Magic Negro Colin Powell’s Leaked Emails Show Hillary HATES Obama


Hillary worshipers who LOVE the goddess of corruption will ignore her lies, deceit, bad temper, and incompetence. Now they have to swallow the bitter pill of her HATE for their Negro God Obama.

How sweet is that!


With Clinton’s email scandal still very much in the news, it’s disastrous that several of the hacked Powell emails contain his strong explanation of how his use of private email was fully legal and Clinton’s was not. He also expresses serious anger at the Clinton campaign’s attempts to compare her conduct and email server use to his own while he was Secretary of State. The emails show Powell has been concerned about this issue for more than a year and expressed frustrations with how Clinton has approached the scandal and his own relationship to it. And based on his anger over how the Clinton campaign handled the issue, the emails make it seem like Powell would have otherwise publicly endorsed Clinton over Trump by now. That endorsement is something one of Powell’s Democratic email correspondents says would be a “knockout blow.”

Even more timely are the references Powell makes to Clinton’s health in a series of emails with Jeffrey Leeds, who heads the Leeds Equity Partners investment firm and is also a top Democratic party donor. Powell is a member of the Leeds Partners advisory board. In one email to Leeds, Powell writes that Clinton “does not look good” and is “working herself to death.” Leeds also weighs in on the Clinton email scandal and added that “nobody likes her.”

But the truly most damaging thing for the Clinton campaign in this pile of hacked emails are the discussions about President Obama and how Clinton apparently feels about him personally. Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton’s liberal supporters will clearly forgive her for almost anything — from lying to the FBI to lying to everyone else about her health. But any evidence that shows she does not like their untouchable hero in President Obama will be the toughest pill to swallow.

In several emails from Leeds to Powell, Leeds says that Clinton hates and envies the president in the extreme. Leeds adds that she will sometimes refer to President Obama as “that man.” Finally, Leeds tells Powell that the Obama team wouldn’t mind seeing Clinton lose. The timing on this couldn’t be more devastating — it comes just as President Obama is taking to the campaign trail to help Clinton while she recovers from her medical problems.

To be clear, this is secondhand information — it’s according to Leeds (and from his hacked emails, no less), not from Clinton herself. However, if you ask me, it’s still pretty damaging.

Remember when Republican infighting and questions about Trump’s fitness to serve were the big issues in this election? There’s nothing like seeing your opponent have to face the same challenges from her own camp to level the playing field. The downward spiral for Clinton that began with the release of her FBI questioning transcript and continued with her public medical episode and questionable explanations for it, is now spinning at full speed with these hacked Powell emails.

What kind of mental illness makes people respect or think this woman is qualified for anything but retirement. It’s unbelievable that she could be elected dogcatcher even. I certainly would not let her babysit any dog of mine.

3 thoughts on “Magic Negro Colin Powell’s Leaked Emails Show Hillary HATES Obama

  1. “Clinton hates and envies the president in the extreme. ”
    Yes she was very jealous of Bill because she wanted to shove the fat cigar up Monicas crack (passive smoking?)and then lick it clean.
    She is also jealous of Bill and Obama because she is not capable of spraying sperm all over Interns dresses.
    Most of all she knows the President has the power, not the spouse of a President. If she gets the job it will be payback time for Bill. He will be humiliated in 100 different ways, like being asked to leave the room when someone important comes in, such as a janitor. He will not get one single shag in the White House. SS will have orders to prevent this happening in the name of “National Security”. No more stained Jew dresses or unusually aromatic cigars.

    • Subconsciously, Bill doesn’t want her to win. He undoubtedly realizes the down side of being First Gentleman. On the other hand if the witch lingers he could de facto be president again until she croaks and Kaine takes over.

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