Deplorable: Hillary’s Seven Sins vs. Christianity’s Seven Sins

feels bad man

Excerpt from Heartiste


The above is a riff on thecunt’s LGBTQ speech from Friday, in which she labeled Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” (aka normal, sexually dimorphic Americans).

Thecunt, whether she understands it or not, enunciated the tenets of the Left’s new Secularism faith. The Seven Deplorable Sins are a guide to how the typical shitlib measures a person’s worth, because everyone needs a religion, even shitlibs who have discarded Christian Puritanism for “enlightened” atheism. The religious compulsion is an evolved trait in humans; all that differs across generations is how it’s expressed.

Compare and cuntrast with the Seven Deadly Sins of traditional Christianity:


Heartiste goes on to note that the traditional sins were focused on rebellion against God and damage to self. Today’s sins, product of the secular religion of egalitarianism, are sins against the social order dictated by the (((elites.)))

As another Twatterer wryly noted, the vacuity of the Seven Deplorable Sins is revealed when we attempt to identify the inverse of them; in other words, their virtuous opposites.

Racism => Race Equalism
Sexism => “Men and women are the same except for genitals, and not even then”
Anti-Semitism => Ignore ethnic traits and tribal power imbalances
Islamophobia => NAMALT
Xenophobia => Xenophilia (but not in my backyard)
Homophobia => Love Wins
Judgmentalism => You are free to be judged, but not to judge (the one sin to rule them all)

The inverse of each of the Seven Deplorable Sins is the same: blindness. Pattern denial. Willful ignorance.

In contrast, the inverse of each of the traditional Seven Deadly Sins is a list of seven virtues.

The modern religion of Secularism doesn’t proselytize for anything Good. All it preaches is the child-like virtue of Not Bad. It aspires to nothing but avoidance of social opprobrium. The problem with that ethos is the ever-shifting definition of what qualifies as socially unacceptable. The Secularist’s Seven Deplorable Sins are outgrowths of temporal sensibilities and the detritus of verbally dexterous status whores jockeying for power, distinct in nature from the Seven Deadly Sins which resonate precisely because they tap into timeless truths about humanity and fallen man.

We’ve called the modern liberal out for his virtue signaling many times here. In fact, periodically, liberals visit this site and proclaim it racist when we talk about, for example, black on white crime. I usually (but not always) trash those comments rather than give the liberal his platform to spew his willful ignorance.

The problem for us now that we understand the shallow nature of American and world culture defined by virtue signaling, is how to create a healthier culture for ourselves and our posterity.

Most of recognize that expelling many of the members of a certain (((tribe))) would go a long way to achieving the goal of a decent society.

9 thoughts on “Deplorable: Hillary’s Seven Sins vs. Christianity’s Seven Sins

  1. IMO, much bigger problem from Hillary is her deplorable herds. Here is a sample from one of my interactions with them:

    SOMEONE 1 – “You support trump you’re either dumb racist or both”

    RESPOND – “Hillary is the monster evil, where notion of Satan is like a notion of baby if compared with her, which is why she is (((PTB’s))) darling. Hence, no wonder that Leftoid Anti-Racist / Anti-White crowds, depleted of sanity caused by mental version of AIDS (Acquired Identity Deficiency Syndrome), are addicted with zombified Hillary. Voting Trump versus Hillary is like wearing garlic against vampire”

    SOMEONE 2 – “Wow, you are really an over-the-top wacko. Do you really think such kooky extremism will ever prevail in a national election?”

    RESPOND – “Shell I say that you are Under-the-Bottom-Wacko? You Lefties are really the bottom of the bottom, which is why you are so blindly addicted with your Bottom-Queen. Your minds and visions are disabled by Anti-White brown matter. Even not hearing what she prattles, just watching her facial expressions is enough to recognize what monster she is. Even dogs, real dogs like German Shepherd and alike will snarl at seeing or just hearing this Vampirette.

    However, it’s no surprise at all, same as Vampire’s assistant loves his master, Leftoid assistants love their Vampirette. Hopefully her bad karma would come after her like a wooden stake and save the planet eventually, if not the whole galaxy. Unfortunately, even her demise would not solve the main problem, herds of her worshipers. To get rid of Leftoid Mental Plague would be an imperative, a must that next generations will have to solve. Of course if they would tend to preserve own ID-inheritance from Euro-ancestry. It would be that or disappearance in the brown multi-culti “enrichment”

    Waiting for deplorable-Left reactions…

    Sometimes it’s fun to go after these Libmorons, but it’s a tiring process, as there are so many of them, and they are incurable. One solution could be treating them as a bubonic plague or to build monumental WALLS with minefields between us and them.

  2. Lust

    Nowadays almost all of these are virtues and are rewarded. Advertising panders to several of these sins to make them a virtue. Government rewards sloth with welfare handouts. Gluttony is fun, it feels good to eat a lot of food, it creates serotonin in the brain. That is why Americans are so chunky. Especially because the fast food industry fills their fatty food with addictive sugar and salt. Sloth also leads to driving everywhere, and avoiding parking and walking more than 50 yards or so.
    Lustful women have a good time and nobody dares to criticize them. Some men are lustful too but it costs men more money to be lustful.

    From Delphi, Greece, carved in stone more than 2500 years ago……2 sayings I like….

    “know thyself”

    “no excess”

  3. Hillary’s “labeling, a good example of a Marxist psyop to shame Whites into submission! Her ‘master’s are behind the times. Many Whites are on to their games…more waking up!

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  5. Sin is not a number. Had Sin be a number people could say :Jesus, I did not sin not doing this and that number. Jesus will not know them. God’s law is be at peace with people loving people. Hillary wants people here who shit and piss on those laws thinking it is good to do that saying they respect Jesus, lying. We cannot have that. They want the death of all including the sexuality names. They hate the sight of the God made form saying they obey God lying too. God killed liars. Hillary loves liars. They that lie sin against their own soul that is in a body that has sin in it. Both will die forever.

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