Is Hillary Clinton DEAD, Replaced by a Body Double?

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In this post we’ll go far out into wild speculation, offering the weak evidence that Hillary Clinton is dead, with her death probably soon to be announced.

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Since Clinton’s collapse and her weird walk-out from her daughter’s flat, there is not a single testimony of someone telling he has seen her or spoken directly to her.

Neither Bill, neither Kaine, neither Biden, neither Obama, neither her campaign, really nobody could in fact say they have spoken with her in person.

They only said she had either “pneumonia”, either a “good health”, either that “her doctors told her to rest” or some similar crap, but always implying some type of indirect contact. Nobody said “I have spoken with Secretary Clinton and…”. If Clinton would be responsive, she would be in contact with her campaign, with her husband, with the high members of the Democratic Party and other media people.

But there is nothing.


That is more than suspicious, people! Be prepared to hear some big news within a short period of time.

Let’s see once again what happened to trigger the rumors of Hillary’s death:

Something fell from Hillary’s pants leg, or so it appeared:

Many have speculated that the person who appeared on the NYC sidewalk an hour after Hillary’s “fainting spell” was a body double. Here’s “Hillary” or whoever:

The apartment the woman in the video emerged from belongs to Chelsea Clinton. The shocker is that this address is listed as a health care facility.

International Business Times mocks the body double theory.

Conspiracy theorists started to say that Clinton actually has a body double to keep people believing that she has perfect health. The body double supposedly was used when Clinton existed her daughter’s building with no agents around her., according to Inquisitr.

Most of the Twittersphere took the time to mock and tease the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble.

I doubt that “most” of Twitter mocks the theory. There is a lot of mockery that Hillary was feeling just great an hour after passing out, or dying on the sidewalk, waiting for her ambulance, aka van.

So, we have three things going on here:

1. Hillary’s 911 collapse, caught on tape by an amateur videographer. Recall that until 9/11, questions about Hillary’s health were deemed silly far-right conspiracy theories.

2. The possibility that a body double, a so-called doppelganger, appeared shortly afterward impersonating Hillary. The body double hypothesis is also mocked as a conspiracy theory.

3. The possibility that Hillary is dead.

The Conservative Daily Post raises the issue of Hillary’s death, based on a news report allegedly out of ABC7 in New York City. The problem is that news report may have been fabricated by a mischievous troll.

This is the ABC7 news video referred to:

And so where are we left? At a dead end. Pun intended.

There’s plenty of motivation to keep Hillary’s death a secret, including raking in more donations for the Clinton Foundation on the premise that Hillary’s presidency would reward contributors.

There’s also stock market, currency market, and Constitutional considerations to ponder, if she’s dead.

Most likely the witch is alive and NOT well. But she and her clique of followers have lied so much, we should consider every possibility.

If she is dead, there’ll be more conspiracy theories about what killed her because they won’t tell us the truth about that either.

26 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton DEAD, Replaced by a Body Double?

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  2. This not a hoax. Comparing both faces, you can spot right away the nose is different, the hair positions are different, The throat looks older with the real Hillary. The double is at least 10 years younger.

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