Watch (((Milo))) Deny Alt-Right is About White Nationalism and White Identity

milo yiannopoulos photo

Smooth talking, sharply dressed Milo Yiannopoulis is interviewed by the low-rated CNBC crew in the embedded video below, titled

Milo Yiannopoulos: What The ‘Alt-Right’ Is Really About (Full Interview) | Power Lunch | CNBC

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is determined to push Milo’s views ahead of those of Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and other alt-right purists.

Milo admits he is not alt-right himself, but claims he’s given the “movement” a fair hearing and so is invited to speak about us.

He can speak ABOUT US all he wants, but everyone should understand he’s not speaking FOR US.

Andrew Anglin offered a critical piece earlier today about Milo:

Milo is openly promoting something that isn’t at all what we want. He just wants an end to all this fighting about race, gender and sexual orientation, so that Whites will march to their demise in peace and comfort.

Make no mistake, the “Milo Plan” still ends with the extermination of the White race. But we’d get there with more dignity, I guess. The “Milo Plan” still results in Jews controlling everything. But they would manage things in such a way that it doesn’t rustle the goyim’s jimmies so much.

Are you seeing the pattern, here?

Are there still some among you who’d defend him, because he’s a good at getting “normies” on our side?

Here’s a hint: he’s not getting anybody on our side. He’s just getting silly goyim to demand a more gentle Jewing on the part of god’s chosen.

Anglin is wrong this time, but not completely wrong. He assumes that Milo pretends to speak for us when Milo says that Milo doesn’t speak for us.

Milo is wrong also. He doesn’t understand that the alt-right is about White Nationalism and white identity. Maybe he really believes that the alt-right is about respect for Western values or maybe Milo is softening our message for mainstream consumption the way that Jared Taylor sometimes does.

The alt-right, contrary to Milo’s assertion, knows damn well that you can’t have Western values with a majority nonwhite population. So whether you want a white homeland carved out of the Pacific Northwest, or you want to gas the kikes, and deport the niggers back to Africa to claim all of North America for the white race, the alt-right is all about white people and our preservation as a race. Trump, by the way, is probably closer to Milo than he is to the alt-right, a point Anglin does not grasp.

The video below offers you a chance to judge for yourself whether Milo is

1. One of us. In my view he’s not.

2. A useful idiot. In my view he has helped our cause by:
a. endorsing Donald Trump;
b. promoting free speech;
c. trashing feminists and political correctness.

3. An enemy. Well, he is a Jew faggot, which would normally make him an enemy, but if he can get part of our message out to those who would normally never hear it, then I don’t view him as an enemy.

While watching the video I was amused at how the CNBC so-called journalists hung on Milo’s every word, as if his views were wisdom handed down from God.

He does say a few things you’ll never hear from the MSM. Around the 4:00 mark he brings up the Rotherham rape cases, in which 1400 girls were raped by Muslim gangs and got away with it for a decade since the police didn’t want to appear Islamophobic.

Milo’s articulate rejection of feminism, Muslim immigration, and political correctness is part of the alt-right. But we’re so much more than that.

Think about it. Pepe is.

pepe displeased

20 thoughts on “Watch (((Milo))) Deny Alt-Right is About White Nationalism and White Identity

  1. He’s a Jew faggot infiltrator, I am a European not a “White” person, Jews are trying to take control of our (European) revolt against them and steer us in a direction that suits them, to me that’s what the Alt right is.

    • Robert agrees with you. I’m more with Wullfe, which means in my case that I’m not a fan of Milo, but I like some of what he says.

      Are you familiar with alt-right superstar @Cernovich? He’s a Jew who truly is trying to take control of the alt-right. I don’t like him at all. He’s more dangerous to the alt-right than Milo in my opinion.

    • Pretty true. They also try to destroy our identity. Now, even arabs, jews or indians can be “white”.

      Anyone born in europe, be they nigger, muzzies or asian are “european”.

      So basically, we’re nothing according to the (((media))).

      We can’t identify with whites, we can’t identify with europeans.

      We need to take our identity back. Or make a better, stronger one.

      • This also affects mean IQs. Since Arabs and north Africans are “white,” also any Indians who inhabit the magic dirt of the US, they get lumped in with N European whites on IQ tests, pulling down the mean of the engineering people (from or descended from Finland, Germany, Scotland). I figure this is done to make Jew IQ look higher. Ashkenazi Jews being inbred to the point of all being fifth cousins and only going back about 500 years.

  2. I agree with Matt Wright above, Jews giving us “bum” steers as always, in this case, literally.
    Milo is a Greek with black hair, maybe a Jew. He is wearing coloured contact lenses. His real eyes would be dark brown.
    He is an extreme narcissist.
    He is a poofter bum bandit and he does not speak for me. OTOH I have never listened to the faggot and I never will.
    Is there no married normal man and father to speak for the Right Wing? Must we have LGBT people as out spokes”men”?
    alt-right is a phoney group and a probably a lost cause. Probably being steered by Jews towards a cliff and I mistrust the Pepe frog meme for Trump as well.

