County Map Shows Where U.S. Immigrants Settle

If you’re white and you prefer to live among native born whites, then the general principle amounts to avoiding areas of the U.S. shaded in green. Obviously, Florida, Texas, and the West Coast are fuxated.

Excerpt from Lifezette

Findings include:

Since 1990, the immigrant share of adults more than quadrupled in 232 counties.

The number of counties where immigrants made up at least 20 percent of the adult population jumped from 44 in 1990 to 152 in 2014.

Immigration is impacting an ever-larger proportion of Americans. In 1990, 1 in 8 Americans lived in a county where at least 20 percent of adults were immigrants. By 2014, 1 in 3 people did.

The political ramifications are hard to calculate. Camarota, director of research at the center, noted that even though immigration touches more Americans that it used to, most people still live in areas with relatively low levels of migration.

“For large numbers of Americans, the issue is still an abstraction,” he said.

Camarota said the reasons why the immigrant population is exploding vary county by county. In some cases, he said, jobs lure newcomers, who come both legally and illegally. In others, legal immigrants arrange to bring their relatives to the United States. Once a county reaches a critical mass of immigrants, people from the home country start to seek it out when they arrive, he said.

“It’s a different story everywhere … It’s an individual story every time,” he said. “The basic starting point is that later immigrants follow earlier immigrants.”

But, but, but Ann, such cultural enrichment they bring:


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