White Altruism: 8 Year Old White Boy Buys School Lunches for 295 Fellow Pupils


US995.cbslocal.com put this story up today, although the video below dates to 2014.

Although it’s been two years since Cayden Taipalus’ acts of kindness, there’s no word on whether those he helped have learned anything. Schools feed the kids whose parents won’t pay for their school lunches, although not what the kids may want to eat.

My brutal comment left at youtube:

Parents who can’t take care of their children should be sterilized or else cut off from welfare. White taxpayers can’t afford to have children so practice birth control, while deadbeats breed like rabbits. Soon, there will be only rabbits and no one left to pick up the tab for them.

I’m sure I’m get some nasty feedback from the mushminds on youtube who seem to think that white kids should be bailing out everyone rather than helping them learn that bad choices in life have bad consequences.

Am I too mean?

White altruism is a good thing, but not when it encourages irresponsible behavior. No one at youtube seems to recognize that simple observation.

10 thoughts on “White Altruism: 8 Year Old White Boy Buys School Lunches for 295 Fellow Pupils

  1. Checked your post and obviously it’s too early for reactions, which will follow, no doubt.

    However, I have some scruples at your otherwise entirely logical stance. In video I noticed White children only, and has it been intentionally or not I can’t say. IMO, we must take in consideration that Corporate Globalists destroyed many jobs in US and Europe. Let’s take miners for instance, or some other jobs from heavy industry, all went abroad while many Whites at home are just kicked on the street.

    If the System is responsible for outsourcing than the same fucking System has to deal with consequences of own recklessness. Free elementary education with free lunch is an obligate minimum that should be provided by state. I think it would be wise if Trump would go after that.

    If Banksters have free lunch, why not kids.

    • Lew, I guarantee you the black parent in these cases has the money to pay but they won’t do it. Blacks won’t pay their water bills either. They just aren’t responsible and the more we bail them out the worse they get.

      I would not be opposed to the boy helping a white family that fell on hard times through no fault of their own.

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