college campuses anyway.

    Another example of the dysfunctional feminism and multi-cultism in action.

  6. Another victim of PC and money earned from football sponsors. She must take some blame though I mean, whom in their right mind get’s drunk to the point of passing out in the company of negroes? Avoid the groid, didn’t she know the mantra? All negroes are rapists, 80% of all black women have been raped in their lifetime and almost all go unreported, they reckon they’re protecting the bucks from police brutality. Ha! they are their own worst enemies. So, the only rape figures we have are for black on white rapes, plus the 20% black left over from above, Sheeeeeeiiiiiitt!

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if she was lying though.OMG, OMG, OMG, did I just type that? OMG, OMG I can’t believe I’d type something like that. OMG, I am becoming so self-triggered right now. OMG. OMG, I can’t stand to be typing in the same box as me right now. OMG, where’s the safe space to type into?

  7. This is why the Klan was formed. The media can lie forever about it being “waciss”, but it was a vigilante group doing what the chickenshit police and law wouldn’t. Punishing and eliminating criminals. There were Whites as well as blacks, but like Today the ratio was towards the dark. Cause they’re most of the crime problem anywhere they exist.

    • Well the 1st version of the Klan

      Seems to me the 2nd version was more about yankees not liking the impotartion of White ethnic groups to cut their wages and change their traditional cultures

      • According to wikipedofilia about 3500 people were lynched in the whole history of lynching and 1500 were white. That’s back when “white” actually meant white too, and not just a shade lighter than Henry Cele.

        If wiki says it, it is a FACT*.

        So in the whole history of lynching, whites killed about 2000 black rapists/criminals/victims of oppression. How many whites are killed by blacks each year in the US?

        *Disclaimer: I haven’t ascertained whether this is a racist fact yet, so it could be subject to change we can all believe in.

  8. “There were Whites as well as blacks, but like Today the ratio was towards the dark. Cause they’re most of the crime problem anywhere they exist.”

    Coincidentally, the relative ratio of blacks lynched by the KKK to whites lynched by the KKK was LESS BIASED against blacks than the statistics indicate today.

    The good old days. Something people of all races can work together to achieve again.

  9. ” Tar Heels” football player. That name is Racist! The rapist has tar coloured heels that is for sure.

    “District Attorney’s Office “has pronounced that ‘unconsciousness is rape, black out drunk is not rape.’ ”
    Could this be the magic bullet defense that Bill Cosby has been looking for? “All the girls I had sex with were black our drunk. They were not unconscious. They willingly and knowingly drank all the alcohol I gave them.”

    Does this even mean if a man (monster like Cosby) spikes a girls drinks then he is innocent of rape because she blacks out while drunk? Alcohol is the most common drug use to spike drinks! How many people know that? Does the DA know that, probably not? This girls drinks may have been spiked with vodka etc. Probably by the Orc rapist.

    If this girl was underage to drink maybe she was also underage to give permission to an Orc to have sex with her? This is also rape, a child can never give permission to have sex.

    Avoid the groid.

    • The nog has his defense more realistically stated as “I beez on duh feetsball teem.” The problem for Cosby is that in a deposition a decade ago he talked about giving women drugs. I don’t recall how damning the admission was, but it was damning enough. For sex, the age of consent in most states in the U.S. is 16 or 17, while the Feds have made the legal age for drinking at 21.

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