White Man Offers Insights into White Women Who Consort with Black Males

once you go black2

A sexually experienced white man explains women’s psychology and tells white men why they should never be involved in a real relationship with a race-mixing woman.

If she’s gone black, we don’t want her back. Shunning and shaming are weapons we can and must use. Fathers should disinherit daughters who take up with blacks. Until the Supreme Court ruled in 1967 that laws against miscegenation were unconstitutional, the law was on the side of racial purity in many states. Now, we’re forced to make do. Even though mudsharking is dangerous, the author explains why women do it.

Excerpt from Return of Kings

Ah, the woman. This curious animal, half-hamster, half-lizard and never unicorn. It is common knowledge that their emotions are what matters and that long-term planning is not their forte. It is a given that the more the man sends the image of an alpha, whatever colour he is, the more women will want to sleep with him. Danger, social norms or logic do not apply to tingles.

They just cannot resist something forbidden and exciting. If there were today a hypothetical country with a majority of white women in its population and if being caught dating a black man meant public humiliation, torture and death row, women would still sleep with black men. Guaranteed.

If there was even a rumour among that female population, that a thousand years ago, a woman managed to sleep with a black man without being caught, however extraordinary or pathetic the sex was, you can bet your bottom dollar that the curiosity and the excitement of breaking the law to be special will push at least a few of them to taste the forbidden fruit.

I would never see a woman that had many sexual partners, regardless of race, as a prospect for a long term relationship. But even with less than the current and highly debatable “good girl” total of two lifetime sexual partners (I agree on the fact that a virgin would be ideal), knowing that she has slept with a black man or is sexually attracted to black men would remove her from the LTR category in my book.

race mixing poster

I want to know if she has slept with a non-white man, just as I want to see other red flags before I go any further.


It means that she is or was attracted and surrendered the goods, being seduced by possible traits of black man game:

Buying into the natural alpha (or “near the extreme poles of the financial hierarchy”) or big cock mix: She does not think ahead. She listens to the media, likes bad boys with dark triad elements or gangster aura. It makes her dangerous to become a mother and she would endanger my household and my progeny with her impulsive attraction for jerkboys.

Enjoying the forbidden aspect of it: She has an independent, rebellious spirit and does not follow rules. I cannot trust her word or her judgment.

Knowingly sacrificing her SMV for a fantasy: She does not care about what people think. She craves the attention and the drama more than she fears the consequences of her actions. She cannot control her urges and will not change with time.

Following a possible genuine attraction for black men: She will always think that she is dating down by being with me. First opportunity and she will cheat.

Pursuing the liberal virtue signaling: She thinks that being tolerant and morally superior is more important than tradition and that following fashion goes before the interest of her children (both groups will rarely totally accept them).

A woman that chooses to have children with a man of another race is turning her back on her heritage and nature to adopt the one of her mate. It tells a lot about her loyalty and feelings towards her own kind. The Current Year Cult and cucks of all colours can vociferate, it does not make it less true.

With this in mind, you can choose not to invest anything personal in her. You can just see her as a temporary vessel for your sexual enjoyment.

Black men that sleep with white women are merely the tip of the iceberg. The main problem comes from the elite that imposes this phenomenon to the masses as being the norm and the “right thing,” which fits their agenda, as was displayed in Apple’s iPhone7 event yesterday.

A population that is not homogeneous, without a strong common social fabric is easier to control. Promoting interracial relationships, depicting Whites as weaker men and mates or silencing its detractors helps you do that..