    • Milo is a celebrity. Robert Spencer is a doer, along with quite a few others, including Matt Heimbach and Jared Taylor. Milo’s youth and flamboyancy gets him onto college campuses where the others dare not tread. @Cernovich is the Jew I do not trust. Milo I trust to be Milo, looking out for Milo. Mike Cernovich is as big or bigger publicity hound. In his case, I think he would like to take the alt-right away from whites. As to Pepe, he developed organically years before Trump showed up. His innocence and ambiguity serves our cause well in my opinion. But you know I like animals, so I’m sure that influences me.

  3. Well, he said the Alt-Right doesn’t represent “White Supremacy,” which is different than White Nationalism. He’s correct. We don’t think ourselves as White Supremacists, do we? I don’t think he’s done any harm to us.

    From what I have read so far, the Alt-Right claims they are mostly younger White men, not sure the ages, with some viewpoints more extreme than White Nationalists. Anglin is a good example.

    I can understand the left thinking the Alt-Right is racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, etc. from what Anglin writes. He makes Whites look very bad at times; although, he seems to have toned down a bit since he was thrown off of Disqus.

    The problem I see is Milo may have designated himself our spokesperson. The fact he is gay, Jewish, and has an highly desirable English accent gives him an IN. He’s not one of us since he’s not European, but he’s one Jew who’s closer than most.

    He wasn’t very clear as if he didn’t totally have a handle on the Alt-Right, but did say he wrote an article on it. It’s only his opinion! He’s an enigma to me. A gay Jew supporting Trump that doesn’t necessarily look Jewish to me, but mannerisms are definitely gay! Then, there’s dating black men!!! Something a White Nationalist or Alt-Right would not do.

    I do give him credit for the definition of feminism, the best I heard.

      • Paladin. Agree with #2, mostly #3. It’s #1, I have issue.

        As far as the comments section in the original article, I live in a different world. Some trying to impress using academic mumbo jumbo rather than logic and common sense. My impression is they don’t get it.

        Modern feminism is a Marxist construct. When that is destroyed, we can go about changing the culture and eliminating the feminist stronghold. It needs to begin at particularly the childhood level, but also in schools and colleges, the same places Marxists began.

        Milo doesn’t totally ‘get it,’ either, because he doesn’t see or admit feminism is a college educated progressive (Marxist) White female movement against White men. I think the attitude he and others convey is that women are not intelligent, can’t do ‘it,’ are irresponsible and lazy, which angers women most, so feminists are out to prove men wrong. It’s an “I’ll show you” mentality that has gone too far.

        Feminists have a strong foundation upon which they built their case. Years ago, women had few rights when laws favored men. They use what they perceive as male oppression, certainly no longer the case; although, I do see some indications of oppressive inclinations possibly fueling the feminist narrative even more from quite a few Alt-Right males.

    • Hmm well yeah i kinda agree that alt-right doesn’t mean it has necessarily something to do with whites.

      I think even asians and niggers can be alt-right, with regards to their own race in their own countries. And i see no problem with it.

  4. > The “Milo Plan” still results in Jews controlling everything.

    Correction: The “Milo Plan” still results in homosexual jews controlling everything.

    • I can’t find any info confirming Spencer is a fag, but he has has Jack Donovan, openly a fag WN at his conference lecturing on masculinity. I’ve read Donavan once, but I can’t remember if it was worthwhile.

      Anglin’s site is both funny and informative, but he has that baggage about dating Asians in his past and advocating the extinction of the white race. Anglin comes up with info almost no one else pushes out.

      Jared of course won’t allow much criticism of Jews, although I recently noticed some comments on his site that wouldn’t have been allowed a couple of years ago.

      As for me, I can separate the message from the messenger and am willing to learn from anybody. There’s a big piece on Milo today linked on Drudge that says some negative things about him. He isn’t a WN or even a race realist. One of his black boyfriends is liable to beat the hell out of him. It would be poetic justice.

      • Paladin, what would you like to know about James Edwards?

        He’s a White Nationalist, racial realist, very Christian, moral, and a true Southerner, a nice guy. Frequently, talks about the injustices of the Civil War and Confederate flag controversy.

        He has quite a few followers to the point he had to update his radio transmitting equipment to handle them, even Europeans listening in.

        Never heard him say anything negative about Jews or feminists, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t. He’s very respectful of everyone, except Obama and liberals.

        He is in his 30’s, married with two children. Started his radio program about 12 years ago. He works full time, but never divulged his profession.

        He usually discusses old news up to 2 weeks old that all of us already know about.

        Sometimes has Jared Taylor on, so he’s in that league. Used to follow him all the time. He’s pretty much basic. He frequently has a very interesting, knowledgeable, sidekick on, Keith Edwards, who is the only reason I tuned in.

  5. A goodly size portion of the alt-right seems to be the squishy version of Christian and open to living with magical negros who are saved etc ( do they have souls to save?)

    Myself and others Southern Nationalist; a few are primarily anti democracy, or just anti feminist

    So I think technically the sexual deviant is correct…..hate to say it because the alt-right’s acceptance of a queer spokesman bothers me to no end.

    Donavan’s Way of Men is legit….. see above disclaimer

      • Don’t much care for his blog
        His book is essential reading for men

        And utterly devoid of deviant propaganda, as is all of his writing that I have read, messed up dude that he is, I have not read anything by him that made an issue out of his deviance

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