White Cop Sacked for Failing to Shoot Negro with Unloaded Gun

stephen mader


A police officer has been sacked in West Virginia for apparently failing to open fire on a man brandishing an unloaded gun.

The case will anger police brutality activists who have raised dozens of other cases in which officers have shot dead unarmed suspects and escaped punishment.

Speaking for the first time about the incident that happened in May, Stephen Mader told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette how he tried to de-escalate a dangerous situation.

He said his training helped him when he was dispatched to a domestic dispute and found Ronald Williams, 21, armed with a handgun

“I told him, ‘Put down the gun,’ and he’s like, ‘Just shoot me.’ And I told him, ‘I’m not going to shoot you brother.’ Then he starts flicking his wrist to get me to react to it,” he said.

“I thought I was going to be able to talk to him and de-escalate it. I knew it was a ‘suicide-by-cop’ situation.”

Things changed when two other officers arrived on the scene. Williams was shot dead as he walked towards them.

A police investigation concluded that the killing was justified despite the gun being unloaded.

But it tapped into a wider debate in America about race relations. All three officers were white while the victim was black.

Mr Mader said that when he tried to return to work after the episode, he was summoned to the office of Rob Alexander, the Weirton Police Chief

Mr Mader said Mr Alexander told him: “We’re putting you on administrative leave and we’re going to do an investigation to see if you are going to be an officer here. You put two other officers in danger.”

He was later informed that his contract had been terminated, because by not shooting Williams he had “failed to eliminate a threat”.

The termination letter detailed two other complaints, both of which Mr Mader disputes.

Lawyers were unable to help him. They said he had little legal recourse other than to resign in an effort to protect his reputation.

ronald williams dead

Sadly for Stephen Mader the accusation against him is true. He did put other officer’s lives in danger. No one could know whether Williams’ gun was loaded or unloaded. That doesn’t matter. He’s brandishing a weapon menacingly and won’t drop the gun. Mader should have shot him.

Mader’s punishment may be too severe, however. A suspension and additional training seem more appropriate to me.

What do you think? Should Mader be fired for NOT shooting a black man when so many white officers are FIRED for SHOOTING blacks?

13 thoughts on “White Cop Sacked for Failing to Shoot Negro with Unloaded Gun

      • You have to be comfortable operating in grey areas, but when the armed suspect moves toward you, the grey area is pretty damn clear.

        If the suspect stayed on the porch, things could be different. Laws and procedures vary, but I am right certain once an armed suspect moves toward you with the weapon the shoot/ don’t shoot scenario becomes shoot

        I am assuming there wasnt a legit reason not to engage since nothing is mentioned in the story. Bystanders behind the suspect, or what have you, would change the equation

        When I was a kid, the police were peace officers. I had my run ins with the law, but generally liked police and how they did things.

        Now they are law enforcement officers and I dislike most cops as human beings and as profession. That being said, with the break down in society, I doubt LEO’s could go back to the peace officer days

  1. He had no way of knowing the gun was not loaded, and even if he did, how would he have subdued the ape? Since it was a domestic dispute, the coon was probly whaling on his wife/girlfriend. I could find no other photos except the one of domestic “bliss.” I’m waiting for the riots over the 2 other cops who shot his useless, nigger ass.

    I agree, suspension w/o pay and further training would do it. We don’t have that many cops as it is.

    • I think white cops are very reluctant to shoot nogs these days unless they’ve been fired on first. The fallout of being arrested for murder and being demonized in the press like Darren Wilson is making them hesitate and a lot of white cops are dying because of it.

      Colin Kaepernick is a dumb piece of shit who has it totally wrong. His punk ass niggers are the ones doing the killing.

  2. Back in the days when my father was a patrolling policeman in the late 60’s, early 70’s; anyone talking back at him (i.e. talking-back whilst not being spoken-to [not being asked a question]) would get a slap across the back of his/her head, 9″-wide hands was quite persuasive at the time you see. In most cases, that person would yield and STFU until spoken-to/asked a question.

    Moving forward to the mid-80’s, I apply twice to become, much like my father, a policeman. I’m not accepted, nor am I refused. I’m just not getting any reply… I asked my father what to do; he said nothing, nothing that has to so with law enforcement. I asked why. He said: because I said so. I said: you’re telling ME what to do now? He said: No, I told them… not to consider you. I asked why.

    Dad told me what happened to him and why he was shelved, ‘told me that in the future, not a single police union would be able to protect me from being either shelved or down right fired. He never mentioned anything about being arrested, trialled, or jailed, that was not even conceivable at the time…

    Moving forward to now, you know, the present time. It is a time when patrolmen are damned. Do something, you’re out (and potentially jailed), do nothing you’re out too. My father didn’t want me to become either like him, Stephen Mader, or worst, a convict. I never forgave my father at the time, not even for the years until the time he passed away and many years after that, too.

    Considering the time we are now living-in, I miss my father, I wish he could hear me say to him, the THREE words, that he so-yearningly wished me to say: You were right.

    So where does this latest event leaves our patrolmen to enforce the laws that are meant to protect? Let’s just say that the “thin blue line” is really getting thinner.

  3. As I said, I think. What I’ve come up with after more than 3 seconds of internal debate on the situation is this:

    Black Deaths Matter.

    He would have fired on a white suspect in the same situation, so why the preferential treatment in the case of the white offender and a calculated lack of judgment in the case of the black victim?

    Damned right he should be off the force. He should have treated him just like anybody else and shot his ass.

  4. The intention is to fire all white cops. Then the USA will be the only Unicorn State in the world, free of all violence and racial prejudice. All prisons will be emptied and closed. Life will be like that Mormons brochure with lots of different coloured folks and kiddies lolling about in some heaven type of place. Whites are in the minority, what a heaven that will be, for all of eternity! The lion lies down with the lamb.
    And eats it.

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