If you do not embrace it full force and celebrate it, you are the racist, the wrong thinker that must be eliminated. But here are some pressing issues that should matter more than your neighbourhood mudshark:

The same elites that through mainstream media push the weak, racist white man versus strong, leading black man dichotomy

Islam endangering Western civilisation and the migrant crisis, possibly the greatest Trojan Horse of our time

Degeneracy and stupidity being promoted instead of intelligence, merit and talent

The Left’s agenda to soon push pedophilia and other depraved sexual orientations as acceptable


40 thoughts on “White Man Offers Insights into White Women Who Consort with Black Males

  1. Remaining a virgin is hard to do. But from a racialist perspective, it’s an excellent idea. The women would not have tainted telegony. If both the man and woman were virgins when they married and many of our ancestors were virgins when they married, the likelihood of herpes or those nasty disease would be non-existent. My mom was a virgin when she married my dad. Obviously she figured it out or I wouldn’t be here.

    • Men who dabble in brown poon before marriage and other debauchery are tainted as well. Psychically they are damaged goods.

      Hate to say it but what is happening out here is not a result of more recent race-mixing, but the fact that prior generations of so-labeled “white men” treated their women like shyte. And many dabbled in debauchery as part of “sowing their oats”.

      NO ONE should get a pass out here. If men want to be kings again, they have to act kingly.

      • Well i don’t think that what is happening here is because prior gens treated their women like shyte. Infidelity was a lot lower before. True, there were cases. But i think it’s a bit exagerated. I might be wrong, but since we don’t have any statistics we can’t say if it was true or not. As a matter of fact, i remember plenty of personalities being shunned for infidelity, men and women.

        In any case, that aside, i do agree that otherwise we should hold both men and women to the same standards. As you say, no one should get a free pass, not even men, even though they can probably hide their infidelity better, because then it will give a bad example to others and down we go again.

      • Men who race mix are equally repugnant to me. However, biologically, the woman’s sex and reproductive organs are internal. When a white woman has a mixed race child, studies show her womb may be tainted forever.

        This is a good book about race and touches on the telegony issue.


        Men who marry a non-white woman and have a mixed race child are just as bad. I’ve noticed that when a man or women gets very offended by discussing race mixing, they either have a non-white partner or non-white child or grandchild.

      • The biggest and most important sexual organ is THE BRAIN.

        Men who have viewed porn, which is homoerotic imagery disguised as hetero behavior, and who look an brown biaches and ‘wanna bang that’ have imprinted on their MINDS, their primary sex organs, what is acceptable to with which to breed.

        And these men are breeding with mystery meat and now some are choosing man meat.

        Yeah 2016.

  2. Another thing he’s spot on about, if a woman is promiscuous and date nogs when she’s single, she’s mentally unbalanced. I had a white neighbor 25 years ago who only dated blacks at the gym. She was a piece of work. Never married, no kids, very selfish and downright weird. She had a serious drinking problem but kept it in check because of her good government job.

    I worked with this other lady in California whom was very homely. She had a big wedding ring on. I’m thinking in superficial So Cal how in the hell did she get a man to marry her? My co-worker at the time, made a bet with me she was married to an ugly nog. I lost that bet. Not only was her hubby an ugly nog, he hit on the white women at the office when she wasn’t around!

    This man thinks what other white men thinks, but is too afraid to say it.

  3. Slavery is what brought these problems upon us. Greedy “white” (whatever that means) men who wanted a clean white wife in the house to bear good kids while the blacks in the back picked cotton for massa. Meanwhile, if massa got horny and wanted a taste of chocolate, he went out back and pulled a sistah…some went willingly and some did not. The blow job came from these illicit unions because these women did not want to get pregnant. Just like anal in the 1950s was used as a form of birth control (damn that must of hurt!).

    Anything for massa.

    I ‘do not go there’ so to speak; however, lets put blame where blame is due: GREEDY, PLANTATION MENTALITY.

    The sins of the fathers are visited upon the future generations.

    That was some truly expensive cotton.

    • None of this is as recent as ”massa’ on the plantation:
      In 1640, the Virginia courts had sentenced one of the first black indentured servants to slavery. John Casor. In 1654, John Casor became the first legal slave in America.Anthony Johnson, previously an African indentured slave, claimedJohn Casor as his slave.
      Many Negros had slaves, and whites were among those slaves. Did ‘Dindo Massa’ ever ‘visit’ his white females? You betcha! Ever since the garden, when the Negro ‘serpent’ beguiled Eve, The Negro, who will stick his member in a donkey, has hit upon white females. The history of the White Children of Adam is replete with race mixing and ugly consequences.

