Video: Crowd Goes Wild at Trump Rally as the Don Brings His “Deplorables” to the Podium to Speak

LOL. The Trump campaign is milking Hillary’s mistake for votes. This is a very effective video. The black couple should be incorporated into TV ads shown in black majority cities across the U.S.

Unlike Hillary, who looks uncomfortable around blacks, the Don looks like a man who enjoys being around everyone, including people of color.

Published on Sep 12, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016: At the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Asheville, NC at U.S. Cellular Center, Mr. Trump invited some supporters on stage to respond to Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ comment.

11 thoughts on “Video: Crowd Goes Wild at Trump Rally as the Don Brings His “Deplorables” to the Podium to Speak

  1. Hey I was smiling and enjoying this video until the white pastor said at about 3:30,,,,,”Three. We need to stand strong with Is-ray-el”. The crowd of white slaves whooped and hollered.
    Sorry USA, you are a slave nation, conquered and controlled by the 1% Jewish population. The other 1% of Jews have no power and work at normal jobs.
    I stopped smiling and I stopped watching.
    If Trump wins he must smash Jew power once and for all. Fire all senior unelected Jews from the Govt posts, smash Hollywood and nationalise all of the studios and sell them to non Jew bidders with no Jew bosses allowed ever, same for the media, confiscate all mainstream media which is Jew controlled or owned, and resell it, abrogate all debts to the Federal Reserve except to genuine bondholders, end the Fed, create US dollars without paying any interest on them, deport all illegals and as many Jews as possible, end all aid to Israel especially military high technology.
    Ban all Jew donations to any politicians at any time. Anyone taking money from a non US citizen or corporation to be jailed for 5 years. Fund all elections with tax payer dime. Ban all political donations and kickbacks as Hillary has been getting.

    • That’s a great fantasy you have in mind. Trump will do well if the ONLY thing he does is build his wall and get current immigration law enforced. With his daughter married to a Jew, the best we can hope for re rich and powerful Jews is some Wall Street reform and an end to fighting Israel’s wars.

      It is disgusting to me too to hear crowds whoop it up for Israel. Look up our local pastor John Hagee for someone who sucks Jew **** in a huge way. He’s gotten rich by casting his lot with the Jews. Basically, his message is that the Jews are God’s chosen people and if you want to go to Heaven, then you’d better be for Israel. It’s all wrapped up in mystical mumbo-jumbo Bible prophecy.

    • Yep!
      You nailed it, Bro!
      But it doesn’t stop there!
      The Jewish Bible is the source of the Vile!
      It has spawned Talmudic Judaism, Christianity and Islam, three of the bloodiest Cults in history!
      Trump is a Shabbos goy and a friend of people like Jeffery Epstein.
      Just Google: Trump and his Jewish Friends and you will see that the Jews own Trump.

  2. Agree with Robert about Israel, but I doubt Trump knew he’d say that. I do think the donors, special interests, and lobbyists, Trump references during every rally, are the Shadow Marxists running the government. Fortunately, they have no control over him or he wouldn’t be saying he will take the government out of their hands and return it the people.

  3. Watching Hillary’s stone-stiffed body dragged in her coffin-van by her deplorable aids (resembles AIDS) and her security detail was an immense joy. Can’t remember the last time I had that much pleasure. This video was like a celebration of her final demise. It’s hard to expect that deplorable witch could recover from that fiasco, in spite of still abnormally large base of idolatrous Hillary-morons.

    Program that Robert compiled is something that I have been telling for years and often have been ridiculed by competent experts a bit childish for such fantasies. Ridicules or not, implementing the whole program from Robert’s list would make not only America great, but the whole world would benefit. Unfortunately, it’s a nice dream and we know this will not happen as it would take a planetary revolution for something like that.

    However, it would be something if Trump will cut orchestrated TW immigration, trash PC and go after Soros and his cronies. It could be a starting point for more, eventually. All depends on Trump’s intentions, to swim with current or to become the greatest president of all times. He swam with current all his life, and at age of 70, IMO second option might appear to him more attractive. Let’s hope it could be that way.

    • Lew, you’ve come up with a good summary of why we might get at least something out of Trump that no president or world leader has given us before. He may be thinking of a presidential dynasty, with his children becoming president in the future.

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  5. Not surprising Christians support Israel. Marxists infiltrated Theological schools teaching Jews are the chosen ones. Now ministers and pastors are their agents.

    I wonder what everyone thinks about Trump not having one Jew on his Supreme Court Justice or VP list. If he’s that in love with them, we’d expect at least one to be on both lists.

    Someone close to Trump said he wasn’t happy Ivanka converted to Judaism. (Can’t locate where I saw that.) I was watching when asked by a Jew in the audience what he thought about Ivanka converting. He kind of hem hawed, then said it was her decision.

    Recently heard Israel’s Supreme Rabbinical Court ruled it did not recognize Rabbi Lookstein’s conversion of Ivanka to Judaism. She is not a Jew, as far as the panel of judges were concerned, and her rabbi had no standing in Israel.

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