Following Last Week’s Commander in Chief Forum, Hillary Angrily Predicted Nooses for Her and Her Partners in Crime

noose hillary rage attack

Victurus Libertas reports that Hillary Clinton went on an angry rampage following her poor performance at last Thursday’s Commander in Chief Forum, in which she was “grilled” (as the MSM put it) by NBC newsman Matt Lauer.

Reports about Hillary Clinton’s frequent temper tantrums and obnoxious personality have surfaced over the years in many different writings.

It would surprise no one to learn that she had another meltdown last week.

Interestingly, 24 hours after her disastrous performance during the Commander-in-Chief Forum, she allegedly was diagnosed with pneumonia.

So, how did she muster up the energy to go on a one hour tear while in such a weakened state? Did her temper tantrum contribute to her health crisis on Sunday at the 9/11 Memorial?

Hillary’s acknowledgement that she and her cohorts belong at the end of a rope shows she is aware of her treason and other high crimes related to her and Bill’s enrichment through the Clinton Foundation.

hillary insane gif face

hillary floating gif

Heartiste also offers a brief post on this subject.

6 thoughts on “Following Last Week’s Commander in Chief Forum, Hillary Angrily Predicted Nooses for Her and Her Partners in Crime

  1. I thought women her age had their hormones in some sort of balance. Can she be trusted to have her finger on the trigger of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world? Is it safe to have such an unstable female, loyal to an aggressive paranoid foreign country instead of her own, in charge of the most powerful military force the world has ever seen?
    US military spending exceeds the next several countries put together. It baffles me why this waste of money is necessary, except to make some crooks filthy rich. Will the US have to fight say Iran, Russian, China, Canada, Mexico, North Korea and Venezuela all at the same time? This seems unlikely.

  2. I have heard a few audio files of her off camera and her potty mouth could make drunken sailors, even ghetto nigger rappers blush.

    Memories of Psychology 101 come back, the definition of “projection” and “reaction formation” applied directly to the far left liberals

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