      • BTW, Negro plantation owners in Louisiana were notorious for the race mixing…creating bastard children from white female slaves and confusing what ‘Cajun’ really means. ( ARCADIAN)

  4. “I would never see a woman that had many sexual partners, regardless of race, as a prospect for a long term relationship.” Good luck with your search Mr King! If you are under 25 you might have a chance.
    Women hold most of the power these days in a relationship and they often prefer to be promiscuous. There is usually no penalty for doing do. A man almost always loses more during a divorce than a women does. She keeps the kids and probably the house.

    Here is some science. Kilo for kilo, or pound for pound, Chimps have testicles four times bigger than men. Men have testicles four times bigger than gorillas. Why is this so? Gorillas live as one male with a harem of females, who get no chance to have sex with other males. So the gorilla does not need a lot of sperm. Chimps have balls 16 times bigger than gorillas, allowing for weight differences. Chimps, like niggers, are highly promiscuous and the females will often bang the so called non “alpha” males and then the sperm war takes place inside the female, maybe many males have had sex that same day with the same female, alpha male first. Humans are in the middle like it or not. We are a social animal like chimps. The testicle size proves that 100% lifetime fidelity is not natural for humans at all, in terms of long term biology and history. A lot of this may be Christian constructs which lasted only 2,000 years, and especially the hypocritical Victorian years of the 19th Century. What about the 100,000 years before that?

    The next 100 years will be more like the wild and dangerous days of 10,000 years ago. Except for Muslims, the game is on as far as many females are concerned and plenty of men are willing to do whatever they have to do to get sex. Just as was always the case. In the 1950s men married to get sex, and wives saw sex as a duty. This is probably not so common any more, rape in marriage law for example, a man might get a lot less sex by getting married. I quote one woman “I have sex when I feel like it and with whom I feel like”. This does not always include her husband, if she is not in the mood. The article is right, women make decisions about having sex based on feelings and emotions and care very little about risks. Especially at ovulation time, and men instinctively know which women are ovulating and these women get chased for sex, and the women want sex and look for it, just like in a tribe of baboons or chimps (or dogs or cats).

    • The scene out here will go plenty of different ways:

      1) Men who do not have swag will not procreate. Men whose personalities and attitudes towards women will not procreate. These men will fuck whatever possible out there including trannies and gays.
      2) Women will not be promiscuous. They will gravitate towards men who will offer them protection and resources and SOME of these men may have several wives. Remember, having a harem takes $.
      3) Some men and women will forgo this whole “fuck and forage fest” and will decide to go their own ways and procreate with each other starting their own tribes with their own values. These men and women will work together as a team and their kids will have team values instilled in them
      4) Some women will use advanced technology to get pregnant and go their own way or they may hitch with a man later.
      5) Some men may adopt kids on their own.

      The truth is there has never been a set template of how families form. Never has been and never will be. Shit happens and people adjust. Nothing wrong with that because that’s what makes things fun and challenging.

      Please stop comparing humans to chimps and gorillas. We are waaaaaaay better than that.

