“Hillary Poisoned” Meme Taking Off: Obama Set to Cancel Election, Trump to be Tried for Murder?

hillary poisoned screenshot

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When I posted the “Hillary poisoned” claim last night, I took it as an idiot African doctor (whose research is questionable even if he is hailed by the establishment) mouthing off against Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Now, I think we have to take the claim seriously, as it’s spreading.

Daily Caller

The Washington Post, whose writers have portrayed skeptics of Hillary Clinton’s health as conspiracy theorists, is now lending credence to a Nigerian-born doctor’s conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump collaborated to poison Hillary Clinton.

“The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned,” blared the Post’s headline Monday morning. Nigerian-born doctor Bennet Omalu, who has worked extensively on concussions, suggested that Clinton had been poisoned by Putin and Trump.

dr bennet omalu

OK, you’ve already seen imbecile Bennet Omalu on this site. The rest of the story at the Daily Caller just repeats the good doctor’s smear job on Trump and Putin, which I covered in my earlier post.

Alarm is already being expressed that Obama will use this ridiculous claim to declare martial law, cancel the election, arrest Donald Trump and put him on trial before a military tribunal, and possibly start World War 3 by attacking Russia.

It’s Obama and his people who have said that they would never let a crisis go to waste. Hillary’s health is a crisis for the Democrats. It’s not one that Obama is likely to let go to waste. Obama could have a third term via proxy if Hillary drops out and his puppet Joe Biden is elected president. Unlike most ex-presidents who leave Washington after their term of office is up, Obama is staying. He wants to continue his destruction of America to the end.

I used Metro News as my source for my first post on this subject, but Britain’s The Sun is running with the story too. So is the Baltimore Sun and as the Daily Caller notes, the Washington Post. It’s the liberal press that wants us to believe that Hillary has been poisoned and Trump did it.

What’s really going on here is a smear job on Trump. The left has already falsely tied him to Putin because he’s essentially said he thinks he could get along with Russia’s leader. To the left, Putin is the new Hitler and Trump’s favorable words about Putin stick in their craw.

By smearing Trump one more time, the left hopes to throw the presidential election to sickly Hillary. After all, if you believe this nonsense, Hillary is sick because the Donald poisoned her. You’re not going to vote for a man who poisons his opponent are you.

All of this is nonsense, of course, designed to create sympathy for “poisoned” Hillary and hatred for the Don. However, if Hillary is dead or dies soon, then all bets are off about what happens next. The effort to keep Trump out of the White House could take unprecedented forms that (((they))) cook up and my poor Goy mind can’t even begin to imagine.

There’s an active thread on this topic at 4chan

11 thoughts on ““Hillary Poisoned” Meme Taking Off: Obama Set to Cancel Election, Trump to be Tried for Murder?

  1. ” ‘YOU NEED TO TEST HER BLOOD’ Trump and Putin POISONED Hillary Clinton causing her 9/11 memorial collapse, respected top doctor warns” The Sun.

    Has this “top doctor” examined Hillary ? I doubt it.

    Even if its true about the poisoning. How does he come to the conclusion it was Trump and Putin ? Oh yes. He doesn’t trust them.

    I really can’t believe major news outlets are running this.

    Over the last few days I have noticed a cough developing myself. Where was Trump and Putin ? The pair of b*******.

  2. As usual with “An African Was First” claims, this doctor’s achievements are exaggerated. He did not “discover CTE,” but he was the first to find physical evidence of CTE in the brain of an American football player. That is quite a different thing from being the first to discover and document the condition itself. CTE was already well-known before Omalu came along, but it was then referred to as being “punch drunk.”

    Omalu’s training and practice was in forensic pathology with additional training in neuropathology, making him well-qualified to open skulls and look for physical evidence of CTE, which is what he did on a number of American football players.

    How that training and experience qualifies him to divine from afar, with no corpse, that Hillary was poisoned and that the culprits behind it were Presidents Trump and Putin is well beyond my ken.

    In any case, we’re all fortunate Hillary’s handlers ditched her police escort and rushed her to the renowned Chelsea Clinton Poisoning Treatment Center for a 45 minute long complete restoration to health. You can’t get that just anywhere.

  3. My reply to his Assness: Tweet Text

    Bennet Omalu @bennetomalu9168
    I do not trust Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump. With those two all things are possible.
    7:53 PM – 11 Sep 2016

    @bennetomalu9168 Are u trying to start WW 3 with Russia? Why don’t you just shut your chittering ape mouth & go back to your hut.

    • I wonder if it violates the code of medical ethics to lie about your patient to the public. It should be a violation of the public trust. And another thing. I’m still not certain that the Hillary in those pics isn’t a double.

  4. Maybe Bernie did it. Jews are sore losers. Especially because he would have won the nomination of his party in any democratic political party, over Hillary.

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