Mother, 44, and Married Son, 25, Arrested for INCEST


Mom thought her boy was handsome. He, although married, thought mom was sexy. Sparks flew. Then came the handcuffs.

Yesterday, we had a conversation here about dating mudsharks. How about dating incest moms? How about a woman staying married to a man who has had sex with his mother just a few weeks ago? Should any consenting adult sex be against the law?

Daily Mail

A 44-year-old woman in North Carolina has been arrested for having sex with her married 25-year-old son.

Melissa ‘Missy’ Kitchens and her son, Shaun Thomas Pfeiffer, each face a felony charge of incest.

Kitchens was arrested on September 7 and her son, from Weaverville, north of Asheville, was arrested a day later.

According to arrest documents, the mother and son had sex in August.

Pfeiffer, who is self-employed, also faces charges of indecent liberties with a child, communicating threats and being intoxicated and disruptive.

His Facebook page shows that that he is the father of a toddler son.

Pfeiffer appears to live with both his mother and his wife Shannon Roman in Asheville.

He appears to have posted a picture of his mother online as recently as last month. It is unclear what Kitchens’ marital status is.


It is also unclear how the allegations came to light.

Did Shaun’s wife snitch on him to the police? If Missy has a boyfriend, he might have been the informant.

How can the police prove such a charge if there is no video taped evidence? Surely, these two love birds would have plenty of reason to keep their taboo love a secret.

In promoting sodomite marriage the left told us that all love is good. So, what’s wrong with a taboo love between mother and son if all love is good?

Many incest cases seem to be popping up in the news now. It’s probably an outcome of the legalization of “gay marriage,” which the New World Order promoted under the slogan “Love wins.”

Not always. Mom and her boy just lost.

melissa kitchens4

15 thoughts on “Mother, 44, and Married Son, 25, Arrested for INCEST

  1. In the movie A Good Year (2006), Russell Crow’s character asks his friend lawyer:

    Q – In France, is it actually illegal to shag your own cousin?
    A – Only if she’s ugly
    … Right…

    As this mom is hot…hot…very hot…could above rule be valid here? Well, probably not. However as we live in very “progressive” times I am contemplating partially satirical list of sexual relations from the normal up to the most disastrous

    NORMAL: Healthy man-woman

    ABNORMAL: Homo and Lesbian deviance

    WEIRD: Banging sister or mom

    DISGUSTING: Necrophilia, Pedophilia

    DISASTER: Mudsharking

    IMO, if mudsharking is allowed, even stimulated, than these two should have been reprimanded at least, but not arrested. Come on people, this mom is sooooo hot, who could resist?

    • Hahaha. There are more pics of her at the Daily Mail. Her hotness does raise some issues in my mind, but I’d rather not think about it very much.

      I like your categorization of sexual relationships though. It’s very useful.

    • Like the sister telling her brother, “You have a bigger doodah than daddy”?? Brother answer, “Yea I know, mummy told me that already”??

    • The son has a vaguely dark look about him, but there are southern white men who are dark. I’m not sure if it’s a black admixture or something else from way back in the bloodlines. Anyway, I don’t think his father is a black.

  2. What’s wrong with marriage equality ?? Two faggots married ?? Two dykes married ?? A boy & his mother married ?? A daughter & her father married ?? A man and his goat married ?? A woman and her pony married ?? What’s wrong with this people ?? If they love each other, that’s important & the rest don’t matter ??
    LOL.. I love stirring ??

  3. Two sperm have a chat after being ejaculated into a mans bum. “How can we find an egg with all this shit in here”.

    “Should any consenting adult sex be against the law?” Yes, because babies born to incest are often monsters and freaks who use up a lot of welfare such as from the health budget. They are much more likely to be defective physically and mentally, especially so close as son and mother, father daughter, brother sister. Cousin is not so bad and cousin marriages have been very common. In a tribe everybody is related so there is usually some tiny element of incest in any coupling, hence the need to steal women from other tribes (as Muzzies and niggers are doing to us today). Even in a large white country a lot of couples share many genes. We usually marry people who look like us and share an ethnic background, I did this.

    With no incest of any kind, the ancestor rate would be 2 (to the power of) every generation, an upside down pyramid which is obviously absurd. Even if you go back only 800 years we would all have one trillion or more ancestors as at that date. Let us say that is 2 to the power of 2 repeated, 25 years per generation which is a bit high. 20 years more likely. I get one trillion at only 33 generations. This is 100 times more than all the people who have ever lived. Most people who have ever lived are alive today.
    So some incest has happened continuously throughout history with all species. But the weakest and most damaged offspring would have mostly died out. Until 50 years or so ago, where monsters are nurtured at taxpayer expense. Some SJW folks even demand the right for genetic failures like this to have the right to reproduce. Once upon a time such people were sterilized, for the reason that a woman who is not of sound mind can be raped by another patient, a wards-man, nurse or doctor and the baby will be another freak. Then the taxpayer stumps up cash for another 70 years for another genetic freak.
    Primitive people taboos were mostly scientifically sound.
    Every parent and child has an instinct not to mate with their own parent/child. It is not just the law, it is the law of nature.
    Defy nature, and be defiled.

    • There’s a case of a woman who married her daughter recently. In Kansas, I believe. They were arrested for incest too. Legalization of gay marriage has opened the doors to all sorts of combinations. I suppose a gay dad and gay son could get married, if not for the incest laws. Since no offspring will result from those combinations, I feel certain someone gay or lesbian will sue to have incest legalized.

    • QUOTE – “Defy nature, and be defiled” – SO TRUTH!

      Diversity too defies nature, hence diversity is rather Defileversity and Multiculturalism is MultiDefileversitism actually.

      • “diversity is rather Defileversity and Multiculturalism is MultiDefileversitism ” I like this names.

        Here are some more. Divestity and MultiCultism.
        To divest is to sell, get rid of or throw away, such as the future of our children and grandchildren.
        A Cult is where lying leaders take advantage of brainwashed fools with mental health issues, take their money and use them however they see fit. They throw them away if they dare to defy the leader at any time.

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