      • “Please stop comparing… We are waaaay more than that!”
        I also find that distasteful. It is true that the genome of Negroes is closer to a gorilla than the genome of a gorilla is to a chimpanzee, but how much better is a white person who uses the same language as a Negro, whose potty, gutteral language is made up of the ‘F’ word and whose mention of filth seems bottemless.?
        Your own screen name paints a picture in the minds of others. What is your intent there?
        White people listening to filthy rap and hip hop is a degeneration, not an advancement of the White race.
        and like blood in the oatmeal, white people are contaminated by filthy language. There is no scientific description for this, tho’ it is a fact. Eating Pork is an absolute NO NO for the White Race….good luck convincing them of that, tho’ you point to over 28 diseases they have.:) ” Stiff necked” is what God calls the children of Adam ( who are white, btw) and God gave many examples of it, God just did not call it ” DNA research” or “Polls”
        You might be interested in knowing that the Word “Russian” is a Viking word: it means Stranger. ( referring to Father Abraham) The Vikings, tribe of Dan,( means Judge) raided the English ( from German: Engels,or angels) borders destroying the “house of the Lord” where ever they sought it, according to the English victors.
        Truth is, the real story, The Danites ( VI kings actually meaning we kings ;rulers; rule; judge) set out to punish the apostate ‘engels’ who were worshipping BaalL. Look Baal up in Oxford dictionary to see it means LORD
        Now, what ‘ house of the LORD’ did the Vikings target, ransack and destroy?
        We already know England’s version Don’t we?
        Something else: it was the engels that sacrificed children to Moleck and blood to Baal, not the ‘Druids’ the ‘ D’ Ruid’ is a form of Gaelic( Gaidhlig) that means “of the King” they were ancient Adamite priests pronounced ‘de Ruy’aspirated.
        The victors, again, the apostate engels, rewrite history. It was not Marco Polo who set up the trade routes through Russia, it was the Vikings-Strangers.
        It was Kriostians posing as merchants who robbed and murdered the Vikings.
        Who were the ” Kriostians”?
        The name in gaidhlig word for SUN is “Krios”. Krios also is used for ‘BELT’ something of, belonging to Bel.
        We see that KRIOSTIANS were sun worshippers. What people do you know of that hold SUNday as holy and have a Bible BELT?
        I cannot( will not) prove much of what I say. I am 75, well traveled and will stand on my own knees on judgment day.:)

      • Hey, people project their stuff onto others all the time.

        Whatever YOU get or see into my screen name comes from YOU and YOUR perception of history.

        Perception is interesting.

      • Thanks for the history lesson by the way. Yeah, England is interesting. Crazy how much lies and deception spew from that island.

        England is just a colder Israel

      • OK no more chimps and baboons, and no mention as to why women use red lipstick during ovulation etc. We are way better than chimps and gorillas? Try this, even more unpleasant but factual science. The inside of a womans uterus has the same salt levels as the ancient seas of hundreds of millions of years ago. Not 2000 years. Not one million years.
        There has been no biological reason or need to adjust this salt level. Women and men are related to frogs and mosquitoes, very closely. Our genes go back before sharks and crocodiles, and those survivors have been around for 200 million years with hardly any genetic changes. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

        We were not created 4000 years ago by some Deity. Abos have been living in Australia naked and stupid for 40,000 years. Abos do not believe that sex has anything to do with making babies. Only Abo men over 60 can get married (that one I approve of). Men over 60 have the best genes. Especially in a primitive tribe where most people die young.
        We are descendants of protozoa, bacteria and those things that ooze and swarm and multiply in the mud and sea.
        The reproductive process is incredibly primitive and is at odds with Popes and Archbishops, Imans, bible bashers and others giving advice as to modesty, fidelity and chastity.

        The positive take away is that human reproduction will go on, even as porn and masturbation and sex robots become widespread. Humans will devolve in to something very dark skinned, ape like and niggerish and go back up the trees, probably within this millennium, one heartbeat in the march of human history. That is because the best and brightest are not having enough children. As at today, not thirty years ago, only the Coons, Muzzies and mud bloods, browns, yellows, and race traitors and methheads and religious fanatics and mentally ill are having enough babies to maintain the species.

        The change since 1900 is shocking. The average Western person in those days was more intelligent than today, had a much bigger vocabulary, and an interest in knowledge, books etc.

  5. The truth is Women retain the DNA of every male they have sex with throughout their lives. Women are also much more likely to catch diseases from having sex where men are not. The advantage of the inny/outty biology to put it simply but these conditions have far reaching reverberations and shape our very social fabric and relationship bias. Any woman who has been with other men before getting pregnant with one man’s child will impart a small bit of all of those other partner’s DNA into that child. The same does not hold true for men.

