Naggers Win Another One: White Florida Cop Accused of Excessive Force Against Negress Who Attacked Him

white cop excessive force st petersburg fl

Watch the video of the “excessive force” below. Virtually every white person on youtube sees a nagger resisting arrest, causing the need for the young lady of color to be brought down.

The officer was supposed to invite the young lady to have a Red Bull (or whatever naggers drink) so they could sit down and discuss how she could most conveniently be transported to jail.

In a gold carriage pulled by a team of white horses, I presume.

The accusations against him are politically motivated. When are we going to stand together and say enough?

The case of a Florida woman charged with battery of a law enforcement officer has been dropped after video footage shown in court revealed “over aggression” from the officer during the alleged incident.

Paige Taylor, 26, from St Petersburg, Florida was charged for allegedly shoving a cop in March. However, her case has been dropped by the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office, Bay News 9 reports.

Around 9.30p.m. on March 25, Deputy Wayne Wagner pulled over a truck that Taylor was traveling in for having the wrong license plate attached. The driver, Gage Moore, 25, switched seats with passenger Taylor because he was driving on a suspended license. Moore was arrested at the scene and the vehicle impounded.

Surveillance footage from the gas station, where the couple’s pickup truck was stopped, shows Taylor exiting the vehicle while the officer stands at her door.

He then grabs her and slams her against the side of the truck before dragging her to the ground and kneeling on top of her.

The officer didn’t just grab her and throw her against the vehicle. She pushed him and tried to walk away BEFORE he laid a hand on her.

The hatred of white people in America deepens and grows stronger. You see it in the NFL and other pro-sports. You see it in a nagger being allowed to walk after assaulting a white police officer.

What you see is just one small skirmish among many every day in the soft genocide of whites in America.

5 thoughts on “Naggers Win Another One: White Florida Cop Accused of Excessive Force Against Negress Who Attacked Him

    • In a sane world what you recommended the cop do is the norm. IN todays satanic, Talmudic commie world not letting the savage jungle monkey beat he cop to death and/or grab his gun and empty the clip into him is racist.

      Dontcha know that laws, manners and etiquette are only for white people and the negroes are actually gods from the planet Uranus that do not have to obey any laws.

  1. Did you know more Irish slaves were sold in the 17th century than black slaves? With a staggering death rate between 37% to 50%, this is the story the history books will not tell you. Then Why wasn’t this history book wasn’t taught in America school? is it because of Jew not allow this book history to be taught the truth about Irish slavery? blacks will be silent about it and to learn the only truth about Irish Slavery. Blacks already had their mind set about their people of Africans only one slavery in America. here’s the link

    • We can’t have the real truth out, now can we? We have to keep the blacks thinking they’re the victims and the only victims.

      I saw this story somewhere else too, so the word about the Irish is getting out.

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