    I believe you actually ran an article about this very thing not so long ago Paladin.

    It therefore shapes what many, usually very promiscuous women themselves, like to term double standards but the fact is double standards has nothing to do with it. It’s all biology baby. Some women understand they are the sacred vessel and that position brings with it certain disadvantages when it comes to sexual freedom but also many more social and family advantages. It’s a give and take game. Men on the other hand all are about the same and have more sexual freedom but relatively low individual social value. These days far too many women want it all and refuse to admit they cannot have it all because by sacrificing their status as a sacred vessel they also sacrifice the social and familiar advantages. To make themselves feel better about their choices in life they blame men for whatever made up myth about the current or “bad old days” they can.

    We are at a state in time where technology and cheap energy have let us push the laws of mother nature aside a bit. It won’t last. Marriage and proper ladies came about due to the strict environmental and social need of temperate living with set seasons and group cooperation and those conditions will return. When they do all of this race mixing and female dominated social depravity will come to a swift end.

    • As far as White Women with Blacks though that is a much more complex problem in many ways as well as a simple one.

      The real victim of Feminism is not/was not White Men but the White Matriarchy. What feminism did was remove the responsibility of the matrons keeping the younger women in line. Once the Matriarchy was gone it left young women at the mercy of fashion statements, social “Gina Tingle” and their own hormones.

      Black Male attraction to White Women is mostly because it makes them feel power over White Men. Well that and not even Black men want to be with a she-boon really.

      Without the all powerful Matriarchy there was nothing to keep young White Women in line and nothing to counteract the government Multi-Cult conditioning programs. Some few White Women understand this but far too many don’t.

      • There is a whole lot to that. Men claim their children in many ways based on their belief in the faithfulness of their mate. In some cases physical similarities are enough that there is little doubt but that is not always the case and before DNA testing it was often the Woman’s behavior that kept such questions from being asked.

    • In 1960s Australia there was no single mother pension. Work or go hungry. So a single mother usually gave her kids up to orphanages. There were lots of them in those days. So divorce was less common but is still happened. Some men or women also abandon their spouse and children and this has happened throughout history also. About 70% of USA male Coons do this.

      Along comes the welfare State in maybe the 1980s roughly, men were not eligible to get the single parent pension until a few years later, there are still very few such families, father on welfare bringing up small children. In Australia, at least, a woman with children who gets divorced before her children turn 18 gets a bigger slice of her husbands money than a women who waits until the kids grow up. Ie.e. early divorce is rewarded and encouraged by the Govt. In addition the Govt pays the divorced mother a generous pension and tax free money to support the kids too. The husband, if he does not chuck his job in and also go on welfare – must pay 18% of his before tax income for just one kid. 27% for two and 33% for 3. Income tax is high. This child support is not tax deductible.
      So a divorced working man gets punched in the throat by both his wife and the Govt. The nonworking ex wife/mother is sitting pretty and has more net income than the man most often, and all her money is tax free.
      The single mother can be a slut if she wishes to and the father of the kids must still pay. Even if another man moves in with her and the kids, but her support from the Govt in theory should cease.
      So women have very little to lose be getting divorced and being promiscuous, even if they have small children. Lots of TV shows encourage them to do so.
      “Ditch the zero and find yourself a hero” is the refrain.

      • I believe fathering a child out of wedlock in Texas results in child support payments that are at least 20 percent of a man’s income. If he’s fired or laid off from his job and can’t pay, he goes to jail. Then his mother or other family members have to pay the mother to keep him out of jail.

        Bill Clinton called them “deadbeat dads.” Good propaganda phrase, but for the men who can’t easily work, it isn’t exactly descriptive. We need a nice little phrase for the gals. How about “slutty singles” or something? Any ideas?

  6. “Return of Kings” is a website run by a sand Nigger, We don’t need advice from him, should be called “Return of Kangs”

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